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Grand Blue Dreaming is a diving series that more than diving it focuses on the college life of the newest members of a diving club “Peek A Boo”, especifically on Iori Kitahara, this is their story!


Chapter 1: Deep Blue

Iori Kitahara, a 20-years old young man, he has graduated from an all-male high school and now he is ready to enter in the Izu University in order to be a future engineer; for that, he has left home and went to the seaside town where the University is, he will be living with his Uncle and his two daughters, who he hasn´t seen in 10 years. Still, Iori is excited about this new life where he will find himself in a lot of new and wondrous experiences with different people that will make him grow into a better person.


Iori finally has reached his Uncle´s place, the Diving shop Grand Blue which is near the shore, near it he sees a beautiful young woman in a diving suit, he looks at her and she looks at him, a fateful encounter has happened, one of many for this new life! He grabs the door know and open his new world filled with possibilities and what he see with his eyes filled with hope and dreams is… 

…A bunch of muscled guys naked, seeing that Iori decides to shut the door off and try again, must have been an hallucination…Yeah. Iori opens again and… Nope, what he see is the crude reality, there are a bunch of muscle naked guys in there. Iori quickly questions his Uncle who believed he was talking about the pink apron he is using since everyone says that it doesn´t fit his image, suddenly 2 muscle guys, Tokita (Black Hair) and Kotobuki (Blonde hair) embrace him and ask him if he is new or if he is going to join them? Quickly and after being touched by those huge men, Iori decides to run out of that weird place!


Before knowing it, Tokita and Kotobuki started chasing Iori with all his might and telling him to not to be Shy, there is nothing to be afraid so! The naked men kept persecuting our Hero who couldn´t stop running until they had to bring him over while telling him that its Ok to be afraid, leaving the house is an important step and maybe he is homesick; but soon enough he will be used to it. 

Back at the Grand Blue shop The Senpais have brought their new Kouhai with them, quickly they settle the things by saying that they were getting naked because they were playing Strip Rock, Paper,Scissors…Iori says that they didn´t need to get naked, in any case he would be helping Kotobuki with the Tanks for diving.


Later Kotobuki and Iori are with the tanks and Kotobuki (besides revealing that he is studying the same thing as Iori) ask him to our Hero would like to practice diving? Iori says that it sounds interesting, but he kinda doesn´t want to do it because…He doesn´t know how to swim, Kotobuki then ask him if he is not good with Japanese or something? Because he didn´t questioned him if he could, but if he want to do it? Especially because wanting is power and will pave your way to your goal… And for the swimming part? Nah, it will fix itself out anyway! 

After that, they have reached the place and are greeted by a beautiful Girl, Iori blushes and says that he is happy to meet her, the girl presents herself and she says that she is Nanaka, Iori´s cousin… Later Nanaka and Iori are with the suits and the girl tells him that Chisa, her Sister, has also grown a lot and has become a truly pretty woman, she was diving with her a while ago though… Iori quickly connects the dots with the girl he saw earlier.


Back at Grand Blue Nanaka is ready to make her different chores so she entrusts Iori to Kotobuki and Tokita… Which means lots and lots of drinking!

Meanwhile Chisa is coming back home, she has entered in the same major as Iori, she is somewhat happy that a childhood friend like Iori is going to live with them, she opens the door and… 


Just like that her expectations on seeing a decent person in Iori has been shattered by seeing basically a human scum. Iori, who has been playing strip Rock, Paper, Scissors, gets nervous after seeing Chisa´s face to him, the face of someone watching pure and total scum. Iori tries to solve the situation and he totally fails… CHisa leaves the scene and Iori now knows that all the possibilities he had to live a good life filled with pretty women are shattered, well...He still has Nanaka so!... Their Senpais interrupt and tells him that no, Nanaka is out of his reach because… Nanaka is a huge Siscon so trying to enter in her heart is an impossible task that will get him nowhere.

After those revelations, Iori then decides that if his family life can´t be good then he will take all the juice of his college life! The party continues until some people star leaving because they have things to do early in the morning…So all leave except Tokita, Kotobuki and Iori (whow as reluctant) who keeps drinking!


The next morning, Iori has woke up in a weird place, he is in the college, the Orientation are going to start and it seems that his Senpais brought them here… Too bad that he is almost naked and everyone is looking at him, without clothes or any other kind of protection, Iori´s college life has been destroyed and now he is the weirdo of the room, alongside what it would be a very handsome guy who… Is wearing an anime shirt, both guys see each other in the eyes and say that think the same thing…They will never hang out with each other.

The talk end and now it´s the time to join a Club, Chisa says that she is going home so Iori decides to be with her since he doesn´t know the way home, and for obvious reasons Chisa is not into that idea! So she tries to bug him off to no avail until Iori decides that it´s a good idea to ask her for her clothes, which to make the tale short ended up with our protagonist running away from the forces of order!

Later, Iori is hiding himself from the guards while thinking in a way to get clothes; suddenly the handsome guy with anime shirt comes up, his name is Imamura Kouhei and ask him what is happening? Which Iori decides to explain him all the situation and… Obviously Kouhei decides to tell the police about the naked pervert in campus, Iori then stops him and begs for another chance…Which in the end ended up once again with out Hero hiding from the forces of order and being punched in the face by Kouhei…


Still the entry to join Peek A Boo (PAB) club, the Diving club that stays in Grand Blue, is searching for new talent while both Nanaka and Kotobuki hides Iori, until the blonde muscle guy convinces our Hero to search for a new member, if he does it he will get clothes (although when they go for a drink today he will lose them anyway).

Iori started searching for someone and the he sees a familiar face, a face that was begin for attention, a face that the reality has hit so hard that has stolen all the joy that it can give… That face was from Kouhei, a single man with a single motive, which is… 


Basically to be in a Harem RomCom anime! Iori comes and tells him that he understands him, and he knows that if he searches enough, he will find a place where he belongs! One that will open the door to the life he wants!... And that way, Iori cheated his way to make Kouhei part of PAB and he finally got a shirt.

The party for the newcomers start and in that moment our Hero is introduced to the “Oolong Tea” and “Water” in the PAB style! Which are pure alcohol… Like you can lit them on fire. While partying, Iori sees Chisa and it seems she will join too and she is here because her Father made her do. In any case the party continues and both Iori and Kouhe try to get the other drunk enough to join and then get out! Which makes them entering the PAB Staring contest! The rules are simple; you have to make your opponent spit its drink with something you do! 


Kouhei starts and he tries to do some funny faces until Kotobuki tells him to say something serious, which Kouhe decides to do his big reveal…That he actually used to be an Otaku… That fact did the correct thing and Iori spit his drink, although Kouhei being a weeb was something obvious. Now it´s Iori´s turn and he decides to re do a classic of Slam Dunk! Making Kouhei laugh, the combat continues until both of them ended up very drunk… And to stop being drunk? Some beverage called Spyritus! Which has…96% alcohol. 

The new day hast started and now Iori and Kouhei are arguing with a huge hang over, both are only in their undies while taking classes, Chisa is watching that weird spectacle. Meanwhile back at home, Nanaka says tahts he will speak with Iori since it has been 2 days straight that he has gone party with his friends and not coming back to sleep!


End of the Chapter

My Impressions


Peek -AniTay- Boo Says:

“Grand Blue was good. I think it’s a much better manga than anime just the way it’s laid out lends itself to the reaction jokes a lot more on the page than on the screen. But it was still the Grand Blue I love-Gugsy

“Amazon, no. A sister complex is not the same thing as incestuous yuri ffs.-Shade

“I know it´s not a joke; but couldn´t contain my laugh at that text xD.- ShadowHaken

“hahahahaha iori is such a piece of shit- Rockmandash

Finally Grand Blue Dreaming is here and man did it started strong! The laughs where non-stop! I loved how it captured the feel of the manga including the weird faces and, of course, lots of nudity and alcohol!


I have to make a little of a personal confession (well, not really since I have talked about it before) and it´s that I have been reading the manga of Grand Blue since some time ago, and with other AniTay writers who as I where reading the manga religiously, we have been very hyped about it and well, on my case the results have been very good! I was a little worried that the comedy would stagnate or that it wouldn´t translate well, since the pacing could be very slow, but I´m happy that´s not the case even though the pacing is faster than in printed form, which is nothing bad by any means! But yeah, it´s noticeable when you have read the manga like 5 times already!

In other point I liked the voices they choose for the characters, since they matched not even their personalities, but even in how they sounded in my head! Especially Iori and Kouhei, so that´s a very big plus for me…

Finally, there where some changes in the story and some other kind of translation stuff, as Shade pointed it out above in the commentary from the “PAB” Club, and yes it´s that Nanaka´s has a Sister Complex… Which yeah, it is creepy; but not at the levels of straight up incest (yet…) Still the basic idea was put and I´m glad that we can enjoy this anime in all it´s glory!


Anyway my two cents. See ya Next time!