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Chapter 3: The story of Jukai


A brutal and cruel scenario, people crucified, brutally murdered, with their limbs amputee, no difference between man, woman, child and elder, everyone is killedā€¦Such are the violent times of the Sengoku period, Jukai, a man working for the Shiba clan, is in charge of such brutal murders, while enduring doing such brutal work, he finally had enough and threw himself to the ocean with the hopes of finishing his own life.

Years passed and the voice of a doctor who can do prosthetics members for the people who has lost a hand, an arm or a leg are starting to be heard. The people gives thanks to the gods or Budha for the good actions of this doctor.


One day, the doctorĀ“s disciple finds a mother with a boy who is suffering, the little one got his arm cut from a Samurai, now the kid is suffering and the mother doesnĀ“t know what to do but to try to get him to where the miraculous doctor is.

The disciple talks high of the doctor and how he saved him too, he shows his prosthetic leg. Soon they find the doctor, Jukai, he checks the boy and he will do a prosthetic arm for the little one.

During that day, the disciple knows the past of his master, he was working for the Shiba clan, the ones who killed his parents, filled with fury encounters the doctor demanding answers. Jukai explains that yes, he had some participation in such things, he tried to took his own life but he survived, a group of foreigners took him to their country were he learned the way to do these prosthesis as a way for redemption. Still, the disciple is angry and betrayed; he wants to kill his master! Jukai says that he can kill him, but first he needs to do this prosthetic arm for the boy.


The Disciple agrees and when the kid got his new arm and looked happy, the disciple decided to not to kill him, but to leave him behind alongside his fake leg. Now Jukai is alone, the old man starts crying for such tragic fate that he is having.Ā 

Years passed and by mere chance the doctor found a boy, a living baby without skin, eyes, ears, arms or legs. Seeing that this creature wants to live he decides to take him in. Few years passed and the baby now is a boy, with prosthetic arms and a mask in order to cover his face, he canĀ“t see, hear speak or feel anything. Still, this kid has a super human strength. Jukai ahs come to love this child as his own son and he knows that this kid is alive due to a supernatural circumstance, besides demonic beings are luring towards him with some cruel intentions.


In any case Jukai taught him his name: Hyakkimaru. And seeing that the life of this kid will be one filled with confrontation, he will need to learn how to fight.

In another part, on the grounds of the Daimyo Daigo, the young heir Tahomaru is training the path of the sword, it seems he has talent and he itsĀ“ the proud and joy of his Father who love shim very much, the little kid loves hi Father and Mother but he feels some distance and sadness by looking at the headless statue of the Goddess.


Back with Hyakkimaru and Jukai, the young one has transformed in a killing machine of supernatural entities, killing them without any remorse and without stopping.

One day, Jukai was in danger facing a demon in the woods, Kamaitachi, luckily for the doctor, Hyakkimaru comes and finish the enemy! Little after that, Hyakkimaru stops his walking since something was not right, his prosthetic leg fell off, his leg is starting to grow.


Now the doctor has understood, Hyakkimaru was the price for a pact with the devil. So by killing demons he can get his body back, knowing that Jukai decided to let Hyakkimaru go and wander the land, hunting those beings from hell and get what itĀ“s his.

In the present, Dororo and the Budha are talking about Hyakkimaru, and they have come to the same answer Jukai did, HyakkimaruĀ“s body was the price for a pact with the devil. Dororo is angry at that, meanwhile Hyakkimaru is exploring his new sense, he touches the fire and can feel the heat, still he touches it experimenting with it. Dororo puts the foot away. The journey of the group will continueā€¦ While at the same time Jukai keeps putting prosthetic members to the deceased.


End of the Chapter

My Impressions

An Amazing chapter! While pretty much the only mission of the chapter was to present the past of Hyakkimaru and the man who was a father figure for him, it was extremely well done. From the crude images of killing and butchering, which made us feel the same feelings that Dr. Jukai felt and made him try to suicide himself, something actually well done in order to convey the feelings that it needed to convey.


In another front we also seen how Hyakkimaru becomes a second chance in taking car eof someone, since he truly was affected after the abandoning of his disciple to the point he even refused to use the prosthetic leg, so with Hyakkimaru we can see that he has a second chance which was beneficial for both of them since it helped to our Hero to be a little less savage.

In the same tone we are seeing a little more of Tahomaru and how he is loved by his Dad and his Mom, but the image of the beheaded Goddess makes me think that he is concerned for something, maybe jealous for a brother he never knew? The reasons arenĀ“t exactly clear, but something is sure, the clash between brothers will be violent and emotional.

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