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Chapter 11: Band


The chapter starts with Yuu, he is in his room all depressed, the days have passed; but his mind is stuck o the moment in that fateful night, the night when Fuuka decided to leave the band.

That night, Yuu was speechless, he didn´t know what to do, he couldn´t do anything than give an ambiguous answer, not his true feelings, Nachi was angry at him, and why he wouldn´t¡!? Finally The Fallen Moon was going somewhere and the heart and soul of the band is leaving?! Still… Yuu didn´t said anything, didn´t do anything… And now, a hole is in his heart.

Meanwhile Fuuka is with Mogami, who gives her the contract, she only needs the sign and permission of her Parents and she will be good to go! Fuuka accepts the terms, Mogami then ask why she reconsidered? Since she was so adamant to accept his offering, Fuuka doesn´t say anything, still Mogami detects it right away and say something about young love. Still Fuuka says that she made the right choice now…


Later. Yuu receives a call from “Tama-Chan” , she is in another country since she is going ti do a music video or something, in any case she is eager to get back home and see her “Nico-Kun” Again! Still, she can detect the sadness in Yuu´s voice and ask if everything is alright? Which Yuu just says that yes, everything is Ok. The call ends and Koyuki just knows that in truth everything is not Ok. 

Later, The Fallen Moon members (except Fuuka) have get together and are talking about what to do, getting a new vocalist? That’s a no since Fuuka was in truth the glue that made everything put together, Nachi the says that if they should make it official that they broke ou, then yes they broke out! He also laughs (as In not laughing) about the whole thing of “Making a legend” that Fuuka said… He reflects about how at first his mind was about the track team and in the end he ended up joined a band… Maybe it was because he in truth just wasn´t as good at tracking so he searched for a escape… Still well maybe he can get an scholarship for a college thanks to track so, not bad, right?


An escape? Mikasa wonders if he maybe was doing something similar. Suddenly Nachi asks Yuu and obviously Nachi is very angry at Yuu since he didn´t said anything! He could have stopped Fuuka; but he didn´t! Mikasa and Sara separates them, in any case Nachi goes away and says that he is done with this thing.

Meanwhile Fuuka is recording some songs and Mogami congratulates her! Still… Fuuka, in her mind, over and over again she repeats herself that she “made the good choice” “she isn´t wrong” everything to convince herself about her decision. 


Later, with Sara…It´s Fan-service time! We see her in the shower, how she clean her whole body while the water goes towards her, and then we see her pink panties and… I mean she goes out of the bath and she starts talking with her Bro, who has the news that now that Nico and Tama are in here The Hedgehogs are coming back baby! Still…In another news, he somewhat wants to apologize with Sara since he presented Mogami to Fuuka and yeah, still Sara says that he has nothing to apologize for since it was Fuuka´s decision in the end. Ina nyc ase her Bro ask her if she wants to present her to other bands? Maybe not since Sara is not the kind of person who would be happy with anyon- - Sara stops him and tells him that she accepts she can go to a new band now…

At the same time Mikasa is packing his stuff he is going back home, his time of challenging his Father has come to an end and he is ready to grow-up and follow his instructions… Still, his Sister is concerned about him.

Meanwhile with Yuu, he suddenly gets the visit of “Tama-Chan”! She has brought a lot of souvenirs for him and his family! Both of them starts talking about the concert…And then Yuu explains her what happened, about Fuuka who got scouted and the fact that each and everyone of the other members now are truly sad and it feels like a part of their hearts have been ripped apart!


Koyuki ten tells him that even if it’s the end of The Fallen Moon, it doesn´t mean it´s the end of his career as a musician!

Suddenly Koyuki starts taking the initiative and she declares her love to “Nico-Kun” she puts herself above him and “Tama-Chan” starts stripping herself, she embraces him and Yuu can feel Koyuki´s breasts on his body. Koyuki is ready to do whatever its necessary in order to gain “Nico-Kun”´s affection!


<<<I´m Sorry>>> Says Yuu to Koyuki.

Koyuki throws a few tears and gets up and tells him that her guess was right, in truth Yuu doesn´t love her, since his heart has been taken by someone and even Yuu didn´t even realized it; but she knew it from the start… The feelings that Yuu and Fuuka have…

With tears in her eyes Koyuki tells Yuu to be honest with himself for once, after that she leaves.


<<<Good bye, Nico-Kun>>> Koyuki starts crying in the obscurity of the hall in the second floor of Haruna´s family house.

Later, Yuu is looking at his stuff and sees again his Alpaca key chain and starts remembering the time when he got it alongside Fuuka, Little after that his (hawt) old sister comes half-naked (Fan service time again!) comes and sees Yuu occupied with his laptop and some music software, he is working in something… A new song.

At the next day, Sara is with other band helping them since they needed a guitarist ASAP; they recognize Sara´s talents and offer her the permanent position with them, and not a temporary one.


Nachi, for his part, is doing everything he can a tracking and it seems he can get a Schoolarship for College!

Meanwhile Mikasa keeps packing up.


The next morning, Yuu contacts each and every one of The Fallen Moon members he wants to get them back in the band! Yuu is rejected by each one of them for various reasons; still he gives them a Cd with a song he has written “Fair Wind” and the message that he will be awaiting at 3:00PM at the usual Restaurant they used to go.

In the particular case of Fuuka, Yuu went to her house; but Fuuka didn´t opened her door, still Yuu gives the message and leaves the Cd at her maildoor. 


The day comes and Yuu is awaiting, first came Sara, little after Mikasa came and even made the music sheets for the song! Nachi comes last. The three of them wants to be together with him at The Fallen Moon! Still, Fuuka is missing… Still Yuu has made the decision to bring her back to the band!

After that everyone goes to practice this new song! So when Fuuka comes back all of them will be ready!

After practice; Yuu goes to see Koyuki he informs her that he is reuniting his band and now he knows what he wants and his true feelings, still… He is sorry that he can´t respond to her feelings, Koyuki says that it is Okay and still, she gives her thanks.


The credits roll; but it´s not the end! 

Yuu goes to Fuuka´s house and is greeted by Suzuka, Fuuka´s Mom, she is visiting her Daughter and she tells Yuu that Fuuka is out and she won´t come home until later, Yuu says his goodbye. After that Suzuka goes to Fuuka´s Room, she has been in there all the time, Fuuka apologizes with her Mom for lying, still Suzuka ask her Daughter if she is Okay with this? Fuuka says, in a tone a sad tone, that yes, she is sure. In her hands she is holding the Cd that Yuu made.


End of the Chapter.

My Impressions

<<< There is nothing harder that living without you

Sufferings from the hope of seeing you come

My cold body asks for you

And I don´t know where you are

If you hadn´t gone

I would have been so very happy>>>

-If you hadn´t gone(Si no te hubieras ido) by Marco Antonio Solis “El buky”.

An all around good chapter ; still I think that it is because my knowledge of the Manga has affected my enjoyment of this new version of Fuuka. Still, if we stay on the positives I have to say that the way both Koyuki and Yuu broke was quite well developed and “Tama-Chan” reactions to that was amazingly well done! For a moment I could feel the gut feeling of her sadness!


On the other hand, the development of the Fallen Moon and how they got separated only to be together again (except Fuuka, of course) it was very quick, like they couldn´t made any of the three truly make an impact on their personal struggles and how they returned to the band; still the message was clear and one could understand them, even if one can´t feel them…If that makes any sense.

Finally, next week is most likely the last chapter, and Oh boy do I have a lot of things to say in there! Man I am feeling excited since besides talking about the chapter in particular, like always, I will be talking about the series in Particular, so please keep looking ward for it.

Anyway, my two cents. See Ya Next Time!