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Chapter 06: Koyuki Hinashi!


The Chapter starts with Koyuki, who is recording a new song, and well… The recording staff is having some problems with her singing since it seems her voice or something is a little messy as of right now.

In any case the recording in the end is A-Ok and Koyuki goes inside a car with her management, there has been a lot of rain lately and Koyuki´s manager tells her what she has to do for tomorrow, which includes interviews , more recordings and in the future even an appearance in a drama… Still Koyuki´s heart was not int his; but rather in 2 things that happened in the past.

The first one was when Yuu told her that he was in love with her back in the past chapters. The second one…


The second one takes her some years in the past, when Yuu and herself where just children.

It was winter, and a very cold at that, Koyuki was encouraging Yuu to come down, since Yuu is afraid of basically everything. Then Koyuki sees she has a little cut in her finger. That´s no good! So Yuu rushes himself and gives her a bandaid, for not getting infected.


In any case after exploring and making plans to put more things in the base, it´s time to go home. Yuu says his goodbyes and Koyuki´s smile vanishes; at her house only fighting and arguing existed it is obvious that her Parents where having a lot of problems, for Koyuki, seeing and hearing how her Mom and Dad fight so much is something that can only be described as painful.

At the next day both children where at the park Koyuki was a little down and truly didn´t wanted to go home. She asks Yuu if he thinks it will snow this year? Yuu doesn´t know that and well… In this town such thing is rare, still… Maybe it will! This winter has been very cold! So who knows?! But if it snow they will do a snowman and an igloo!

Koyuki smiles and she sings a song, an Hedgehog´s one, Yuu congratulates Koyuki´s singing by saying that she has a very good voice. He then says that his Hedgehog´s favorite member is Nico, the bassist… So in honor for the vocalist and bassist of this band, the names “Nico-Kun” and “Tama-Chan” where born.


Both children makes a promise… To be in a band one day… also to make a snowman; they join their pinkies and after that they go home. A little later Koyuki is very happy since in her birthday both Mom and Dad will take her to a restaurant! It is the first time in a while that the three of them go out together! So she is very happy with that!.

That night the snow fell…

In the next morning Yuu gets out of his house and sees “Tama-Chan”, he salutes her; but she ignores the voice of “Nico-Kun”.


Tears where in her eyes while she walked away.

She went to “their base” and the memories hurt her, in the dinner they were having. At first it was like a dream, her Parents were talking with a smile in their faces, joking and getting along quite well, in truth “Tama-Chan” couldn´t ask for more…


…Then the notice happened… They were going to get divorced, which besides being a broke up for the family it will also mean that she won´t be able to see her Dad any longer, also they will move to Tokyo where her Grandparents live… In truth, the life as how Koyuki knew was over in an instant.

Now she has to say goodbye to her Dad, to her house, to her town and to Yuu, the person she loves and the only one she has ever loved.

After that she went back and “Nico-Kun” was waiting for her, he has a surprise for “Tama-Chan”. He has made 2 snowmen! While there wasn´t enough for an igloo, still… This sole fact was enough to bring a smile to her face.


“Nico-Kun” says that a smile is better in her face. After those words, “Tama-Chan” can´t stop the tears and she starts crying. At the next day, she moved out with her Mom. She didn’t said goodbye to her “Nico-Kun” since it might as well end the same way as yesterday.

Still… She has made a new promise, now to herself; she will give her best and become stronger, way more than she is… That way she will always have a smile in her face, no matter what.


Back in the present, Koyuki is ready to sleep and seeing her single, she remember her promise to become stronger, so she can now confess to “Nico-Kun”.

The next day, Koyuki is in front of Yuu´s house and she is holding a concert ticket for her Christmas Concert, she has decided to give it in person. She rings the bell, and it´s seems no one is at home right now, still she looks upside the wall, until Yuu catches her. So obviously he will invite her to come in. 


After a little chit-chat “Tama-Chan” invites “Nico-Kun” to her concert and she apologizes for the other time and says that she couldn´t get the courage to contact him since she thought he might hater her now. Yuu says that no way! Also he was in the same situation! In any case Koyuki acts a little bossy with Yuu; but hey they made up in the end!

They talk then a little about the concert and Koyuki has another gift for him, her new sing—! Yu interrupts her and says that his band will have a concert too! At the school fair! “Tama-Chan” hides her single again at her bag and decides to listen to what “Nico-Kun” has to say.

She ask if in his band that girl is… The one with blue hair? Yuu says that yeah, she is, her name is Akitsuki (well, her last name). And well… She is a little crazy; but she is fun to hang around! Also she is an amazing singer! In any case Koyuki decides to end the conversation by saying that she has other things t do and decides to leave.


Yuu accompanies her to the exit and he tells her that he is happy to be friends with her again!

“Friends”… There is that word again, it is obvious by seeing “Tama-Chan”´s face that such word is something that she does not want with him. In any case she decides to make the pinky vow again with “Nico-Kun”, to remember their promise to eb at the same stage one day. 


After that Koyuki was a little down and she was heading back home, basically she was just thiking in her life decisions. Suddenly a Truck comes and well… From where Im from we call that “a Shower”… One day it happened to me and some muddy water entered in my mouth, it was disgusting.

Anyway, Fuuka appears and she tries to teach a lesson to the Truck! But obviously she fails, in any case she goes on the help of Koyuki, which obviously at first glance she didn´t recognized. Both of them recognize each other and Fuuka invites her to take a shower and clean her clothes at the building where she lives!


Fan-Service time people! It is time to see both Fuuka and Koyuki´s bodies in a scene with lots of steam and weird flashes! Anyway. After some instructions in how to use the public bathrooms (you clean your skin first and then go to the hot water) they talk about some things including how Fuuka is the biggest fan of Koyuki, if she can sign her Cd´s; also Koyuki sees that both she and her have similar measures.

Fuuka also says she is in a band and wants to know how to write powerful music too! Still Koyuki says that maybe her music won´t work first because she is not in a band; two because Fuuka gives a more cheerful vibe while Koyuki´s songs are about unrequited love and sadness and pity and well… How some people say it “Songs to suicide” So…

Still Fuuka says that is not true! Because even if the lyrics are sad and everything, still one can see that Koyuki gives her all and she truly makes it in order to her feelings to reach that special someone she has! And that´s why Fuuka admires her so much! 


Later in the Sauna they keep talking and Koyuki tells her bout her feelings for a boy that she known for somany years ago, although it is one-sided, after that she makes the big question… Is Fuuka interested romantically with someone? As in Love with someone she knows? Maybe in the band she is in?... Err… In any case Fuuka says that no, she isn´t in love with someone or anything like that!

Fuuka breaths in relief, in any case Fuuka says that she is rooting for her! And wish that Koyuki´s love gets required and she becomes happily ever after! Anyway some chat later both girls say their goodbyes.


The Credits roll; but it´s not the end! 

At a Cafeteria not called Starbucks, 2 persons are talking… One has something amazing in his Phone, a photo of Yuu and Koyuki. He wonders I he must share this finding with everyone at the web?


End of the Chapter.

My Impressions

<<< All the promises of my love will go with you

You will forget me, you will forget me

At the station I will be crying like a child

Because you leave, because you leave>>>

-Porque te vas (Because you leave) by Jeanette

Ok. I will start saying this… This chapter was half story and half “Fan fiction” made by the staff since it takes both and well… One can see the differences in tone.


Also I am calling it “Fan Fiction” since we got some character development and it was interesting in seeing Fuuka and Koyuki talk, a thing that didn´t happened in the manga, so yeah it wasn´t very bad, also there was some fan service in this chapter for part of our 2 main girls! I don´t know if you are Ok with such things or not (I don´t care); but you gotta admit that the mysterious censor lights that comes out of nowhere are hilarious!

Now going to the story of Koyuki´s past… Man, the part with her parents fighting it was truly hard, heck I think that maybe that has something to do in why Koyuki is just so attached to Yuu, even though they had been separated for so many years; because he remembers her of a better time, when she had a full family and her Parents where kind and good with each other, of course after that the fights happened and both of them got divorced and even if it was for the best, the children will always think that in some way or another it is it´s fault, even when it isn´t.

Also I have to give mad props to the ending song, which truly awoke my allergies, the sad song alongside a sad video, in truth made the impact!


Finally… Yeah, I sought the certain someone who will appear in the future, and no, if you know what I am talking about, please don´t spoil.

Anyway, my two cents. See Ya Next Time!