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Chapter 2: Underwater


The chapter starts with Iori and Chisa coming back home, Iori is stumbling his way home and in there Iori is greeted by the sights of Tokita, Kotobuki and the Uncle, the uncle had a swimsuit while the others are going commando, that is because they will be diving… Or where supposed to dive, since the client cancelled at the last minute.

…Anyway, some clothes on later, everyone is eating and our muscle guys wonder what will they do now? So they ask their good friend Iori! Especially because later they will be going to party all night! Iori is reluctant until Nanaka come and has stated that Iori can´t go, he has to stay in the house and be decent for a change! Iori is happy to hear that so he brushes his Senpais off!... The muscle guys then say with a sad tone that they were going to present them to some nice chicks, that caught Iori´s attention because… The party is a mixer with some girls from the Oumi women´s University. In any case, Tokita and Kotobuki went out for a second while they wondered what will they do until the party? 


…Until they came back and saw Iori on his Knee, almost naked in front of Nanaka, he is begging to her permission to go to the party! Nanaka is reluctant, plus everyone wonders why Iori is naked now? Our Hero responds by saying that it´s a testament of his determination! Still, no matter what he did or said Nanaka was dead set in a no…and with her final proof… That Iori has 3 days living here and he still haven´t put a foot on his room! Heck his stuff is still in boxes!

Later, in Iori´s empty room, our Main Character has summoned for an emergency meeting with Kotobuki and Tokita, he recognizes that his only purpose to go to the party is just following his own sex drive, in any case he has come to the realization that if he wants to show Nanaka that he is a mature young man…He has to show her the best room ever! One that shows him as a responsible young adult! And for that Kotobuki and Tokita will be in charge of helping him! Heck they will take care of everything so Iori can just relax!

In any case, later, Iori is enjoying his free time until it´s the moment to show to Nanaka the manly and healthy young adult life that he has and is represented on this sanctuary that it´s his room! So proudly Iori opens the door to his room and his ticket to the mixer party!


…And the room was a porn room, filled with sexy posters, porn DVD´s and Magazines, Iori tries to explain; but a flustered Nanaka leaves saying that she has to call a friend really quick while saying to herself that Iori is a boy after all…

Iori is obviously angry at his teammates since they screwed it up! Now she will never let him go! Kotobuki and Tokita are confused since he wanted to show a young adult life style…And when the moms find their son´s porn collection they say to themselves <<<My son has grown up, didn´t he?>>> In any case, Iori has had enough and politely ask the muscle guys to leave, he will clean and all… Tokita says that is a shame because they will let him keep his favorite porn movie from the bunch they put as a welcome gift… Those words convinced our Hero to give them another chance.


While that talk was being held, Chisa was carrying a box, she thought maybe Iori will need in order to put his room in order and all… He is family after all, besides maybe those incidents where just causalities and while not drunk (or drinking) Iori might be a good guy after all… In any case Chisa opened the door.

…The vision of Iori, Kotobuki and Tokita watching porn together while ranking it is held, Chisa´s face, as the bard says, could might as well be a poem… When Iori noticed her presence he invited her to join.Moments later Iori has the box on his head, inviting her was a very dumb move, in any case, the fun time has ended and he has to put this place in order… A place where one could see that a newcomer to college life has come to live. After being bribed with another Porn DVD, he lets both Tokita and Kotobuki fix the room… To amend their mistakes.


Later, Iori is relaxing at the living room and Uncle ask him why was Chisa so angry a while ago? Iori just says that it might be because he was the only one with a gift, although he invited her to join him…Uncle says that his baby daughter still hasn´t matured yet, in any case Iori makes sure to Nanaka that what happened a while ago was just a dumb joke of his friends! Nothing more! Nanaka is okay now, since she talked to her friend and she now knows that boys his age has that kind of urges, it doesn´t mean they are perverts or evil!

Suddenly Kouhei is behind him and is returning some duct tape to the store´s owner, Iori dreads to know why is he here, but he asks anyway… Kouhei says that the Senpais invited him since they needed his touch in decorating a room! 


The room now was not a porn paradise, but rather a <<<weebvana>>>, a place filled with Otaku merchandise, Iori quickly decides to tear apart this place down! Kouhei is so shocked and insulted that Iori destroyed a copy of an original poster that he even curses his descendants! In any case, the muscle guys explain that they brought Kouhei because they needed the touch of someone like Iori, who just has entered college. Still Iori explains that what he wants was not this! The opposite of this! With those words Kouhei has understood what he meant and will do it right away!

A little later, and dreading the worst, Iori is ready to see what monstrosity has become his room… 


The opposite of a person who loves anime waifus and women is a room of someone who loves anime hasubandus and men… The entire room is filled with Yaoi and homoerotic stuff, quickly our Hero closes the door and says that this was not what he wanted at all!

While he is talking in anger, the Senpais are curious about some DVD and play it while the knocking on the door is heard. Quickly Iori hears it and gets out while making sure that the person doesn´t see what is inside that place!

Nanaka is ready to help Iori to fix his room, now…Iori says that she wouldn´t need to do this because… Because yeah… Nanaka says that it is fine, she won´t be frightened by some porn stuff now! While talking, the sounds of two men loving and giving pleasure between them is heard through the door, Nanaka´s face gets as red as a tomato and decides to leave and call her friend again!


Iori gets inside and see that the Senpais where looking at that porno, they didn´t knew that kind of dvd´s existed, it seems there is a niche for everything then…

In any case now more than ever Iori needs to let off some steam and he has decided to go to the party! And for that he needs to make a room that Nanaka will love! But what does she love? The answer was simple for our Hero.

Later Chisa has decided to bring some non-alcoholic beverages to Iori and his friends, she opens the door and… 


She sees a creepy room filled with various materials that had her face on it… If you wondered what is going on inside those creepy fans of something, this must be a really close idea to that… Kouhei is uncomfortable but Iori feels that this will work!

Chisa sees it…And the next thing Iori knew was that he has been out of the house main house and his room will be in a ruined storehouse next to the main house…


After that misadventure, a free day has come and Iori is trying to sleep, but the sounds of the PAB reunion can be heard, it seems this room was the club´s meeting room and even if Iori lives there now, that won´t change them to have their reunions in there!

In any case, it´s time to train their newcomers to the wonders of diving! 


The newcomers are: Iori, Kouhei and Chisa…It seems no one else has joined. They will go to the pool while explain to Iori that there are various divers that like him doesn´t know how to swim, so there will be no biggie! Chisa was reluctant to go since she already know the basics, but she is forced since seeing new comers will help her if she wants to be a diving teacher or something. In any case Iori is not to keen on the idea of diving, swimming or getting to know the wonders of the underwater world… Chisa is worried about that.

Finally our group has reached the pool and the boy get changed, while Chisa changes too…

In the pool, the Senpais start explaining their Kouhais (sans Chisa) about the stuff about diving, especially because swimming, while helpful, it´s not important when you dive since you are going to be underwater and carrying heavy objects with you anyway, so more important than that a diver must know how to be calm in the middle of a crisis, since by instincts, being underwater can be scary, and the better way to know what to do is by getting used to the gear! Starting with the goggles!


First Iori tried to be underwater without it, it was a little scary and he couldn´t open his eyes, now with googles he tries again, it´s similar, but there is no pressure on the eyes so he can open them and then… 

…His desire to see again underwater has extinguished completely. Kouhei ask Tokita why he pulled his trunks like that?! The senpai says that it was to show him to not be scared if something goes wrong, Kouhei says that the Googles would have been a better choice, in any case Iori is not ready to go underwater, but Kotobuki has another idea which is that Iori enjoys baths, so he might as well act like he is in one so he can stop being afraid of water… 


Meanhwile Chisa has put her swimsuit and she is a little nervous of showing her figure to some guys, still she goes and he finds out Iori buck naked, Iori tries to explain the situation to Chisa, hut not one of the guys has their back! Still… It seems that the desire of Iori to go diving or see the underwater world are pretty much 0%

Back in home, Nanaka comes close to Iori and invites him to the aquarium. 


In the Aquarium, Nanaka reveals to Iori that it was Chisa´s idea to get him there, especially now that there aren’t any customers, and how did they got such VIP treatment? Well…Chisa helps on this place when they need people, also she has a group of fans behind her… Iori can´t truly believe it, but oh well there must be a lot of masochist on this world…

In any case Nanaka and Iori keep talking, well mostly Nanaka is saying how good and cute Chisa is, but they keep continuing and Iori reveals that he wants to study some fish stuff… Maybe that way he will be interested on diving or anything like that…Especially because he can´t swim. Nanaka says that no one knows how to swim when they are born, nor Chisa or herself needed to know about fish, but still enjoys diving… After that they entered in another room. 


Iori is amazed by the beauty of that room filled with marine life, Iori says that is like being underwater, Nanaka says that no, this is a simulation that looks like the real deal…but be sure that the real one is even more impressed… Iori now has understood something, that while he can´t say he is all in for diving but… He wants to see a better vision than this one! And with Nanaka´s explanation that Chisa wants him to like diving, Iori know has come to understood Chisa a little more, since having a hobby is good, and having friends to whom you can share those things is even better! 

Back home, Iori gives his thanks to Chisa and a little souvenir in appreciation to what she did to him, Chisa says that she just didn´t wanted him to foul mouth diving… In any case Iori is happy with her and he is looking forward to dive in the future!


Chisa looks at the key chain and says that Iori should have searched for something cuter, still…It´s obvious that she is happy.

End of the Chapter

My Impressions


Peek -AniTay- Boo Says:

“hahahaha it’s the iori room setup episode. Best diving anime” –RockmanDash

“Gotta love the face that Chisa does when she sees Iori doing something stupid!”- ShadowHaken


 Man what a funny chapter! I burst out laughing 3 or 4 times during this chapter! Especially the part with the porn made me crack up a lot! I also liked how Iori is very honest in the sense that all his motif was to try to bone with some chick in a mix party, instead of trying to change to a fake and more noble goal.

Now on the second half, we, slowly, but steadily are getting to the diving part! So the people that wants to see that, don´t worry, it´s coming! Although this series is more about drinking than diving, but yeah… there are some parts on it.

On the character progression I liked how well and natural the stuff went with both Iori and Chisa since we got to see how they tackle things, Iori goes straight forward while Chis is interested that Iori gets interested in Diving, but also she is being nice to him…I´m not talking about romance or anything, just that she wants to be friendly with a member of her family and maybe become her friend…Of course, anytime she tries it´s in the worst possible situation for Iori, who decides to keep with his train of though, regardless of her…


In the end, this chapter was very good, and I think it wasn´t as heavy as the past one, in regards of repeating jokes…Or rather instead of seeing exactly the same joke we saw different variations of it which gave it a different outcome and results… So yeah, I am satisfied.

Anyway my two cents. See ya Next time!