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Turn 49: Future Beyond Imagination


The Chapter starts with the last scene of the past chapter, with the beginning of Chrono´s turn.

Chrono says that he is fighting for the sake of his friends and everyone on both Earth and cray! Ryuzu responds saying that all of those things are illusions.

In any case, Chrono start his turn… Also the Trinity Dragon trio alongside some extras wake up also.


Chrono brings his G4 Unit ChronoDragon Nextage! He moves back one of Ryuzu´s units back to the deck and Chrono is ready to attack! Ryuzu says that no matter how much effort, or gor much imagination we use, we humans, as a species, can´t understand each other… Chrono responds asking that why is that Ryuzu is so cling to his “Perfect Future” thing, why he wants it so badly? He doesn´t understands it and says that it´s infuriating for him because he feels like he is just a little step to understand it. In any case, he feels he is the same as Ryuzu, that when he believes he has made his feeling come across, in truth he doesn´t know if that is what happened… Syill, that´s why we fight, any number of times, to make an understanding (basically Ryu from Street fighter Philosophy)

Chrono keeps doing some very good moves and manages to send 2 cards to the damage zone!

Chrono keeps explaining that all of this is exciting, he is excited to know new things about his friends, the world, vanguard, everything! That there is nothing new in the “Perfect Future” since it´s only made of things we already know! That´s why he wants to hold that new and exciting future!


Now it´s Ryuzu´s turn and he binds more cards, at the same time he asks if it’s a good price to go for a new future if the costs are pain, violence, war, endless despair? When one goes to search for a new thing, you might end up with nothing? The price to pay for something uncertain is truly heavy…

Now Ryuzu brings his G4 Card!


Deus Ex Machina Demiurge! Ryuzu manages to bind the 12 zodiac time beast and is ready to attack! Chrono tells him to not assure himself that only there will be despair in new things; but his words fall to deaf ears!

Ryuzu says that Chrono just doesn´t understand… In any case, Ryuzu activates Demiurge skill! The 12 zodiac time beast cards return to the drop zone and from there Ryuzu can choose 12 cards and putting it back to the top of the deck in any order he desires! Ryuzu basically has secured that he will always gets a trigger!... A Perfect future…

Ryuzu continues and explains to Chrono that having hope for a new future, wanting something to get better… Those things only lead to despair. Despair and pain! Chrono can laugh if he wants; but he know that this is the only true hope!


Ryuzu attacks! Chrono blocks with a Generation Guard and activates it´s Skill! Which puts back Chrono Fang Tiger back to the deck; but that´s not all. The deck get shuffled after that! The order that ryuzu put in his deck, the perfect future for it has been destroyed with a bunch of possibilities!

Still Ryuzu says that he will get the needed triggers thanks to the hope of everyone counting with him!... 1st check: Crittical trigger….2nd Check: another critical… 3rd Check: Nothing…


Ryuzu´s attack doesn´t come through and none of his attacks makes any damage!

Now it´s Chrono´s turn and he tells Ryuzu that he agrees with him in one thing, that the power of imagination is limitless… Chrono starts remembering his friends and everyone who had an effect on his life. In how in a year all of it has happened, and how he wants to keep going further, the things might not work out and the pain and suffering might as well exist for as long as mankind is; but he is going to bet in our possibilities!

Chrono is engulfed in Stride force! Everyone starts raising their cards and their Stride force goes to Chrono!


From Kamui, Jaime, Trinity Dragon, Kumi, the Branch Chiefs, Shin, Kanzaki, Chris, Leon and the twins, Ren, Asaka, Kai… Even Aichi!... Aichi!!

*ShadowHaken screams like a fangirl… Ahem… The stride of everyone goes to Chrono, including the one of his Father! This unions of wills will open the path for a new future! One filled with possibilities! Chrono looks behind and Shion, Tokoha, Taiyou, Ibuki, Am and Luna are in there. The Zodiac Time Beasts awakens!


The Union has brought a new Card!

ChronoDragon Gear Groovy! Chrono activates it´s Skill which is that he can grab the effects of up 2 Face up G4 Cards who has Dragon on it´s name! He picks Chrono´s Comand Dragon and CronoDragon Nextage!


Chrono attacks! Ryuzu blocks! Ryuzu demands an answer in why he wants to let people drown in endless despair instead of the kind future he is offering them?! But Chrono has his resolve!

Chrono activates the Nextage skill and brings back ChronoJet Dragon! Chrono says that there is hope! Not everything will be despair! As long as we don´t forget that the possibilities are endless!

Chrono keeps attacking! And Ryuzu blocks! It´s the time for the drives! First one nothing… Second one a Crittical trigger! Chrono gives all of it´s effects to ChronoJet!


The attack comes through!

Ryuzu do his damage check… The first one is a heal trigger, Ryuzu is still with 5 damage! Now here comes the second one… A critical One… Ryuzu has lost!


<<<Why?!>>> Ryuzu yells.


Chrono can feel how he , with the help of SHion, Tokoha, and everyone else, has opened the door for a true future…

End of the Chapter.

My Impressions

Oh Man, Oh man, Oh man! This chapter was perfect! Such a good fight and an amazing final to it! Those last moments where truly hype!! Man I basically cried like a fan girl when Aichi appeared and everything!


The last moments where amazingly good, and I found funny that Bushiroad is still ambiguous about Shion, who might be dead.

The next one is that Chrono Dragon Groovy, or whatever, man I don´t play the game anymore; but I can see some truly OP card right there! I would love to have it!

In any case, the next chapter is the last one of this series and a new one will begin, the big revealed will be by the beginning of this week, although I won´t cover it in a week-by-week basis; but I am heading myself a little too much. In any case, this chapter was amazingly good! And mostly sure that an amazing end is coming for this amazing series!


Anyway, my two cents, see ya next time!