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Turn 47: True Feelings


The chapter starts with Tokoha and Enishi who are about to fight each other, Enishi wonders why his opponent is her? Since the Arbiters are persons whose fate is linked to each other, in any case, Tokoha is decided to stop him!

At the same time Am has reached to where Luna is, Luna´s eyes open up, lifeless… An Spiritual form with the shape of Luna appears, it is her will to make Am´s wish a reality


Two fights will begin!

Tokoha is fighting Enishi, and she is having trouble leading with the former Dark Irregulars Branch Chief! Enishi says that what Company tries to do is to just bring everyone to a happy and peaceful future. That yeah, they have paid a big costs, buildings have been destroyed, lifes has been messed up, and people has been injured… Still everything will be worth it when the perfect future comes!


Meanwhile Am it´s not having the time of her life fighting Luna´s will, who is quite capable to put Am on the ropes!

Luna makes some good moves, she says that she will protect Am´s wish from everyone… Including Am herself.

At the same time, Tokoha brings her G4 Card and says to Enishi that any future obtained in that way it´s absolutely worthless! Tokoha´s arguments remembers him to the ones Mamoru Anjou told him some time ago… That is, that is the reason their fates are linked. Tokoha has ties with Mamoru, so for that both are fighting now…


Still… Enishi´s determination is absolute. Enishi brings his G4 Card and starts making some good moves playing with the Soul! Now Enishi says that he will also protect the wish of Luna Yumizuki! No matter what!

Enishi attacks and he brings 2 triggers! An Stand and a Heal one! There it is to say that now Enishi has Tokoha on the ropes!


Still Tokoha doesn´t give up and brings her G4 Card! Tokoha starts doing some very good moves that give her units more power and her Vanguard an extra critical! Sweet!

Tokoha starts explaining that she sought her perfect future, she sought it and… It was fake, she sought how such future didn´t brought Am to smile again, to be happy… As a matter of fact this so called “Perfect Future” it´s only a trap that blinds people and drive them mad and drive their attention for what is truly important!

All of those things, alongside Tokoha´s attacks, are truly making a dent to Enishi´s psyche…


Meanwhile the fight between Luna and Am continues.

It´s now Am´s turn and she says that she has decided to wait for her Parents to come home, even if it´s painful, even if they might never come back… She has realized that this is what she wants, she doesn´t want a fake Future…

Am brings her G4 Card! She starts doing her moves.


Am decides also to confess that she wants to have Luna back, to sing together, to work together, to go to the movies, to eat, to laugh and have good moments with her!

Am attacks and Luna Blocks!...Still, Luna is able to hear that and is responding to Am´s feelings, she is waking up…

Luna asks Am to help her… And Am will do that!

Back with Tokoha vs Enishi fight. Enishi still is fighting and saying that even if the “Perfect Future” is a fake future… No one can be hurted in there! Enishi starts making his moves and attack!


Tokoha blocks and says that even if it´s painful, it is better than the fake future! Everyone is able to keep going forward and never give up!

All of those things are making Enishi´s decision to be more and more weak… Enishi attacks and Tokoha blocks it!

Tokoha keeps saying that even if there are problems, and even if even between dear ones they might hurt each other, they can always go back and fix things up!


Now it´s Tokoha´s turn and she brings her G4 Card! She starts doing her moves… And Enishi starts being honest with himself, that he knew that Ryuzu´s solution was a fake one… that this wasn´t a path to salvation; but he was just so desperate that everything he could do was to cling on that… He just wanted to escape the reality he had in front of him (Basically confirming that he has survivor´s guilt) Basically Enishi is having a mental breakdown…So much that he even hurts his hand with his fingers… Enishi recognizes that in order to escape himself from his Sin, he committed so many other ones… Enishi looks at the blood in his hand and wonders what he could have done before?

He starts remembering that time when he made his vow in front of that Girl´s grave… What could have sworn then?


Enishi can feel that girls presence and with tears in his eyes he says the next words…

<<<I´m Sorry… It´s better this way… Thank you…>>>

Enishi fades into nothingness…

Back at Am Vs Luna fight. Am is ready to do her last moves and brings Luna back! Am Attacks and her attack comes through!


Luna starts waking up, and in their spiritual forms both girls embrace each other… saying that now they can go back home together…

The credits roll; but it´s not the end!


Ryuzu knows the results of the other fights… Still, he is decided to bring his “Perfect Future” even if it´s alone! So now he is waiting for Chrono to come!

End of the chapter.

My Impressions

No Killings this time! The chapter was good in general, although the fights weren´t as good since it felt we where only seeing the flashlights of them, although that is understandable since there where 2 fights this time. Still some moves where well made and enjoyable.


Now what truly takes the price this chapter is the emotional impact that it had. Specially with Enishi , Am and Luna. Man the people at the staff in truth know how to make people feel something! The combination of the dialogs alongside the music and everything truly makes me feel all emotional!

Talking now about the impact that where the previous chapters, now it is nice that at the very least the Arbiters didn´t died like Shion, Shouma and Ibuki.

Also, some people will say that Am x Luna is a pairing now… But I will reminded them that this is a Kids Anime, and one who doesn´t centers in pairings or romantic feelings of the characters (heck the “Miwasaki” pairing we had in the original series never went anywhere despite the bone they threw at us in the final chapter!) So yeah, be easy guys… Bah! I think I will end seeing some Luna x Am Fan-Art anyway, so think anything you want as long you don´t try to shove it to the other fans! Ok?


Finally, I am really hyped for the Final Fight between Chrono and Ryuzu! This will be the final time these 2 will face each other. And I hope we get to see some awesome moves and character development, since the writers have showed us that they have the ability to do both of them!

Anyway, my two cents, see ya next time!