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Chapter 12: Fair Wind


The Chapter starts with the scene of the past one; Yuu is going back from Fuuka´s apartment, he had no luck in reaching her. At the same time, on Fuuka´s room, her Mother asks her if she is Ok? Fuuka, with a sad face, says that yes, she is, she is holding the Cd with the Song “Fair Wind”.

The next day, The Fallen Moon is practicing and it seems that the new song is coming a lot great! After the practice Sara informs Yuu that the owner of the club wants them to do a gig again.


The band is excited; but then they remembered that Fuuka has left them, still Yuu makes the promise to bring her back!

Later Fuuka is checking her messages, Yuu has left one and he says that he wants to see her even once so he could talk to her; also the other members truly miss her… Still his words doesn´t reach her; Suzuka (Fuuka´s Mom) ask her daughter if it was that Haruna guy? She says that yeah, it was him, that he still doesn´t get that she is going solo now.


Fuuka sees the Cd and wonders with a sad face.

<<<I can´t go back Now… I can´t be near Yuu-Kun>>>

After that She goes out while her Mom is making dinner.


Later Fuuka encounters Koyuki; both girls start talking and Koyuki tells about the difficulties she had when she started this whole music thing. Still, Fuuka was ver down, Koyuki then changes the subject and confess to Fuuka that she has broke with Yuu, they aren´t dating anymore… She tells Fuuka that she always loved “Nico-Kun”, for the longest time; but when she finally was able to start dating with him she found out something… That Yuu´s heart has already been taken by someone. At same time, she tells her that she heard that song that Fuuka made “For You” and she could understand what lingers on Fuuka´s heart.

Fuuka tries to say that it was nothing! Just a song that she made by thinking on a one-sided love! That’s all! Koyuki then says the next words to her:

<<<Be honest with yourself .It´ll only make things worse for me if you don´t>>>

Meanwhile with The Fallen Moon. Their practice has ended and Yuu is going again to Fuuka´s house in order to bring her back; Mikasa also adds that Fukka hasn´t come to School either so none of them has had an opportunity to talk with her. Nachi wonders if they should accompany him also? Mikasa says that is not necessary…


Sara also adds that they have another mission… To practice and get to be better so when Fuuka comes back they won´t disappoint her! 


Back with Yuu, he has received the news from part of Fuuka´s Mom that she hasn´t come back yet, Yuu apologizes for coming so many times, still Suzuka apologizes for not being able to help him. Before leaving Yuu gives her a message, one for Fuuka.

On it´s way home, Fuuka is remembering the words that Koyuki told her a little while ago, about being honest with herself, in some moment both Yuu and Fuuka where passing by the same place; but still weren´t able to see each other.


Fuuka comes back home and she heard her voice coming from another room, her Mom was watching the recording of her concert when The Fallen Moon had her as her Vocalist.

Suzuka then says that on the recording, her daughter was truly smiling… A thing she hasn´t done much lately; Suzuka continues and asks Fuuka if she is truly doing what she loves? She tells her daughter that it is important to be honest with oneself at the very least… Finally she gives Haruna´s message. 


Later that night, Fuuka reads Yuu´s message that says as follows:

<<<I´m sorry to keep bothering you, The Fallen Moon needs you, Akitsuki. Our next Original Song Is written with all of my feelings. I really want you to hear it. I want you to sing this song. >>>


The day of the concert comes and Fuuka didn´t come, Nachi is ready to apologize to the owner since they won´t be able to make the concert, not without a singer. Yuu then says that he will try it once more! He will go to Fuuka´s place and bring her back he promise it! The other members give him his blessing and Yuu goes his way to bring Fuuka back! 


Once again Yuu is running feeling his instincts, the first time was for Koyuki and now is for Fuuka. He went to Fuuka´s house and His Mom just told him that she just went out she is not in her work since this is her day off, still Yuu hasn´t given up yet and is ready to keep in her search no matter what! Suddenly a strong wind comes his way, an epiphany of sorts comes to him… He starts remembering the time he spent with Fuuka, the time, quickly he goes to his school and straight to the rooftop…

She was in there, Yuu screams her name and Fuuka listens, Fuuka ask him why is he not on his concert? Yuu says that it is because they won´t do it if she is not there! Fuuka responds saying that she won´t be coming back since she did something selfish and everyone must be very angry with her! Yuu says that is not true! After that both of them starts talking and Yuu starts saying all the things he has on his heart, in how Fuuka opened a world to him, in how there is never a boring moment with her and how great she is and…


… That he loves her. So that’s why he wants her in the band, if she wants to… Fuuka, to put it short, says that she also wants to be in a way with him, and that…She loves him too. Both of them embrace each other.


Meanwhile at the club. Nachi is getting desperate while waiting…


…And as the Heroes: Both Fuuka and Yuu has returned! Grabbing their hands and trying to take breath, the new couple has come! Fuuka apologizes to everyone for leaving the band for her selfish reason; still everyone is just glad that she is back. Now it is time to put their hands together… Yuu will say the words, since he was the one who, at their darkest hour, decided to regroup the band and make them be together again…

<<Let´s make a Legend!>>> 


The concert is about to start, the anticipation can almost be touched, The Hedgehogs are also watching up there to this promising band “The Fallen moon”; the curtain rises and everyone is in there, the first song is “For You” their original song! While the song is played Nico comes to respect the ability of Yuu while Tama loves the sound that comes from the band in general and Fuuka in particular.

Meanwhile Koyuki is at her house preparing her next project… on her notebook some bunnies with a “Alice in wonderland” motif are drawn.


The next song is “Climber´s High” by the Hedgehogs, the song ends and the third and last will come; but before a break appears and Fuuka starts talking about how, before she was lost, she didn´t know what she wanted for herself or in what direction she wanted her life to go; but now, thanks to the advice of certain someone she started doing music and has gathered new friends and now… She is glad that she is in here. 


The third song starts and is “Fair Wind” their second original! The song starts and everyone is cheering for them! Yuu start thinking about this whole journey that has brought it to this place, the moments he had, the experience he gathered, the friends he got; but especially how all of that came thanks to this crazy, energetic, kind an amazing girl that is now singing, the girl that brought this new wind that changed his world…All of that is thanks to Fuuka Akitsuki.


The credits start rolling and we are able to see everything that is happening now. A new rock band called “The Rabbitz”, is getting a lot of attention; the Hedgehogs have reunited again and The Fallen Moon will be their opening act at the Budoukan. Fuuka went to apologize to Mogami; but he offered her a new deal… to be The Fallen Moon´s Manager! Our boys have done it, they have set their way to be pros! Meanwhile the Rabbitz band who are masked people and it´s singer, in secrecy, is none other than the retired idol Koyuki Hinashi!

At the same time, the relationship between Yuu and Fuuka is amazingly good and one can see that both of them loves each other, they even went to see that “Half & Half” Movie again and have recovered the Alpaca keychains! 


The final Epilogue show us Fuuka and Yuu, praying at the same altar they did some time ago, Yuu reveals to Fuuka, his girlfriend, that he prayed for the band and… To be always with her; Fuuka blushes but she is happy, she grabs Yuu´s arm and says that both of them will be together forever!


End of the Chapter.

My Impressions

<<< I hear my voice in the cloud

I’ve found no words

‘cause I don’t wanna be a looser when I used to be

fair wind still be destination

up to fair wind gonna true location

... all the way around>>>

-Fair Wind by The Fallen Moon

A very heartwarming end, I think it made its work and it closes quite good the whole anime with this original ending since we got to see what was of the main characters (The Fallen Moon and Koyuki) and well… In short each and every one of them will be alright.


Now, on the series in General… Back when I announced that I will be covering this anime I dared to say that this anime, if well managed, could be another “Your Lie in April” and I still believe that since both Fuuka (manga) and Your Lie in April share a lot of similarities in both good and bad things; but as you can see, the Anime went with a total different direction than a lot of us have been expecting since the anime focused a lot on the romance and on what would be the first volumes of the manga, which in truth in retrospective they feel more like a prologue to the actual story that surrounds Fuuka.

I am saying this because when the “Incident” happens, in truth the Manga makes a turn and stops being a Romantic Comedy with a Music Gimmick and transforms to a Music anime with a Coming of Age elements (plus some romance), and the drama doesn´t hold any punches regarding the impact that it might happens, so it is truly a pity that the Anime in truth didn´t fully explored such themes and it stayed being a Romantic Comedy/Drama series with a music Gimmick, and that it is somewhat of a pity; still on the positive, and as I said before, the anime ended on well and heartwarming tone.


In the end, for me Fuuka anime was a series with an amazing potential that it didn´t managed to reach to its fullest; still, on the positive, it was an interesting journey and one that I wanna think that a Romantic Anime lover will might as well enjoy.

Finally, this Series has come to an end and I think that , besides Monster Hunter Stories: RIDE ON (Each Sunday!) I won´t be covering any other anime on this Spring Season mostly because I need a rest, still it was a quite enjoyable journey and honor to share my thoughts and impression while at the same time reading your thoughts and impressions on this series!


Anyway, my two cents. See Ya Next Time!

P.S. here are the links for the various song lyrics that I used on this series!

Nada que perder

Amores Extraños

Dejad que Cante el Muchacho

Si se calla el cantor

Porque te vas



Arráncame el Corazón

Bellísimo Así

Si no te hubieras ido

Fair Wind