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Chapter 9: The Story of Mercilessness


The chapter starts with our heroes walking, Hyakkimaru is experiencing smelling things, so he stops at every turn smelling anything. Then he decides to smell Dororo, who pushes him away, and after that the little one starts feeling very, very weak. Hyakkimaru can detect that something is not right with his little buddy.

The Ronin carries the little one and starts telling in broken Japanese to any other person that Dororo is not Ok, his body is hot. Soon enough a budhist nun finds them.Ā 


Dororo wakes up inside the temple, the nun tells the little one that she found them and brought them here. Dororo then tries to get up, since if Hyakkimaru goes his way, there will be no way that the little one might find him again! To be left alone! The nun stops the kid and says that Hyakkimaru just went for water, that is all, he wonĀ“t go anywhere without Dororo.

The talk then starts gravitating towards the crimson flower and the memories of the now deceased DororoĀ“s parentsā€¦


Long time ago, when Dororo was even littler than today, the kid had a Dad and a Mom, both brave, strong and kind people. The Father was the leader of a band of brigands, and obviously the Mother is the proud Wife of the Father. Dororo wants to accompany the Father to the battle and help him getting rid of the bad guys; but obviously the little one gets a No from the part of both parents. Sinde little, Dororo had a sharp tongue, and one can see that in how the leaderĀ“s offspring talked with the other members of the band.

At night, various Samurai appears, they are chasing the bandits, still little do these warriors knew of the powers that DororoĀ“s Father and his people had, so they quickly defeated them.


Some time after that, one of the leaderĀ“s member start telling him that he is powerful enough, has some good numbers on him, so if he wants, he should go with some Daimyo and get some nobility, become a Samurai and start climbing the ladder. The Leader gets offended at such proposal since he does not want that, he doesnĀ“t want to be involved with the Samurai and their Masters who look the life of their subordinates as inferior to them, mere insects that they can kill for fun.

A little in the future, the band will execute a surprise attack on a small army of Samurais, the attack starts and the trap is set, the band is exterminated, everything planned by one of the band members who sold his soul for a samurai title. Still, he respected the life of DororoĀ“s family, after wounding the Father he leaved them beā€¦

Rough times came to the family and they were forced to flee, and struggle to even find food or water. One time, while searching for food or something of value in a valley now embraced by dead, where the bodies of several samurai where left, the little Dororo foundā€¦ A thing, something that resembled human, it was eating the corpse of another man, could be a cannibal, could be a ghoul. The case is that it was eating human fleshā€¦ Afraid; Dororo went running to MomĀ“s arms.


Certain day, while they were trying to get some food. A Samurai recognizes DororoĀ“s Father, the thing escalates and after some battle and being surrounded by the enemy, The father gets killed.

If the time was cruel for the family of 3, now, itĀ“s unbearable for both Mother and Child. The life has been harder and harder; one day, and after hearing that the Samurai are giving food to the poor, DororoĀ“s Mom went to make a line. They find the Samurai that betrayed them, he says that he did what it was needed to be done in order to survive. Suddenly the food is about to end and everyone goes begging for food. The Mother tells Dororo to wait, she forces her way to in front of the line, where the plates with soup where still up and boiling, she didnĀ“t had a plate, still the Mother says to put the burning soup in her hands, with pain, the Mother feeds Dororo. Her hands where burnt. But she was able to feed her child. The traitor says that with strength, but brains are needed too. Dororo threw a rock at him, which the Samurai catches and leaves with a smirk.


Later, in the middle of crimson colored flowers, due to hunger and exhaustion, DororoĀ“s mom fell and died, the cries of little Dororo can be heard.

Back in the present, Dororo is sleeping while the Nun laments the sad past this girl had to face since she was born. Hyakkimaru hears such thing, but says nothing. The Nun starts praying for the girl in front of her, begging that Dororo recovers and have a good future.


After three days, Dororo has recovered and is happy, the little one says that even the Nun washed her clothes! They donĀ“t smell anymore! Still Hyakkimaru is very silent, Dororo wonders if the Nun told him anything weird. The Ronin is silent.

In another part, the Daimyo Daigo, is receiving reports from his ninjas that there are reports of a man without limbs, using swords as hands, covered by prosthesis. He orders to keep investigating such man, on the distance, Tahumaru is listening.


End of the Chapter

My Impressions

Another great chapter! Now itā€™s the time for Dororo, and the cat is out of the bag! Dororo is not a boy, but a girl. I have to be frank with you all and I will say that before this series started, I already knew about DororoĀ“s true gender, and I on purpose was being ambiguous about DororoĀ“s sexual identity, always referring to her as ā€œThe Little oneā€ ā€œThe Kidā€ and such stuff that doesnĀ“t imply anythingā€¦ But now that is known it will be easier for me!


Going back to the story, I liked how tragic it is and made us understand why Dororo is how she is, and its imply us to get to know why Dororo hided her identity, both to protect herself as a child and as the daughter of a brigand.

Finally, the fact that Tahomaru has heard about Hyakkimaru, or rather the man without limbs, will make him go on the search of such person in order to get the approval of both her Father as a real warrior and the approval of her Mother as a real sign of her love. SoIĀ“m eager to get to know such things happen, the clash of Tahomaru and Hyakkimaru, just let us hope we get to see it soon.

Anyway my two cents. See ya Next time!