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Chapter 23: The story of demons

The chapter starts exactly where the past one left off, with Hyakkimaru about to fight Tahomaru and his retainers; the ronin demands his body parts back! But Tahomaru and his allies respond by saying this parts where never his to begin with! They belong to Daigo. The land of Daigo! A violent battle where only dead as the result is starting.

At the same time, with the refugees a little white horse is very hasty, the people tries to stop it, but they fail and the horse goes his way, some commoners goes after it.


Meanwhile, Dororo and Hyakkimaru´s mom have reached where the battle is happening, the ghoul horse is fighting Mutsu and Hyogo, while the future Daimyo fights Hyakkimaru. Dororo tries to go and do something to stop them; but the blind monk tells them to not to interfere, hardly any of them will be able to listen now. 


The explanation comes that right now, Tahomaru and his retainers are a representation of the 12th demon, the one who wasn´t able to eat Hyakkimaru, and now this battle will decide if Hyakkimaru gets his body back or if he dies as the demon wishes.

Meanwhile Daigo is preparing for war, he has received reports that his son, Tahomaru, is fighting the demon, still; the Daimyo can´t do much since a war is about to begin and he doesn´t have soldiers to spare, he has to believe on his child.


Back to the fight, the little horse has come, the villagers behind it. The ghoul can detect its her child, Mutsu and Hyogo takes the chance and mortally wound it! Still the ghoul is not done yet and bites the head off Hyogo while giving a killing attack to Mutsu! The bodies of the people who were Tahomaru´s friends and retainers gives one last attack that makes the job in killing the supernatural being.


Tahomaru, looking such scene, puts Hyakkimaru away and goes to see the bodies of his dear friends! Mutsu says that she has hopes that the land he will build will be a beautiful one, after saying such words, her life extinguishes… Tahomaru can’t believe it and cries the death of his friends, the best ones he could ever ask for.

The horse gets close to what it was its Mom… At the same time, Hyakkimaru´s arms starts coming back, he has obtained them! While chasing Tahomaru, Hyakkimaru wonders what is being a human while the words of the doctor resonates on his mind… That maybe when he gets his body back it will be drenched in blood.


The battle between the two brothers continues and they go to a swamp, Tahomaru has problems due to the new reach obtained by Hyakkimaru´s arms! Still the Ronin has hurt his new hands by grabbing the edge of the swords! Tahomaru decides then to change the battle location!


At the same time, the villagers have made some superficial graves for Mutsu and Hyogo, The wife of the Daimyo can only hear what it is said about her children… How they will kill each other. The conversation changes to the topic of sacrifices, since everyone agrees that what happened to the ronin was unfair, still… Maybe the sacrifice of one is necessary for the good of many?


Dororo explodes against such suggestion…Why does one has to sacrifice?! Why Hyakkimaru has to suffer so much! He didn´t asked for this in the first place! The mother of the 2 combatants enter the conversation and says that she understands the position of the townsfolk, but… peace brought by these kind of actions is fragile, only the peace that is given by the hard work of people can endure, since they earned it and therefore will fight for it…

Dororo understands and alongside what was said by Hyakkimaru´s mom she is able to make the townsfolk to understand, peace won´t be brought by pacts with demons or samurais, but by their own hard work!


Meanwhile, Tahomaru went to the castle and demanded, to the scared townsfolk, to go away! A demon is coming! 


As foretold by the son of the Daimyo, Hyakkimaru has come, and on this place where he was born, his life will end! The fight starts and Tahomaru´s choice to bring his brother to this place is clear now! Hyakkimaru´s extended reach is now a negative instead of a positive due to the narrow space! A fire starts in the castle, but their fight continue!

Everyone is able to see the fire from outside. Dororo, Jukai, Hyakkimaru´s Mother go to that place. The little one wishes for Hyakkimaru to be alive and not be a monster! If he needs eyes, she will be them! If he needs arms or legs, she will be those too! But he needs to survive!


End of the Chapter

My Impressions

Amazing chapter! Everything has come into place, and the result will be , at the better, a bitter sweet one, since there is no way that everyone (or anyone) will be happy after what happened on this chapter. Still Dororo has left an impression on the townsfolk, to not wait for something or someone comes and save them, but rather, go and try to obtain it by themselves! And I think that in the end, that is what´s going to make a true change, no demons or pacts, sacrifices and the like. But the people and their efforts to keep going forward…


Also I was truly sad to see Mutsu and Hyogo fell like that, they were actually cool and loyal people to Tahomaru, his right and left hands, and valuable friends to him, and in a way…That has made the deal that this battle between brothers is going to be kill or be killed, there will be no peace for any of them. And that´s what I fear, because whatever the case, either Tahomaru dies and big calamities comes to the land, or our Hero fells and the story will end in pure blackness…

…Still, I can´t wait for the big finale that will come next week!

Anyway my two cents. See ya Next time!

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