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Chapter 5: The story of the Moriko song, part 2


The chapter starts with a recap of the events that happened in the past chapter.

Dororo finds Hyakkimaru and the monk, he explains the situation to him. Hyakkimaru has lost his leg fighting the demon, but he got his voice back at the very least. There, the monk explains that due that a supernatural being got a body of his, it revived, still if he wants it back he needs to kill the thing again.

When they went back home, So was Mio, when she got the news about Hyakkiamru she pressured herself in order to take care of him, no matter if she had bruises all over her body or if she needed to sleep, she wanted to take care of him and make sure he gets his due rest.


Looking at such damage Mio has on her body, the memories of the sexual intercourse and her own degradation comes to the mind of the little one, who can´t bear it and decides to leave. He starts letting out his frustration throwing a giant rock; suddenly one of the kids comes and says that Mio surely likes to take care of people, Dororo just limits to say monosyllabic answers and not to see eye to eye any of the kids.

The kid then says that Mio is working hard in order to make enough money to get a rice paddy for themselves… One that will be green and later will be gold, he can remember how a lot of fields were like that, not so much today; but he is sure that all of them can make one just like that!


Meanwhile, at the domains of the Daimyo, the townsfolk wonder if it will rain this year. One of them says that it will rain, the clouds are gathering. In the house of the Daimyo, his son, Tahomaru is begging him to let him go to war! He knows he can be useful in there! Daigo says no and the answer is final. Tahomaru looks at her Mother and ask her to talk with Father! The Daimyo´s wife says that her husband words are final and he must accept them. Tahomaru is not happy with it and even say that it´s obvious that his Mother wouldn´t support him, she never does! Heck he is not even sure she actually loves him! Since no matter his accomplishments at hunting or fighting, she is never impressed! Never! Those words hurt her Mother, but she didn´t said anything other than a Mother will always love her children.

Tahomaru is pissed off and decides to go for a ride with his retainers.


While riding, one of his retainers wanted to tell him that his Mother loves him very much, but Tahomaru stops his retainer and says that he knows what it has to say say, and he knows he yell things he shouldn´t have… Still, he is bitter because no matter what happens, Mom is always silent and shaddy with him, and the same can be said about Father…He knows they are hiding things from him, but doesn´t know why or what are they hiding.

Back with Hyakkimaru, he has been making a new leg after having problems walking with just one leg and a sword as support. Mio has been taking care of him and making sure he gets his due rest. In one moment, Dororo confronts Mio, she accepts that her work is as a prostitute. Dororo confess that when traveling with Mother, she did a lot of works, but being a prostitute was not one of them…Still she is dead, and Mio not, so the little one is happy that Mio is alive and taking care of her loved ones.


Later, Mio is taking care of Hyakkimaru, she says that she wants to hear his voice; but Hyakkimaru is reluctant, it seems he doesn´t like his own voice. Mio starts saying that Dororo told her that he can see the color of the souls, and she feels that when he see her, the color must be truly disgusting, so she is uncomfortable that he looks at her with so much intensity. Still the Ronin puts his hands on Mio´s face, she wonders why she is not grossed out by the touch of Hyakkimaru?

Hyakkimaru is practicing his sword fight, the wooden leg he made its seems fine. Still Mio looks at him and tells Dororo before going to work to take care of Hyakkimaru, don´t let him go anywhere, he needs to rest.


Soon enough and in a moment of distraction from Dororo, Hyakkimaru goes where the demon is. He is going alone, the blind monk left some days ago, he warned Dororo to check on Hyakkimaru since when he comes out of the cave, there might be not a human, but a monster in there…

Dororo quickly runs towards Hyakkimaru, while a shadowy figure looks at the place.

Hyakkimaru has reached the palce and is ready to fight against the demon who has resurrected!


In another place, the Samurai of the Daimyo Daigo are getting ready for something sinister…

Hyakkimaru starts fighting the Monster, the fight is hard, but he is fighting in order to get his leg back! In another part, the fire is spreading, the cries of innocent lives being cut is heard, the violence is overcoming the place while the blood of the infants bath the ground bellow them.


The rain starts coming and the townsfolk is happy about that.

Hyakkimaru in the end is able to kill the monster and getting back his leg, the rain suddenly stops, it wasn´t enough for the servants of the Daimyo. Dororo found Hyakkimaru and is glad that Hyakkimaru has his leg back. Still theya re able to see the fire coming from where Mio and the others were.


The horrible image is in front of them. The Samurais have killed everyone, Mio is barely hanging in there while humming her song. The soldiers of the Daimyo have come killing the spy that passed as prostitute! Their informants have known that this woman is doing business with the other side too! Doroor is pissed off and demand answers. Hyakkimaru, for his part is looking the light of Mio fading away…

The anger comes at seeing the woman he loved being killed in front of his eyes. The Ronin starts yelling and violently start killing all the Samurai in there, the last one starts begging for his life. Dororo tells him to stop, no more violence, he is afraid that Hyakkimaru becomes a monster for this tragedy. The last Samurai is able to run for his life. Dororo gives him a memento of Mio, rice seed, the little one starts saying that she was able to take something of the Samurai…


Hyakkiamru walsk where Mio´s body is… He embraces her and says his first words… <<<Mio…>>>

The next morning comes, the have made tombs for everyone… They are ready to leave and keep the journey going.


End of the Chapter

My Impressions

What an amazing chapter! Man I was not ready for that! I mean yeah, I figured that Mio would get killed, but the impact and what those Samurai did was truly…Was something else, they not only killed her, but killed a bunch of kids! Kids that to start with didn´t had a limb or anything!


The fight against the monster was actually pretty good, but it doesn´t compare to the feeling that if Hyakkimaru wouldn´t have gone to kill the demon, he could have saved all of them and I think that will weight on his mind; plus when he comes to know that the people who killed his beloved were from the Daimyo Daigo, and well, just as how Dororo might fear, he might become a beast… But well see how this thing ends up.

There is also the whole thing about Tahomaru and the tragedy he will get, plus the fact that he is appearing more and more it´s telling me that the clash between brothers who doesn´t know the other even exist is about to come, and will be a violent one!

Anyway my two cents. See ya Next time!