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Chapter 09: Date!


The Chapter starts with Yuu who is waiting for someone in a station of a truly old town. Someone touches his shoulder and he sees a masked person! The masked one laughs and show its face, it is none other than Koyuki Hinashi, Yuu´s new girlfriend!

The new formed couple goes walking and sightseeing this town that is called “Little Edo” a town that Koyuki visited when she was doing some recording for a variety show. They see the old houses and streets beautiful decorated by the snow that fell on the town. 


The date continues and they eat some of what this town has to offer. Suddenly Koyuki looks at the clock and she drags Yuu to see a giant bell that only rings 4 times a day, according to her, it is say that the couples that looks at it when it rings will be together forever… Just kidding! Or no?... In any case, while they hear the bell Koyuki grabs Yuu´s hand and both of the blush, still one could say that Yuu didn´t hold the hand and just stayed still.


After that they go to eat in a restaurant and the food is incredibly good, in truth “Tama-Chan” made her work in order to make this first date a success! We also get to know that Koyuki´s voice is all better now, it seems that the medicine she needed was “Nicotilin”… It is a joke, you can laugh.

On the date, they talked about that Koyuki has realized that she truly loves to sing, and she is very glad to have this kind of job! They talk about that maybe if Yuu´s band become pro then this will be his Job! Also that there it is the promise that both of them will play on the same stage.


In any case, after eating and the fact that Koyuki likes to be herself with Yuu and she hopes that their relationship never ends; after that the date ends and Yuu goes to the practice!


Yuu gets to the practice, quite late, and he is a little scolded by their team mates, although not as much, except for Fuuka, who decides to just give no comment, Mikasa detects that something is not Ok with her. The practice starts and after that they get to talk about the news, which is that… They have a new concert in a club! Also Fuuka has other notice, although for that they must go to a restaurant; The Fallen Moon will have original songs and Fuuka will be the one in making them!

The Other Fallen Moon members ask her if she knows how to write a song, read music or even play an instrument? Fuuka just says that she can do it! The voice is her instrument! After that they start talking about the song and everything about it. 


Suddenly Yuu has a call, his girlfriend is calling him (*Insert whip sound here*) they start talking about what they have done, for Koyuki, even though just a few hours have passed she still has so much to tell to her beloved “Nico-Kun”, it is not until Yuu sneezes and he tells her that he is outside and well… He is in a meeting with the band, so he has to come back.


In the distance, illuminated only by the light inside the restaurant, Fuuka is looking with a sad and confused face such scene, she is looking how Yuu is talking pleasantly with her new Girlfriend.

After that Fuuka is singing some tune, in other words, composing a song, it seems she has got to that sweet spot and now the only thing that they need is the lyric! Fuuka takes a breath and she starts remembering the fact that Yuu has a girlfriend now… She start feeling uneasiness and goes outside in order to clear her head, which keeps reminding her about such thing and the fact that she even wished for Koyuki´s love to become a reality… And now, she even doesn´t know how it is to be in love; but one thing is certain… She doesn´t like this feeling that she has in her chest.


Meanwhile Yuu keeps practicing since he wants to keep doing his best, in his break he search for his Hedgehogs album and finds that Alpaca strap-on that he got when he went with Fuuka when they went to see that movie. He just hopes for the best of her with the song and returns it back. 


The next day Fuuka has ready the new song!... Well, the rhythm, but hey that´s like one of the important parts! In any case it seems that The Fallen Moon liked the song and now Mikasa and Sara will take part in the composition for the series and making the music sheet.

Some days later and the music is ready! They only need the lyric and with that they can start with the harmonies. After the practice everyone (except Nachi because they practice in his house) goes back home and are talking about different stuff; suddenly Fuuka says that she promise that she will end the lyrics! Yuu, Sara and Mikasa have confidence in Fuuka, although Mikasa can feel the sadness in Fuuka´s voice.


Later in the night Fuuka is making the Lyrics; meanwhile Yuu is practicing and “Tama-Chan” calls him, she is still working; but it´s on a break right now, both of them start talking and it seems they weren´t able to see each other since the other time, mostly because both of them are truly busy; Yuu tells her that he is practicing the new original song that Fuuka made! For some reason… a sad feeling comes to “Tama-Chan” and she decides to end the call and go back to work. She starts remembering the time when she and Fuuka talked, about how to write lyrics…


In the next day, Hisashi, Sara´s Brother, calls her, someone wants to see her. Fuuka goes there and Hisashi presents her to a Music Agent, Akira Mogami, he has sought something in her, her voice is so strong that even defeated Koyuki´s, so he has a proposal…

…To make her pro. Fuuka asks again since could it be that this guy is interested in “The Fallen Moon”?!


<<<The only thing I´m after is your singing>>> Mogami says. In other words, he wants Fuuka to leave the band and go Pro alone. After hearing that and without thinking it twice, Fuuka declines the offer since she wants to stay with her band. Mogami just says that if she decides to join him, she can call him whenever she wants, Fuuka gives her thanks, although she is doubtful that she is going to call him. 


After that Fuuka goes to practice and in her way back… She sees Yuu and Koyuki together, goofying around about a selfie and having some time as a couple. Fuuka hides herself, and she wonders what is this pain she is feeling in her chest since…


…She doesn´t like it.

End of the Chapter.

My Impressions

<<< My love, what's wrong,

Tell me if there is someone in the middle,

Between you and me,>>>

-Arrancame el Corazón (Strip my Heart) by Mana

Welcome to this new route! I mean all of this except the new gig stuff is all new. And I will say it, it is well done, one can feel some fluffy feelings between Yuu and Koyuki; while at the same time some dread feeling that maybe not everything is Ok between them, since both have their own things where they are occupied and everything. At the same time, one can feel the sadness when one sees Fuuka, and man she truly needs more time on the spotlight!


On this point, I am saying that because in the last few chapters the attention to Fuuka fell down in order to give more time to Koyuki to shine, and while that is good and all in various moments Fuuka, the main heroine, felt like just another secondary character like Nachi… And in that regard I will say that Sara is the one who got the short end of the stick since after her presentation she hasn´t done anything remotely memorable.

Now continuing and focusing in what we have with this chapter the chapter was still very enjoyable and we even had an appearance of a character who would come out later in the manga! (Nogami) And even more he has a new motivation, that was very interesting in truth and I would like to think that he will have a bigger role in the upcoming chapters since what everyone thought of what would happen seems more and more distant now… And if such event happens, it will truly lack the impact that it had in the original manga.


…If you know what I am referring too don´t say it please.

No continuing with the chapter and expanding in this feeling of dread, man that is something that I can´t put my finger on what it is! Like…I don´t know; but I am sure that “Nico-Kun”, “Tama-Chan” and Fuuka will cry a lot and that something will happen that will oblige to Yuu and Koyuki to break-up! What would be that thing? I don´t know; but it´s exciting.


Finally the new song has good rhythm! I hope we get to hear it soon!

P.S. Next week the anime will take a break and will come back on March 10.

Anyway, my two cents. See Ya Next Time!