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Turn 48: Chrono Vs. Ryuzu


The Chapter starts with a quick reminder of Ibuki´s Sacrifice, ergo when he brought back Chrono Dran.

Meanwhile we get to see that other non random characters are starting to wake up, talking specifically about Chris and Shin.

After that we get to see Chrono who is going his way to defeat Ryuzu. On his way he finds Ibuki, who is gravely damaged, blood stain are in his clothes, Chrono checks if Ibuki is alive… And he is! Ibuki entrust Chrono with the mission of defeating Ryuzu and open a new, true future for everyone! Chrono tells Ibuki to hang in there, that he will come back for it after he is done defeating Ryuzu.


Chrono looks ahead and Ryuzu is waiting for him… The final match between Chrono and Ryuzu is about to begin!

Chrono is now facing Ryuzu, and both of them have such a strong resolve that they will put their life on the line in defense of what they want!


The result of this match is the most important, if Ryuzu, who is the head master in all of this, wins then the “will of the Universe” will get that Cray must be sacrificed and the Perfect Future will come.

The Match starts!

The first turns are quite normal… Still there is something that Chrono didn´t prevented… The attacks physically hurt this time! Specially the attacks to the Vanguard! Ryuzu says, in short words, that it is because the Stride Gate who is connecting both worlds…


Chrono smiles and says that´s good for him!... I will say that it is because he wants to punch Ryuzu in the face…

Now It´s Ryuzu´s turn and the things go quite close for both opponent. Ryuzu wonders why Chrono wants to defeat him so bad?... He is just like his Dad…

Chrono responds that his Father has nothing to do with this! He is doing it in his own free will! He will never accept a future that has been reached by sacrificing others!


Ryuzu Attacks!

Ryuzu is truly angered and says that they had already this talk before! That if there it´s a chance to save this world he will sacrifice anything! Not grasping that opportunity is truly a Sin!


Now it´s Chrono´s turn and he brings ChronoJet Dragon! Chrono tells Ryuzu that he hardly think that this Stride Gate thing can truly save the world… Since everything it´s an illusion! Also Chrono says that everything Ryuzu is doing is forcing people to his will!

Chrono Attacks!

Ryuzu says hat all of you people don´t understand… The Stride Gate, what brings it´s their deepest desire in their hearts… So Basically Chrono wanted to have his family back as one; Ryuzu continues and says that while things like violence and such are forbidden, he in truth doesn´t mess with the people desires or “Perfect Futures” .


Chrono ask him that who told him that the people wanted that? The people in truth wants a future they grabbed by their own hands!

Ryuzu basically says that with that speech Chrono has showed himself as an immature brat (not exactly those words) and he will guide him by the hand back to the Perfect Future!


Ryuzu brings his G4 Card Deus Ex Machina Ergos! Ryuzu starts making some truly good moves that put Chrono on the ropes.

Ryuzu start binding the Zodiac Time Beast and tells Chrono that this technique is the one that sealed Ibuki´s fate… Ryuzu continues saying that in fact Ibuki´s story its truly a tragedy, a Man who was so desperate to atone for his Sins that he cling in a boy as his last hope… Still, he will be saved too…


… By being Reborn inside Chrono´s Perfect Future… Ok this guy truly wants Ibuki to be killed…

Chrono tells him furious that stop talking about him! Still Ryuzu says that he knows Ibuki better than Chrono, since he is the person who decided to be his Arch-Nemesis.

Now it´s Chrono´s turn and he brings his G4 Card! Chrono says that while it´s true that he doesn´t know much about him, as why he accepted the Gear Chronicle from his Father? And a bunch of other things, still… It doesn´t make any difference! Since Ibuki is the man who opened the gates for a new future for Chrono! He is the one who believed in him!


Chrono attacks and Ryuzu blocks all of his attacks! At the same time he is binding more units!

Ryuzu´s turn starts… He says that if Vanguard is something that makes you bond with people… Yes, he believed that also… Ryuzu remembers a little when the time he meet that person who showed him Vanguard… Still Ryuzu says that those bonds with the time become tangled, friendship becomes attachment, kindness in ruthless, companionship in jealously and both sides hurts each other more and more… Basically Ryuzu says what he felt when he was betrayed by Chrono´s Dad. Ryuzu also adds that the Human being in truth isn´t able to understand each other perfectly and become one with everyone…


… Ryuzu starts binding and brings his G4 Card Chronotiger Rebellion! Ryuzu attacks and has everything to win in this very moment!

Ryuzu also says that this is his answer to such things! He will save this world from it´s own destruction!

Ryuzu attacks! Chrono Blocks! Still in the drive checks Ryuzu draws 2 Critticals and gives the effect to a rear guard. Chrono blocks again and survives!


Now It´s Chrono´s turn… And he says that he won´t loose, he won´t accept such Future!

End of the Chapter.

My Impressions

Man what an Amazing chapter! There wasn´t any boring moment and the fight between Ryuzu and Chrono it surely is top notch! The moves that Ryuzu is doing is very good, and now we are seeing how Chrono is not only fighting him with the cards; but with philosophy also!


Now we know that Ibuki is not actually dead… For the time being at the very least, since Ryuzu has shown some truly interest in having him dead… And he is supposed to be a pacifist, only when is good for him it seems… So there it is the chance that Shion might not be dead also… Although who knows, we are dealing with “Bushitroll” after all.

Now I am truly hyped for the continuation of this fight since the thing is truly good! So yeah I hope that this next moves on the upcoming chapter be as good as this!

Anyway, my two cents, see ya next time!