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Chapter 8: The Story of Saru


A downpour is coming to a village, the water coming from the sky suddenly stops and instead of that the black cloud starts spreading ash… And elder man gets scared of the sign of such phenomenon hides… He quickly says that a bride must be prepared, a bride for the being that lives in the dark cloud.

Nokosaregumo, the black cloud, a being in the form of the big things in the sky that brings the rain, this being comes and starts eating people, that is until a proper sacrifice is brought, the sacrifice in the form of a bride, that way, the monster will leave such place alone until it needs another one.


Hyakkimaru and Dororo are walking, the little one can´t tolerate the smell like rotten eggs of the geyser, still the Ronin is Ok, he can´t smell anything. Dororo says that if Hyakkimaru now has voice, he should be talking! Still Hyakkimaru doesn´t say much, but Dororo has put as a personal mission to make his big bro talk!

In another part, a kid with wolf skin as clothes is seeing a marital parade, our heroes are able to see such thing at the same time; the kid then starts throwing arrows to them! Quickly Dororo stops him and says why he wants to ruin the happiest moment in a woman´s life?! The kid, Saru says that his Sister is not going to marry, she is just a sacrifice for a monster! Knowing that Dororo decides to help him, plus the little one accompanied by the Ronin are Monster killers! The parade continues while Dororo makes a deal with Saru, he will give them some shiny gold things…


The bride is awaiting for the groom to comes, Soon both younglings botches the ceremony and the Nokosaregumo comes, its angry that the ritual has been ruined, the being in the clouds quickly kills the guards, Hyakkimaru enters in action but suddenly stops, he can´t see, due to the nature of the creature inside the cloud (a centipede) he only see fire, pure red, for the first time on his life, Hyakkimaru is blind and doesn´t know what to do.

The battle doesn´t go well and the monster is able to take Saru´s sister. There is not much they can do now. Still, one thing is certain, it seems the monster´s weakness is the sunlight.

Later, the kid in wolf clothes prepares some improvised burial and is ready to kill the monster, Dororo tries to stop Saru, but he is ready to do everything to avenge his sister! The kid in wolf clothes explain that the bride is not a blood related sibling, but rather, his parents were killed at an early age, so he has always been living alone, the townsfolk rather than looking at him as an orphan, a human being, treated him like any other animal… Until his sister came, she was the first one who took care of him, and he started to care for her… Dororo´s heart is touched by such story, and therefore, and since he doesn´t like to leave things half-done, he will keep helping Saru! Meanwhile Hyakkimaru is training with the bow, and throwing rocks.


The next day comes and in the same place a bride is awaiting, the Nokosaregumo comes, he has fell on the trap. The bride reveals to be Dororo who starts running from the creature, luring it to where the little one wants it to go.

The monster is lured to the trap and Saru puts it on flames, flames that opens the sky and the demon is bathed in the sunlight! It seems they have killed the beast; their victory is short lived though since soon the creature changes skin.


Luckily for them, Hyakkimaru has come with bow in hand! The Ronin starts throwing arrow at the monster, arrows that doesn´t hurt him in the slightest, still that wasn´t their objective, what Hyakkimaru wanted was to use the sound in order to localize the Nokosaregumo and then attack him where he is! 

The Ronin is able to hurt the creature, still it hasn´t killed it. Dororo decides to participate by seeing that Hyakkimaru is out of projectiles, he throws himself to the monster and tells his big Bro that he must follow his voice! During the conflict, Doror gets unconscious and is only able to stand due to the rope that holds his body, Hyakkimaru starts yelling, he is yelling in order to get and answer from the little one! Dororo wakes up and yells, Hyakkimaru detects the voice and kills the monster!


Our heroes have done it! 

Between what is left from the beast, the body of Saru´s big sister is found, she is alive, Saru is happy. Later, the woman says that she will take care of Saru, as a big sister, she is alone so both will live together. So now she must think on a new name, although the kid in wolf clothes is fine with Saru. The nose of Hyakkimaru fell off and a real one grows, he has his smell sense back! And the first thing he gets is the fetid smell of the geyser!


Dororo and Hyakkimaru leave, Dororo only has a tiny piece of gold since the other goldie things weren´t gold, Saru didn´t know the difference between them. Hyakkimaru is smelling a flower, a protection from such horrid smells. He says the name of the little one and gives the flower. Dororo takes it and soon realizes what he said. Dororo runs happy and ask him if he thinks his name is nice?

End of the Chapter

My Impressions

A solid chapter all around! For the second time in a row this is another feel good chapter, and it was very well done, with a good measure of stakes for the heroes and the characters we meet on this chapter.


One thing that differs this chapter from the past one is that we were able to see more growth with Hyakkimaru, since the past chapter he did pretty much nothing, but now while his role was secondary, it wasn´t passive and it showed us that even if he can´t actually see (due to the sea of fire) he will think in a way to reduce such negatives and try to destroy the objective. Other important thing is how well the voice actor said “Dororo” like in a very clumsy way, I mean it was very believable that this was one of Hyakkimaru´s first words! Since he said it with some difficulty, but he did it and who knows, maybe when this journey is over Hyakkimaru would be a talking machine.

Finally, the story was Saru was quite well done, although in the negative it didn´t landed all that well on the emotional sense, but it was still solid. So all in all everything good!

Anyway my two cents. See ya Next time!