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Chapter 14: The story of Sabame


The chapter starts with the past, one night, when Dororo was just a child, the little one was sleeping while her parents talked, the Father is still wounded and he knows that his ambitions won´t come true, not on his lifetime, the money he has gathered and hidden away. He tried to tells his wife about the whereabouts of the treasure, still, Dororo´s Mom stops him, she fears that if she knows she won´t use such money on his ambition of a rebellion against the Samurai, but rather on giving a good life to their little daughter. For that, she tells him to put the map on her back, she won´t see it. One half with her, the other with the little Dororo…

In the present, Dororo has told everything he knows to the monk and Hyakkimaru, he remembers when Mom even told her about the other half of the map, and that she must use it when she is able to find someone she can actually trust, although Dororo doesn´t remember much. In any case, the blind monk is happy for her because now she has options.


The monk explains that when the hunt for demons is over and Hyakkimaru gets his body back, what will they do? Now, Dororo has an actual opportunity and she can do what she wants. She can have a good life with the money, or maybe trying to get rid of Daigo, or who knows? Anything! In any case, he is actually happy for her, after that the blind monk leaves the place.

The duo was on their way out, and Dororo tries to tell Hyakkimaru about what is happening on her mind, since their plan is only walk and kill demons, but… Before she realized it, Hyakkimaru was walking away.


They reached a forest where the spectral voice of a woman started being heard; behind them, 2 deformed beings were, one a woman, the other a giant baby, they weren´t demons so there wasn’t any problem, for Hyakkimaru, since the baby got attached to Dororo. Like if she were his Mom.

After a while, they are able to find a burn temple, the scenery is in ruins and the Ronin is able to find some clues on what might have happened. Oil, this place most likely was birnt by human hands.

The spirits disappear since certain someone has come, someone with a similar aura as Hyakkimaru´s Dad.


That man, Sabame, is the village chief and has come to give flowers to the temple. The strange looking man scares Dororo, but he tells them that this place is cursed and they should go to his house since at night evil spirits roam here.

Taking his offer, the duo goes to the village where he is beloved, considered a hard worker. On his house, a feast is prepared for our heroes. There, Dororo ask about the temple and how it got burnt. Sabame decides to tell them the cruel story of the place.


That monastery was a nunnery, there a nun took care of the children, but she was mean to them, she always put them to work long hours and severely punish them, then when the money was needed, she sold them like if they were livestock. One day, a thunder came and the place got burnt. Such a sad story, but Sabame feels that maybe if one prays, their spirits might rest in peace.

The night has come and Dororo is talking with Hyakkimaru, she asks if he believes such story. He doesn´t, still, there is something fishy, so they will investigate tomorrow.


While they were sleeping, a ghoul with the form of a caterpillar appears, it wants to eat, the being attacks our heroes, but Hyakkimaru is able to hurt the being! While it looked it was about to get killed, a moth like being comes and rescues the caterpillar!

In another place, Sabame is looking at the town, the moth transforms into a beautiful woman, which he embraces, he ask her if she has eaten? Or the kids? She says that no, they haven´t these travelers are though. Still… They won´t give up.


End of the Chapter

My Impressions

A great chapter! While its obvious this is part of an arc, the set up was intriguing, although even more than that, the stuff regarding Dororo and the destiny she has to face is something unique, since she has the chance to either live comfortably or to star a revolution, maybe even go outside Japan and go around the world. Such questions are for her to bear…


There were also lots of light hearted stuff with the giant and ugly baby, which were very funny to me since it got attached to Dororo while Hyakkimaru couldn´t care much since that being is not a demon.

Now, talking about the demons, this one, it seems will be somewhat hard to defeat, and by seeing Sabame, the ruler, I think he did a similar pact to what Daigo did, a pact with the devil, although the price was the killing of the nun, the kids and the destruction of the temple. Still, a new battle against this being is coming and I know that Hyakkimaru is ready for it!

Anyway my two cents. See ya Next time!