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Chapter 10: Fate

The Chapter starts exactly where the past one left off. With Fuuka seeing how Yuu and Koyuki where all love-dovey and she can´t stand it, for that she takes another route and leaves to Nachi´s garage. Little after Fuuka comes Yuu does it and Nachi is goofing with him about his time with his Girlfriend! Those playful words come as knives on Fuuka´s heart.

After the practice, Nachi ask about the lyrics of the song and Fuuka says that those aren´t still ready, so she asks for a little more time. Nachi and Sara start arguing since the second one thinks that he is being very pushy with that. Yuu talks to Fuuka and tells her that if she needs some help, he is here so she can ask—


<<<Leave me Alone!>>> Screams Fuuka to Yuu´s face she apologizes and says that she just needs a little more time.

The truth is… That Yuu, by being nice to her it´s only hurting her it only reminding her what she yearns and can´t have, a testimony of a one-sided love. 


Back at home Yuu´s Sisters are watching a Koyuki´s presentation and how is that their Brother got as a Girlfriend a celebrity! In any case Yuu is practicing on his room and he still can´t put out of his mind that maybe he got Fuuka mad, so he grabs his Cellphone and calls her home. She responds and Yuu just wants to apologize since he could have been somewhat insensitive with this Lyrics thing; but well… He is sorry. Fuuka, for her part, says that there is nothing to apologize for and well… She is Ok.


On her table the Alpaca keychain decorates her backpack, as a silent witness of what could have been; but now it isn´t, as a possibility that never become a reality and now this fact hurts Fuuka.

<<<It Doesn´t help when you are so nice to me>>>

A little later. Fuuka is looking at Akira Mogami´s business card and she just smash it with her hands.


Meanwhile Yuu is talking with “Tama-Chan” and it seems she will be able to go and watch her boyfriend´s band concert! Good news! Suddenly the conversation starts devolving about Fuuka and if maybe Koyuki has some advices to give it to her since maybe Fuuka is stuck on this part. “Tama-Chan” tells “Nico-Kun” that she can´t do much because she always used her love as inspiration, so maybe her method won´t work on Fuuka. While they were speaking, the discomfort and the pain in the heart of Koyuki started to grow… She is feeling something; She might as well doubt about the love that Yuu has for her.

<<<This Can´t go on…>>>

Meanwhile… Fuuka is remembering the words of Koyuki about the One-Sided Love and how she, also has come to realize something, a painful revelation, that she, Fuuka Akitsuki, is in love with Yuu Haruna.


The next day, Fuuka is listening to a song and she starts Crying. Yuu comes in search for her, quickly she puts away her tears and she says that she has something to show him. The lyrics are ready!


Yuu starts hearing them and he has fallen in love with the song! Nachi and the other members of the Fallen Moon soon reaches where they are and everyone comes to the plan in practicing this amazing new song! While they are on the rooftop, a soft wind starts blowing.

<<<Don´t Smile at me like that…>>>

The day of the concert comes and Fuuka and the other members of the Fallen Moon gets ready. On the particular case of Mikasa, he gets into an argument with his Father an ends being disowned. Still, he leaves for something he truly wants to do. With Sara, her brother says that this is the first time where he has seen his Sister feeling at home with a band.


Suddenly Yassan comes and he has brought some company. 


The real Tama and Nico, the vocalist and Bassist of the Hedgehogs have arrived! After some complaints that they took 6 whole years in getting back, Tama says that she has something to talk with the rest of the band…

Meanwhile, Fuuka is going to the concert, she comes close to a stop, the lights are red, she waits, with the pass of the seconds these lights become green and the timers starts coming down, she crosses the street; either by the fate or the movement of Fuuka´s body, her Alpaca Keychain separates itself from her bag and fells to the floow.


The timer keeps going down. Fuuka notices it and goes back to grab it.

The sound of tires coming at full speed starts sounding.

She kneels and grabs the keychain.

The air pressure comes and Fuuka can feel it in her whole body, she looks and the truck is just in front of her! The call of the destiny designed long before for her has come to meet her with only one possible outcome! 


Soon enough everything becomes white for Fuuka Akitsuki…

Meanwhile the rest of The Fallen Moon has reached the club where the concert will be held Each and every one of them, except Fuuka, has come early and they are ready to give their best in this concert!


With Fuuka, the sound of the wheels suddenly stopping is heard, the Alpaca Keychain is broken due to the weight of these… Fuuka.



Is looking scared at what would have happened if she hasn´t moved away by mere centimeters; the driver, a Middle aged man, scolds her and tells her to be more careful. Fuuka apologizes, the time to meet her maker hasn´t come for Fuuka. She goes to a safe place and looks at the destroyed Alpaca Keychain, the only memory of what would have been an opportunity for her to love and be loved. She changes her face to one filled with decision and keeps going further on this new road in front of her.


Fuuka has come to the club, a little late; but she is ready to make a legend!

The Fallen Moon is ready to start and the public is awaiting for this new an promising band; on the background Mogami is watching while at the superior floor the Hedgehogs watches the concert where the Little sister of their guitarist and the apprentice of Yassan are.


The Fallen Moon starts singing “Climber´s High” by the Hedgehogs, Tama compliments them meanwhile Nico see that “Nico-Kun” is using his bass and ask why that brat is using it? The answer he got is that he wasn´t doing anything with it anyway.

The people goes crazy with their interpretation! Now it is the time for the second song, another classic from the Hedgehogs “The town where the stars fall” Koyuki reaches the place and sees the concert, she looks at Yuu and smiles. The Hedgehogs for their part talk about the fact that Fuuka deied the opportunity to make it big with Mogami, still Tama say that maybe it was for the best.


Finally the third song is an original from The Fallen Moon…

… “For You”, Fuuka starts singing and Koyuki detects the pain in the lyrics made by Fuuka; Mogami leaves the concert mid-song.


The Concert ends and everyone loved it! The people ask for a second concert right now!

At back stage, they get the announcement that they have a new date for a Gig and everyone, except Fuuka, is thrilled by the news! They even talk about a new song, one that their muse and fountain of inspiration, Fuuka , only can brought to this world!


Fuuka stops the happy moment and comes with a message: 


She is leaving the band in order to go Solo, she will accept Mogami´s offer. Everyone is surprised by such news! She put them together and finally they are seeing some success, and now she wants to leave them?!

Fuuka says that this is the only path if she wants to keep following her dream! The rest of the Fallen Moon is speechless, heck even Nachi is angry still they won´t stop her decision.


End of the Chapter.

My Impressions

<<<Erase the words of whom

Doesn´t love you and swears that it does

Is not enough

Let me see you a little more

In a thousand battles

I know you would revolutionize me>>>

-Bellisimo Asi (Beautiful like that) by Laura Pausini.

This Week again, I am at a loss for words. I mean, I don´t even know where to begin. The start of the chapter was amazingly well! Man I was at the verge of tears and then… The event that define the manga of Fuuka was about to happen… But something changed and what was supposed to happen didn´t come…


Well, I truly don´t know what to think about that since as I have said the first half of the chapter was amazingly well, good drama all around and very well directed; believe me that if the “Event” have occurred I would be crying right now! But now… I truly don´t know what to think and the sudden drama about Fuuka leaving really doesn´t let a good taste in my mouth.

I am saying that because the “new drama” that has come it truly doesn´t compare to the one that the manga has got and it is still to prove itself to be good enough to be memorable; at the same time this action goes against what Fuuka did the past chapter and what she did on this one earlier (scrapping the business card) and before the concert (the let´s make a legend thing) so it goes in a way against the character of Fuuka.


There it is also that Koyuki for some reason feels truly insecure about her relationship with Yuu, like if she knows that Yuu truly don´t love her; but he just hasn´t realized that yet, so that might be it and the relationship will come to a sudden end for either Yuu or Koyuki (I can see it both ways).

Finally… Now with this new drama about Fuuka leaving the band, I will guess that in the end she will stay in the band, so a happy ending for her… Still I don´t know if it will be enough to make the anime version truly memorable and make the same impact as the Manga; but oh well… There are still 2 chapters left, so we will see. Oh also the song “For You”, for me was very cool!


Anyway, my two cents. See Ya Next Time!

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