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Chapter 21: The story of Breaking the cycle of suffering

The chapter starts with Hyakkimaru and Dororo, they are going back to Daigo´s territory. The little one ask the Ronin what he will do if he has to face his Mom and Dad again? Hyakkimaru answers by saying that if they get on his way, he will kill them. Dororo then says that if he does that, he will be alone; Hyakkimaru responds by saying that Dororo is with him, so he is not alone.

Soon they see some horses with the Asakura crest, and after that another pilgrim tells them that if they aren´t from Daigo´s domains, they should go back. War between the Asakura and Daigo is going to start and will get ugly. So better de safe, still Hyakkimaru and Dororo kept going.


Meanwhile The Daimyo is making preparations for three topics. The famine and sickness, the war against the Asakura and the sudden coming of Hyakkimaru to his land. He ordered to burn the infected villages, to take any man who can wield a sword and become a soldier, and (under suggestion of his son) Tahomaru himself will go with Hyoro and Mutsu to kill Hyakkimaru.


The villages where burnt to the ground, the sick people killed, new soldiers were taken, including a beautiful white horse. Meanwhile Tahomaru is preparing for his final battle against Hyakkimaru. Meanwhile the mother of both men, looks at the moon, she suffers and says that if she would have chosen either be the wife of his lord or a mother, not trying to attain both, all of this would have never happened. But now… Here we are… 


Back with Dororo and Hyakkimaru, Dororo is trying to put some sense on her partner! She says that if some war is brewing, the best thing they could do is wait! Wait for a better opportunity and then take his body back! Still, her words reach deaf ears Hyakkimaru wants to keep going. Dororo menaces by saying that she won´t be going with him! Hyakkimaru stops and explains himself… He wants his body, because he wants to see, he wants to touch! He wants to feel human! He wants to be there and protect Dororo, to finally see her! Dororo´s heart is touched and she starts crying. Both will go then… Hyakkimaru´s wish is powerful and both will do their best.


The night has come, Tahomaru is talking with Mutsu about how they meet each other. When the Daimyo saved them from being killed by hunger, he saw their guts and took them in. They will be Tahomaru´s retainers, they will study and train with him. Tahomaru was happy, on his young eyes it meant one thing: Friends.

Now, in the present, Hyogo and Mutsi are his right and left hand, and they will always be there for him! 


Back with our heroes they reach a road near a cliff. The dead bodies of soldiers are in there. Soon one of Hyakkimaru´s prosthetic arms is broken by an arrow. Tahomaru and his retainers have reached and are ready to fight!


Dororo tries to stop him, its his brother! Hyakkimaru says that they are the enemy, they called him demon! The fight starts and it’s a brutal one. Hyakkimaru is strong and he is able to make another scar on Tahomaru´s face, while at the same time he cuts one arm from Hyogo and Mutsu! The future Daimyo does everything on his power to ensure the safety of his retainers and friends! Still, the battle is settled. Hyakkimaru will won. Until a group of ninjas came with the white horse and attacked Hyakkimaru!

The horsemen helped Tahomaru and his team and tend their wounds. Then one put explosives on the white horse and sent it to Hyakkimaru exploding the horse with him! The spies, knowing that would not be enough to kill the Ronin, took Dororo as prisoner; something that Mutsu didn´t took well, but they were scolded for letting themselves be put in such dire situation, to let themselves be useless and needing the help of Tahomaru when its supposed to be the other way around!


The ninjas explain to Tahomaru that the Daimyo sent them there, since his life is too precious to be left forgotten.

The whole group leaves.


Hyakkimaru is unconscious, with the rest of the horse around him. The souls of the fallen start setting a flame, and a new being is born, one in the form of a white horse with fire as hair…

End of the Chapter

My Impressions

This finale series is something else! I´m excited, but at the same time fearful, since I feel that anything can happen now! I can see a happy end for Hyakkimaru and a bad one for Tahomaru, one where the forces of Daigo succeeds and Hyakkimaru fails, one where it’s a middle point and one where just everyone finale is death. Still, while I don´t know what will come now that we are at the end of the road, I am eager to know what will happen now!


Now talking about this chapter in particular, it made us know more about Tahomaru´s retainers. Mutsu and Hyogo, these brothers who are always by the side of the future Daimyo. Also I think the action from them is done, since both lose an arm, and while it was painful to see that, I get it, since they would always be by the side of Tahomaru, but the fate is cruel, and only making them useless would be the only way they might have a chance of survival.

In the side of Hyakkimaru, my suspects are true. He wants his body because he wants to be human, a complete one, the rock incident in the previous chapter made Hyakkimaru realize that prosthetics have limits, he needs to see and touch! Especially because he wants to protect that dear person to him, Dororo.


Anyway my two cents. See ya Next time!

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