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Chapter 05: One of Us!


The Chapter starts basically where the past left off. With “Tama-Chan” staying inside Yuu´s house, both of them start looking at old photos and talking about the good old days, including the times when “Tama-Chan” reprehended “Nico-Kun” since it seems she used to do that a lot, still Yuu stayed with her, her friend.

Both of them keep looking at the photos and they come across the photo of their last meeting, in a cold winter´s day, both of them looking at some little snowmen. Yuu adds that the only regrets he has when he sought her leaving was the fact that he never could tell his feelings to her, since he was in love with her.

Both of them blush and Yuu quickly pulls back saying that was back in the day when they where Children and that… It is not what it looks like and all! Yuu feels he has messed up the situation and that Koyuki might feel disgusted since this sounds like he was hitting on her.


“Tama-Chan” decides to leave suddenly. For Yuu this was a confirmation that he ruined up a sweet reunion with her childhood friend.

On the street, Koyuki starts crying; not because she is sad; but because she is very happy, since “Tama-Chan” also had (and have) feelings for her “Nico-Kun”.

The next day in the School Yuu, Nachi and Mikasa are talking about how they got involved in all of this about making a band; regarding Nachi he is not anymore in the Track Team, and even Mikasa detected that he has brought his drum sticks. In any case after a little talk and some pandering from Fujoshi girls Fuuka joins the team!


They speak briefly about what happened in the Summer break, making both Yuu and Fuuka remember their little adventure when Yuu was about to get drowned. 

At the lunch hour. Fuuka is explaining to both Yuu and Mikasa that they can practice at one of the Hedgehogs member´s studio (Hisashi one studio) and that he will loan them some instruments until they find one they can feel comfortable. At the same time he will teach them some music.


Suddenly they find themselves in a little problem, there is no free table. Until Fuuka sees one with only one person, a girl with long black hair is using it, she was checking her Smartphone; Fuuka comes close and asks if they can sit in there. The girl looks at them with a scary look ad decides to just get up and leave. Fuuka just says that she looks like a model; but Yuu was scared of her.

Later in the evening, the band goes to Hisashi´s studio and each and everyone took their instrument: Fuuka vocals and guitar, Yuu Bass, Mikasa keyboard and Nachi the drums. Hisashi starts with the lesson and he wants to hear them right of the bat. The band starts playing and… They suck. Hisashi tells them that they truly don´t have any experience and each and everyone of them messed it up; good thing that this is a practice and he is here to teach them!

Suddenly another band comes in and they tells Hisashi that her Sister, Sara, won´t be in their band anymore, sorry. Fuuka ask him what happened and Hisashi explains that Sara, her little Sister, is a great guitarist; but she sucks at communicating with people and for that she has been kicked out on all the bands she has been in.


Fuuka hears the music and she looks inside the room where she is; Sara, who was the long black haired girl in the lunch hour, and yes, Sara rocks! Her guitar experience is amazing! Fuuka steps in and says that she wants Sara in her band! Right off the bat! Sara is impressed and so does Yuu who trips and falls… Right in Sara´s boobs she quickly push him away with her guitar. In any case Sara just says Ok, she is in.

The practice continues and Hisashi is teaching the basics to Fuuka and the others, in the case of Yuu she says to just drop it since this is not working. Hisashi reprehends her for being so blunt. Mikasa says that they can call it a day and end the practice, Nachi adds that he is hungry, Fuuka then says that they should go to a family restaurant in celebration to their first band practice, and Sara is coming too! Also Nachi is paying!


At the restaurant and after eating, which Sara didn´t order anything BTW. The band – or rather Fuuka- has decided that the song they will play will be “Climber´s High”, still she asks if everyone is Ok with that? Sara just says that the bass in that song is hard, thing that felt like if Sara has thrown a rock to Yuu. Our Main character tries to change the song to no success and suddenly Fuuka, Nachi and Mikasa decides to leave since they have things to do.

So now… Yuu and Sara are alone, Yuu tells her that she must be hungry so why not she—Oh she ordered already. An Ice cream.


Sara still doesn´t say anything. Yuu checks his twitter and it seems that his twitter friend, “The Admiral” (AKA Frog´s avatar) is having dinner with a friend, Yuu tells him that he is lucky because he is with someone scary that it seems she can kill him with the eyes! The admiral laughs and tells him that she must not be so scary, why not try to talk to her?, which Yuu says that no, she is That scary! In any case, the Ice cream is served and Yuu decides to apologize to her for his bad performance and leave.

Suddenly he hears the photo sounds, she has took a photo, Is she going to expose his apology to the world?! Suddenly another tweet from the Admiral comes and it is the photo of an Ice cream and the message that she is dinning with a friend.

Yuu compares the photo with the Ice cream and… they truly look alike! Then Yuu decides to make a question to the admiral… One that he is sure it is not true and just a misunderstanding.


<<<The Admiral (Yamato)-San, are you actually in front of me right now…?

Nah, I guess you couldn´t be…>>> Yuu´s tweet says.


Sara and Yuu both realize what is happening. Sara has a full change of character and starts talking with him about how she is sorry for being so blunt or that she gets misunderstood more often than not and that she is sorry for hurting him, truly fast and well it was a truly one-sided conversation; but she opened herself and she is not truly scary, just bad interacting with people.

Also she has a cute smile…

Later each and every one of the members of Fuuka´s band is practicing or studying in order to get better with the music. We get to know a little about Mikasa and how he has a somewhat of a conflictive relationship with his family to whom he lives far away.


The Weekend comes and Yuu goes to practice with the band very early in the morning. In there the other members where waiting and it seems that they can´t use the studio since Hisashi has all of it booked up. Sara wanted to talk with his brother about this; but that wouldn´t be fair since this was a favor, they aren´t paying anything and this is how her Bro makes a living…

Suddenly Nachi says that they should come with him to his house. 


So they do and Nachi reveals that his Garage is a good place to practice since his Big Brother used to be in a band. Nachi´s Grandma comes and well, she is nice and offers them some tea, although Nachi tells her it is not necessary, heh Nachi tries to save some image.

Some Tea and snacks later, the band starts practicing and them… Sound better than the other time! Yuu realizes that when he was playing the bass alone, it sounded weird; but now that every instrument is in place and with Fuuka´s voice. It sounds amazing!

The song ends and Yuu has recognized that being in a band is truly fun. Everyone is proud in how they performed now, since even though they has mistakes, it didn´t sound terribly.


Nachi is confident that they can get this song alright! Fuuka says that they need to learn 2 or 3 songs more since she has this plan…

To perform in the School festival!

End of the Chapter.

My Impressions

<<<Let´s raise all the flags

When the Singer plants itself with its cry

An Immortal song to the infinity

If the singer shuts…So does the life>>>

-Si se calla el cantor (If the Singer Shuts up) by Mercedes Sosa

A very fun episode this week! I liked the introduction of Sara, she is indeed a great and funny character! As a matter of fact, between us, she is one of my favorite characters in this series. Still, I am going to spoil a little and say that no, Yuu and Sara will never be a thing, Sorry.


Continuing with the chapter at hand, the first minutes of the chapter where truly well made, heck for a moment I shipped Koyuki and Yuu, I even called them “Koyuu” :P; I think it is for how natural the scene flow, since when one has a time with an old friend who one haven´t seen in some time it is normal that they starts talking about the past, heck I do that when I go to visits my Parents in my hometown and also see some friends who still lives in there! So yeah, for me it was a truly touching, romantic, and well paced scene.

The part in the chapter that truly made me laugh was with the whole revelation that “The Admiral” was Sara and how they interchanged tweets about the same dinner thinking it was a different, heh it truly reminds me of the saying “everything depends with what glasses you are looking on”, also how speedy Sara can get to talk! In truth made me laugh a lot!

Other thing that I liked about this chapter was how different the same song can be heard depending on the band, since there was a clear difference in how Fuuka´s band interpreted “Climber´s High” compared to how The Hedgehog´s own version, I mean yeah the rhythm was different and obviously the original version is better than the Fuuka´s one; but from the instruments and how they heard, the voice and everything sounded different, not in a bad way mind you ; but certainly different and well, A sure thing is that when the School festival comes they will knock it out of the park!


Anyway, my two cents. See Ya Next Time!