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Turn 41: Enishi Vs. Am

The Chapter starts with a quick memory of Enishi when he was at the hospital with his friend, playing cards and having fun…Suddenly he is next to her covered body, the poor girl has died…

Back at the present, Enishi is looking at Luna and he swears that he will protect her!


Later Enishi is talking with Shouma who is looking at some graphics in his tablet; Enishi tells him about Wakamizu and that he is almost done gathering energy, so Luna will come back at the scene soon. Am manages to hear that and decides to act!

Shouma meanwhile creepily smiles and decides to leave.

Later Am is decided to Rescue Luna! Until Enishi caught her and Am decides to challenge him to a fight, if she wins Enishi must let Luna Free! And if Am Looses he can do whatever he wants with her and everything… Enishi accepts.


The Match starts!

The first turns goes on swiftly, Am remembers that Luna is in a coma state after the day she used her power as Peacemaker, and Am doesn´t like the idea that Company is using her friend as a mere tool in order to open the Stride Gate.


Enishi start making his moves which includes the charging of the Soul, a especiality of Dark Irregulars, and wit that he gives power to his units!

Now the thing are 3 on 3!

Now Am brings her first G4 card! And starts using Gran Blue´s specialty! To brig units from the drop zone and even more powerful!


Am attacks! Still she only manages to do 1 damage to Enishi!

Enishi´s turn starts and he remembers her that if Luna gets out of this place and Company is unable to open the Stride Gate then… Am´s Parents won´t get out of their come…


In any case, Enishi brings his G4 card!


Enishi puts a lot of cards in his Soul and empowers up his Units a lot! Also he makes Am to choose a unit of hers and retires it to the Drop zone! Nasty!

Enishi attacks and his Triple drive gives him some very nice triggers! Ouchies!


Enoshi also says that Am, in order to save her parents, she has made all, she has betrayed, ruined lives, insulted and made enemies with almost everyone she has get to know, then… Why now, when they are this close to achieve her dream, she wants to get out?

Am manages to survive by the hairs and now has 5 damage!

Am´s turn begins…

She says that he is right, she has lived like that all her life, doing anything stepping over everything, all in order to save them; but…


Am brings her G4 Card!


Am brings more units and says that even though her objective hasn´t changed, still this is not a good way of doing things! Not by sacrificing Luna!

Am Attacks! Enishi receives the attack and in his checks he gets a trigger!

Am Continues her attack!


Meanwhile in the CEO Office of Kiba Company, the President (Shion´s Uncle) someone appears in there, Shouma, he has come just to grab the Kiba´s sword family and leaves quickly after that, something fishy is happening right now…

Back at the fight.

Enishi tells her that counting Luna and Ryuzu, everyone of the past Peacemakers have only damaged in their bodies; but Luna is different…She suffered un her mind, why was that? Well… That was because Luna, instead the others, decided to sacrifice herself in order to Am to grasp a perfect future! That´s why, for that noble sacrifice Enishi has decided to carry out her will and protect her from anyone who wants to mess with her goal!


Am is truly mad for hearing such crap and attacks!

Enishi blocks and survives with 5 damage!

<<<That is my Atonement>>>

Enishi says those words…


Enishi starts telling his story.

When he was a mere child, he suffered for a rare disease, the probabilities of him to survive were about 50% so he didn´t truly had much hopes to live, to have a tomorrow. Still…One day he met a girl who had the same disease as him and the same probabilities, what were the chances?! Obviously both of them became friends and very close ones.


One day, the sickness of her friend got worse and it was then when Enishi made a promise to her…

<<<I´ll Protect You>>>

A Promise made in order to relieve her dear friend´s fear of dying, fear of not having a tomorrow, a future where both of them can be happy.


Later, he just sought her body, the doctors and her Parents mourning the loss of their Daughter. His Promise became empty and unfulfilled, he couldn´t save her, he couldn´t brought a future for her…A tomorrow.


Soon after that, a new Drug was discovered and implemented, a medicine miracle that cured Enishi. In his mind he thinks and knows that his dear friend made a noble sacrifice in order to give him a future, a tomorrow.

He promised to save her and still…He was the only survivor… One can see that he truly doesn´t know what to think about it.


Enishi kept playing Vanguard until he met with Ryuzu Myoujin, who yold him of his objective and he decided to align with him, to help him in order to give everyone a perfect future where no one has to be sacrificed in order for others to live!

And now he will protect Luna! He will protect that noble girl that sacrificed herself in order to save others! That is his objective! He wonpt fail his promise again!


Enishi brings his G4 Card! And brings more units from the soul giving them more power! Am says that she doesn´t want a future where Luna has to be sacrificed in order to obtain it! She doesn´t want that!


Enishi face palm and sas that it´s sad that she doesn´t comprehend anything.

Enishi uses the hability of his G 4 Card! By putting all his cards in the Soul, he sends all his opponent Units (except Vanguard) to the Drop Zone! That is bad! Also Am can´t block the attack with a centinel So no perfect guards for you! That card is too powerful!


Enishi Attacks!

Am who didn´t wanted to put away that hand´s warmth, to put away and give in Luna, has lost…


Enishi now has decided that Am has no place in Company, so now she has to go or the robots will threw her out!

<<<Even if it´s hard now, soon a perfect future will come. You should wait for it… You will become happy, just as Luna wanted>>>


In another part, the Kiba Company bureau of executives has reunited, they have decided a new President…


Shinonome Shouma…

The credits roll but it´s not the end!


Am is walking in a rainy night, someone push her and now she is in the ground (in more than one way) she begs for someone to help her…

End of the chapter.

My Impressions

An Excellent chapter this time around! The fight was good and I liked how we get to know about Enishi´s Past, since while it was a little forced in how it came, when such scene started rolling, man the staff truly nailed it with the feelings part!


Also it seems that Enishi has a Survivior´s Guilt since he was the one who survived and his promise of protecting her didn´t do anything, so now he is trying to redeem himself with the Stride Gate, man Enishi is such a complex character indeed!

Now SHouma truly likes to troll people! And for what I sought in the advance, he is not in truth with the Company. Shouma serves only Shouma! Still I hope that Shion kick his butt both in cards and in real fight!! I hate Shouma and he freaks me out! D:< …Ahem… Still, while my feelings for Shouma are strong, in truth he is a very good character for that same reason, he is the true heel of this history in a way that only Ren could make it out back at the original series, ergo a Jackass who is a Jackass because he wants and can be one, without giving a funk about other people, doing things only for his own amusement.


Lastly now it´s the time for Am to cheer for the Good Guys! I wonder who will help her? Shion? Since he was in a similar position back at GIRS Crisis? Tokoha because her Story Arc has to do with her? Another character? Who knows!

In any case, this chapter was truly good indeed.

Anyway, my two cents. See Ya next time!

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