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Chapter 10: The Story of Tahomaru

Some villagers are on a boat at the lake near their village, everything is normal until a whirlwind that starts devouring everything destroy the boats and eat their passengers.

In another part, Hyakkimaru is defeating some Ghoul wince the nature of this being while super natural was not demonic, the end of its existence didn´t brought any part of Hyakkimaru´s body back. Still, he is filled with blood, so Dororo will start washing his clothes. The little one then start saying that they should go to a nearby village, it’s near a lake so they have lots of food, which means that they can finally get fat from eating so much! Dororo then looks at Hyakkimaru and wonders what is the memento he has, and the symbol of it.


In another part, Daigo, the Daimyo, is heading towards the hall of hell. There, he finds the destroyed statues of the demons, and knows that their destruction is weakening their treat. So if there is a way to help them, to know who is killing them, he will do it. Suddenly, a sun ray fell from the ceiling and its heat make some smoke, there the visions of the one responsible of their killing is shown… Hyakkimaru. Now the Daimyo knows the truth, that child of his has survived and now is killing the demons.

Meanwhile Tahomaru is investigating what is happening with both his Dad and Mom; for that he asks his retainers to help him do some… Questionable things in order to get the answers he wants. 


In the night, Tahomaru see one of his Father´s spies, his retainers have drugged him, so he will answer whatever thing their master ask. From the interview he gets that all of this has something to do with a baby with no limbs, still when he was getting closer to the truth, the Ninja decided to cut his tongue, he wasn´t able to kill himself with it though.


The next day, Tahomaru has going to a nearby village, he is investigating and maybe clearing his mind, his retainers are following him. There he finds that the villagers are in trouble, they have problems of the supernatural type. A monster at the lake is eating them and is not letting them fish. Knowing the pain of their vassals, Tahomaru has decided to help them.

For starters, he is going to go on a boat and detect if such abnormality happens… Said and done, the enemy reveals itself. A giant enemy crab on ancient japan! (…) The combat goes and Tahomaru is able to show that he has the makings of a great warrior! He alongside his retainers are able to damage the monstrosity! Still the thing hides itself in the water, making it nigh impossible tor each it. 


For that, Tahomaru is set to defeat such being, while trying to come with a plan, his retainers tells him that a good way would be to put explosives in their clothes and let themselves be eaten by the crab, that way, the clothes will explode and the being will be dead by inside, where its meat is soft. Tahomaru knows such mission is suicide and gives a clear no. Still they say they won´t leave him, and they won´t die! The future Daimyo looks at the big screen and after getting some help of one retainer, he is able to look a possibility!


The plan starts and Tahomaru gives instructions to the villagers.


The next day, a single boat is at the lake. The creature has come to eat again… The person in the boat reveals to be Tahomaru, who gives instructions! The Villagers have made a water gate and has emptied half the lake! Now Tahomaru and his retainers can kill it! The battle starts and Tahomaru is having the upper hand! His bravery motivates the civilians who starts throwing rocks at the monster! Still, the beast understood their deception and started attacking the gate, breaking it and bringing back the water. Tahomaru and his group are in problems again!

Until a shadow comes from nowhere… 


A Ronin, Hyakkimaru , has saved them. Tahomaru wonders who is such person.

End of the Chapter

My Impressions

On this chapter we were able to know a little more about Tahomaru, a thing that I don´t oppose, although I also think they were doing an excellent job in getting us to know him with what little time he had on screen time, nevertheless, we got to see a little more about Tahomaru´s way of acting, from how he relies on his attendants and gets to trust his life on them, plus the way he makes strategies, since unlike Hyakkimaru who fights by pure instinct, Tahomaru thinks carefully the moves and the way he do things in order to overcome his obstacles. That is using either drugs to get info or needing the help of villagers.


Another important point about Tahomaru is how he cares for his people, unlike his Father who cared for power and the benefit of the people came as a consequence of that, Tahomaru on the other hand cares for his people, about their well being, so with him I see a light of hope that even if Hyakkimaru kills all the demons and he gets his body back, Tahomaru will give his all in order to make the people have happy lives, and to lead them to better times, not because he cares about the prestige or power; but because he feels that is his responsibility as a Daimyo. To take care of his people.

Anyway my two cents. See ya Next time!

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