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Chapter 03: Triangle!


The Chapter starts with Fuuka´s Team (made by Yuu, Mikasa and herself) they are going to a beach. Yuu starts remembering how he ended in this situation. We are transported to the moment when Fuuka presented her plan to the teacher, her plan on making a band alongside Yuu and Mikasa. The teacher told her that in order t get the instruments, why they don´t work as part-timers in a beach restaurant of a friend of hers?

And so… Our Heroes goes to the beach, in order to get some greens for the instruments! Yuu is concerned that he is not good at talking to people; but Fuuka tells him that he needs to improve that since now that he is in a band, he will be in front of large crowds! They go to the Shop Owner, a man who responds by the name of Yahagi. After some little info on where they will sleep, and that Yahagi was a drum player in the past; but not anymore, anyway we are presented at the next day.


Their job is to be waiter for the restaurant. Fuuka and Mikasa are doing a good job, while Yuu is making a terrible job since he doesn´t get the orders right, he is slow and he basically sucks at a job where he has to interact with people, for that his Boss tells him to get out and catch a break or go home, he doesn´t care anymore since he is just bad business.

After that Yuu is outside the restaurant all depressed and considering going home, Fuuka then tells him to not give up. That even though Yuu tends to screw up; but even so he is still do his best to make what is right and… That makes him kind of cool… Sorta. In any case, for all of that Fuuka wants to be in a band with Yuu, not with anyone else; but Yuu, for that and because she believes in him, he must go and show Yahagi who he is!.

Not being a downer anymore, Yuu tries it again and goes from 0 to 100, being as fast as he can, serving as much as possible and yelling a lot in order to make his voice being heard. 


In the end of the day, when they are closed, Yahagi is proud of the kiddo for his change in attitude. Yuu, for his part, is already slept due to all his effort, and in a way he is receiving his award which is sleep in Fuuka´s lap who is blushed while looking the peaceful face of Yuu.

Meanwhile Koyuki is on her way to the same beach as Yuu and the others, she is going to record a few shoots with her crew, still she is secretly looking forward to met with her “Nico-Kun” and for that she asked if she will have some free time on the evening, which she get a yes as an answer.


Meanwhile Yuu and Mikasa are talking and Mikasa tells Yuu that it is obvious for everyone that Fuuka is very drawn to Yuu, thing that blushes Yuu, is it obvious that such thoughts open some feelings for him; in any case Yuu´s feelings are important too and he should think about that. Mikasa then goes and tries to land a date on a hot guy.

Shortly after that Fuuka has come and she is wearing a beautiful swimsuit that makes our boy Yuu blush, still Fuuka´s intentions is to play with Yuu.


So both Yuu and Fuuka goes to play at the beach and Fuuka is having a good time while Yuu, who is having an “Interesting” view is trying his hardest to not having too much of a “Good time” for himself. He has to be extra careful since if Fuuka hit him if he sees her panties then, now that basically he is looking a bikini then…

In any case they are drifting out of the route, mostly because Yuu tries to not to look in front of him, in any case Yuu now feels that maybe the idea that Fuuka has some feelings for him is something ridiculous and most likely Fuuka just doesn´t look him as a Man, she has striped him of that and for her eyes Yuu is just a friend, nothing more, nothing less.

In any case Yuu asks Fuuka why she decided to make a band? Fuuka responds saying that it is because he told her to try it! Duh! Still Yuu is curious because since Fuuka´s favorite singer is Koyuki Hinashi so one would think she would go solo, still she decided to make a band. Fuuka then responds him that she believes that making a band would be more fun than doing it alone.


Before they knew, both drifted away and try to get back, Fuuka falls to the water and her leg gets cramped! She starts falling to the water, Yuu, knowing the impendidn danger goes to her rescue and submerges himself getting her hand!

After that… Everything becomes black.


Yuu´s eyes open, he can feel something soft on his lips and how a warm breath goes from his mouth to his throat and entering his lungs, Fuuka was giving him air mouth to mouth. Fuuka tells him that Yuu almost drowned by trying to save her.

The tears start going out of her eyes and she embraces Yuu and starts crying, clearly she was worried sick for Yuu´s health and if something would have happened to him, it would have destroyed her.


Meanwhile Koyuki´s shoot got suspended due to the sudden rain that fell on the place. So the thing will continue tomorrow, effectively meaning that Koyuki will have a little more time for herself.

Back with Yuu and Fuuka, they are back and Yuu is very spaced out; at the same time he freaks out whenever he sees Fuuka and looks at those soft lips of her, so much that he is overly thinking things which only overcomplicate everything. In any case Yuu now thinks that maybe, just maybe that K-Kiss didn´t mean nothing and surely someone like Fuuka would have had a Boyfriend before or at the very least this is not the first time she has kissed someone.

Suddenly Fuuka comes and tells him to not to say a word about what happened, regarding the mouth to mouth action since it´s embarrassing and… And it was the f-first time for her. Yuu agrees to keep the secret and Fuuka leaves. Yuu is very happy since he wasn´t the only one feeling weird or everything about what happened!


After that our boy Yuu goes to his room feeling all fluffy and happy since right now he has a secret with Fuuka, a girl! He won´t tell anyone, not even to his Twitter friends. Suddenly he gets a Direct message from Tama-Chan who, is in the neighborhood and she would like to hang out a little with her good friend Nico-Kun.

So Yuu goes to where Koyuki is, she was carrying a bag. Both of them start talking a little about the good ol´ time years, “Tama-Chan” is very happy that in this day and age of communications and smart phones she was able to contact with her “Nico-Kun”, since if it wasn´t for them maybe their paths would have never crossed again.


Yuu blushes and so does Koyuki, still “Tama-Chan” tells him that she has brought fire works! So they should use them!

Meanwhile Fuuka was searching for Yuu since she wanted to talk with him about what kind of guitar she must use now that they are in a band. She asks Mikasa and he doesn´t know where he is. Mikasa tells Fuuka that it seems that she is more close to Yuu than ever before, thing that blushes her; Mikasa ask her if something happened between them? Fuuka says that N-No! Nothing happened and definitively they never Kissed or embrace them or anything! In any case Fuuka goes in search of good old Yuu.


Back with “Nico-Kun” and “Tama-Chan” they are enjoying the fireworks and Yuu is able to see how beautiful Koyuki has become in the pass of the years, both of them blush and Yuu tries to cut the awkward silence saying that Koyuki is truly famous, so it´s natural she is very pretty; still Koyuki stops him and tells him that in this moment, and when she is with him, she wants to forget all about it, she wants to be only “Tama-Chan” for him, and she wants him to be only “Nico-Kun”, to put everything they are in the outside world aside and just be themselves and enjoy the moments they are together, Yuu agrees.

In any case, “Tama-Chan” tells him that she read on Twitter that Yuu is going to be part of a band, Yuu says that yes and that it was all because a girl… It is obvious that those words weighted on “Tama-Chan”. A strong wind comes and Koyuki falls in Yuu´s arms.


In the distance, and seeing that scene, was Fuuka she sees Nico and Koyuki Hinashi… Together.

End of the Chapter.

My Impressions

<<<Love that only at our age

Get mixed in our souls

Questioning you and never letting you see

If it´s love or pleasure.>>>

-Amores extraños (Weird Love) by Laura Pausini.

Here comes the drama! This chapter was very solid and it introduced well the elements for what it is coming; from the romantic triangle and the motivations of various characters.


I have to truly give props for the anime staff since they made a good solid case for a drama in this chapter; I could truly feel the gut in my heart regarding how all of the elements mixed so well and gave us enough hindsight to make the impact very enjoyable.

On this kind of regard I really loved how one of the focus of the chapter was seeing the mental process of Yuu and that little weird dance he is having regarding what is the deal with Fuuka, since he is in an obvious weird position where he doesn´t know if he is making progress or advances in his relationship with her or it is all in his mind and Fuuka is just being Fuuka. Mix this with all the sad aura regarding Koyuki´s side of the history and one truly can feel the atmosphere that more than one person is going to be hurt in all of this dilemma that is unfolding in front of us.

Finally, The next chapter it seems will have more of the music that is a sort of the theme in this whole series, so I have expectations in hearing the songs that will come!


Anyway, my two cents. See Ya Next Time!