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Chapter 07: Blow Up!


The chapter starts with Fuuka and her band and how they practice; everything seems that they will be able to do a big show and make it big at the School fair! Nachi was about to pack it up until Yuu asks for just one more song, after that and everyone was going home Fuuka starts telling Yuu her little adventure with Koyuki in the past chapter and how now she is more of a fan of hers because of that!

Yuu then tries to tell Fuuka that “Tama-Chan” came the other day to invite him to her Concert and—She already ignored him… In any case both of them keeps going to their way home.


The next morning, Yuu gets woken up by his Sisters who tells him the thing that is all over the web; and it is that someone took a picture of him and Koyuki and posted it on Twitter, the thing has had a lot of retweets and everyone is going crazy with this! At the same time his (hawt) older sister scolds him for being so reckless since this thing has put Koyuki in a lot of problems! Remember that she is truly famous! 


Meanwhile Koyuki is being scolded for her agent for acting that way, since this is now a PR Mess; still the thing can be saved and the plan it is that they will deny that it was Koyuki the one in the photo and they will never, ever speak about this at all! Also that she must reflect that since she is famous her actions can affect a lot of people.

Back with Yuu, he suddenly has become the talk of the school! Everyone has questions for him and everything; still for Yuu, in the middle of this messy situation he looks at Fuuka and it is very clear that she is angry at him.


Later Yuu goes where Fuuka is since she is hearing music at the rooftop, as usual, Fuuka´s mind was thinking about the things that Koyuki Hinashi told her went they went to take a bath; Yuu talks to her and he tries to explain the situation to her and Yuu even tells her all the crazyness that is happening right now, since a lot of people he doesn´t know are speaking with him and even his Twitter got verified; so yeah, a lot of things are happening right now and truly fast an—

<<<Do you need something?>>> Fuuka asks in a cold manner. Yuu´s guess was right, in truth Fuuka is annoyed by all of this. He apologizes for all of this that has happened and how it happened so soon to the concert; Fuuka corrects him and tells Yuu that she is not angry because of that; but rather because he didn´t told her about his meeting with Koyuki. Yuu then apologizes and explains that since Koyuki came so sudden and invited him for her concert then… Well, he is happy that he and “Tama-Chan” are friends again and since he doesn´t have many friends then…


Fuuka stops him and tells him that their concert is tomorrow, so they won´t be fighting, not for something like this. Fuuka then asks how is Koyuki? Since she is a celebrity. 


Meanwhile with Koyuki Hinashi, she is reading Yuu´s Twitter since his last tweet is an explanation that Yuu and herself are just friends and that he is sorry for upsetting her fans.

Koyuki also is in preparations for her appearance in a Tv Variety show since she will make an announcement. In the Tv Show, the last part of the show it was supposed to be just an announcement of the new Single of Koyuki Hinashi, nothing too deep just the name of the song and when it will come out; but then… She decides to go a little too deep and say about the reason of this song.


She tells about her Beach time with Yuu and how this experience inspired her to write this song. While she was speaking, the memories of Yuu´s last tweet and the fact that when they where Children he was in love with her makes her lips start moving and telling even more…

Of course then she touches the “Photography Incident” and then she says that Yuu is just her friend, a childhood one at that, and she is sorry for the trouble she is making him pass… it seems that Koyuki was able to go back on track.


Until she says that this friend of hers is also her unrequited Love… That this song –and all the others- are about him… Meanwhile Yuu, Mikasa and Fuuka sees such news. The face of Yuu was the one that clearly says “Crap, crap, crap!”.


Later the setting for the concert is done and Yuu is very worried and concerned for all the stuff that developed with Koyuki this afternoon; Still Nachi and the others cheer him up by saying that he doesn´t have anything tom worry since it is not his fault, nor it has anything to do with the band. Still Yuu is also worried because since he gave the notice that they will perform in the school fair then all of the people at Twitter is menacing to come and ruin the whole thing!

Still Nachi tells him with a smile on his face that even if they come, it won´t affect them. At the same time Mikasa and Sara are positive about this thing. Finally Fuuka tells him that he should not to worry since Koyuki´s feelings… No one should do an opinion about such a personal matter and that this is not her fault or Yuu´s.


In the night, Nachi and Mikasa are dealing with the pressure before the big event and even considered to quit; but… No, they wouldn´t do that and betray their friends and band mates. Sara, for her part, is concerned about Yuu´s well being since he is being attacked and harassed by trolls so she asks her Big Bro since this is the first time where Sara feels she belongs in a band, and she cares for her band mates; her Brother tells her about the time when the Hedgehogs were just a bunch of amateurs and how the people threw at the bottles and booed! Sara ask him then what did he do then? Which his brother replies that he just shut em up with his guitar!... As making music, not using it as a weapon…


Meanwhile Yuu is also concerned for the tomorrow event, suddenly his other big (and hawt) big sis that he must not worry because his Sisters have his back and even if all of the crowd is booing them, he must know that at the very least 3 persons will be in there cheering for them, since they are fans of the bassist.

Also some Hedgehogs members will be in the crowd.

Yuu then make some thinking about how was his life and how he relied too much on the web and twitter; but now that such places are nasty, now he has his family and friends who has his back, and his band mates that are with him in this endeavor. And they will do their best! Yuu then writes in Twitter about his concert.


…The next day comes and the School fair is about to start; Yuu goes in search of Fuuka, who was at the rooftop hearing the new single by Koyuki, while she hears it she remembers the conversation she had with Koyuki and the fact that she told her that she will be rooting for Koyuki´s love to come true… And since that person is Yuu then…

Yuu comes and just tells her that they will do their best in the concert!


In the hall where the Concert will be held, Koyuki, who was disguised and came to see the concert, was surprised by all the people who gathered in there, then… She starts hearing some of the voices, things like the online rumor (which is true) that Koyuki was going to come; people screaming and hitting on her, even when they can´t see her; bad words to Yuu and calls for violence to threw him things to him and the rest of the band; talks about the Yuu´s Sister and how one of them works in a marketing agency… In horror, Koyuki Hinashi could see the consequences of her actions and now she truly doesn´t know what to do, since this wasn´t supposed to be like that.

In the crowd the people is going crazy and calls out for blood! The blood of the Bassist; Yuu´s Sisters are even concerned for his well being. Also the Hedgehogs members are at the expectative since this thing can get bad really fast. 


At Backstage Yuu apologizes to the band; but he also tells them that he is also very happy because if he was alone he even would be so scared that he couldn´t have got out of the house; but now that he has this band then… He finds himself to be brave and now he understand the importance of having friends… Or something. In any case, Nachi, Mikasa, Sara and Fuuka gave him support and all of them join their hands and says that they will make a legend and do an amazing concert!


After that each one of them goes to the stage to face this crowd and shut the haters with their music!


End of the Chapter.

My Impressions

<<< To The One who doesn´t hold any Secret

To the one who offers Lies non-stop

To the one who doesn´t ask for forgiveness

They will have more>>>

-Bienvenido (Welcome) by Laura Pausini.

An extremely good chapter this time around! Man I couldn´t get my eyes of what was happening in the chapter, truly a good chapter, especially when it compares to the last one where half of the chapter was basically filler; still that filler made sense in this chapter since it added another layer of drama to this series regarding Fuuka, and maybe it will be the reason where she will realize her feelings towards Yuu.


Now talking about the drama in this chapter it was very fun to see since how the things developed, I have to clarify that the “fun” it came because in such a short moment everything went south, and all of that it´s thanks to what Koyuki said on National Tv; which was basically thrown a little gossip drama and blow it up to exponential levels; still I can´t truly blame Koyuki since she didn´t had any bad intentions; but rather she just was very sincere and maybe a little naïve by not knowing what she has done.

Continuing, it was also truly good by seeing how Mikasa, Nachi and Sara had a little moment of doubt; but still decided to keep going and to support Yuu who in this time of need he might need some help.


All in All it was an amazing chapter for me, and the next one I have a feeling will be even better!

Anyway, my two cents. See Ya Next Time!