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Turn 40: Trinity Dragon´s Fierce Battle

The Chapter starts with Kamui talking to Ibuki about a rumor that is that Company is having a facility where they are researching a way to make Stride force without using GIRS.

On the vicinity, and without detecting each other, The Trinity Dragon Trio (Tsuneto, Karl and Kei) are talking about where to go also Tsuneto basically gives a quick round up about the things so far that I am mostly sure he just pull out from his buttocks; but oh well. For some reason or the other (Mostly because a cat who didn´t wanted to be pet they end up in a weird location and they manage to see that weird scientist from back the GIRS Crisis part.


Kei, who used his never before mentioned super eagle sight, is able to see the numbers code of the door and they access too.


Inside the Facility we found that Wakamizu is in there and that mad scientist is working as his subordinate.

Wkamizu explains about his strategy that it was that after the destruction of the Dragon Empire Branch, the fighters would do something to make it reborn again, so their Stride Force will grown bigger and bigger. So they at the same time make a big blown to their enemies moral and at the same time raised the amount of Stride force. Perfect strategy!


Trinity Dragon enters the facility disguised as robots... Obviously they are found out by Wakamizu; Mad scientist gets scolded and send through a hole in the ground (I believe he ended in an Arabic country surrounded by rich Sultans who are making him dance…But that´s just me :P)

Trinity Dragon challenges Wakamizu to a fight. If he loses he will spill the beans about everything; Wakamizu accepts with the condition that if they lose they will be his guinea pigs in his experiments. Trinity Dragon agrees.


Also Wakamizu says that he challenges the three of them in order to make it interesting since Wakamizu is too powerful anyway.


The Match starts between Wakamizu Vs. Karl!

Wakamizu wins by using a skill (of the G4 Card Merciless Mutant Deity Dark Face) that avoids his enemy units to stand! Gigaparalyze! Nasty!


Now it´s time for the next match. Kei was going to fight; but Tsuneto avoided that and decided to enter now!

Wakamizu brings his G4 Card! Lawless Mutant Deity, Obtirandus!

Tsuneto loses now since he took into account what happened with Karl and decided to not fill his field so he can have some space now. Wakamizu then decided to use his Skill that prohibits the opponent to call Units. Nasty!


Now it´s Kei´s turn to fight against Wakamizu! The will and hopes of his friends are with him now!


Some turns later. Wakamizu has brought Dark Face again! And it´s using Giga Paralyze!

Wakamizu attacks and has come out with 2 triggers! A critical and a draw trigger! Nasty!!


Still Kei managed to survive this turn!

Kei brings his G4 Card! Omniscience Dragon, Hrimthurs!

Kei attacks but isn´t able to any damage to Wakamizu!

Now it´s Wakamizu´s turn…

He brings Obtirandus and avoids Kei to call units!!

Kei survives by blocking and with Generation Guards! Still... Wakamizu is looking at his computer, some mysterious metric.


Now it´s Kei´s turn!

Now Kei has the worst situation. He can´t stand his nits and can´t call any unit from his hand and to put it worst, Wakamizu has a Perfect guard in his hand…Obviously he can´t win with his Vanguard only!


<<<But I´m going to win>>> Kei said.


Kei brings his other G4 Card! Sage-Saint Professor Big Belly!

Kei gives more power of his units and gives more power specifically to Crayon Tiger! Adding to that when Big Belly attacks and hits (ergo doesn´t get blocked) Kei can stand the same number of units as he has cards face up!


Wakamizu laughs since he has a Perfect Guard! SO obviously the attack won´t hit! It´s useless!

Kei attacks and Wakamizu uses his Perfect Guard!

Now it´s time for the drives…

The first card..Nothing.

The second card… Critical. Kei gives the effects to Crayon Tiger.

The Third one…Is… a Stand Trigger!! Kei Stands Crayon Tiger now with lots of power!


Kei Attacks now with the power and knowledge of his friends, Trinity Dragon may be weak alone; but together they are invincible!

Kei has won!!

After the match Wakamizu is checking the data in his computer. It seems it was more than he anticipated.


Tsuneto demands to know the truth!

Wakamizu agrees and tells them their plan to bring the Zodiac Beasts and open the Stride Gate… Things that the Trinity Dragon trio doesn´t get or understand.


Wakamizu continues and said that all of this was part of his Keikaku* since he used the Stride force, which was a lot from Trinity Dragon in order to fill the Stride force necessary…Which they did, Wakamizu is so impressed since he doesn´t need any more of those things.


Now he doesn´t need this facility. Wakamizu escapes and tells them to do so too, if they don´t want to be killed that is…


Meanwhile Kamui is entering the location and sees how the Trinity Dragon trio escapes, the building blows out from the inside.


Later the Trinity Dragon trio explains everything to Kamui, who isn´t angry since they gave them information and an update on what the enemy is doing… Besides even without the Trinity Dragon participation Company wpuld have accomplished their goal. So, everything is fine…

Tsuneto asks what is happening…Which Kamui says it´s a long history.

End of the chapter.

My Impressions

A Truly good chapter all around! I truly liked this fight this time around! How Wakamizu used his strategies…Man those things will give nightmares! Also how the collective knowledge of Tsuneto, Karl and Kei, AKA Trinity Dragon (even though no one of them use a Dragon Clan), were able to defeat Wakamizu! Although for the Company member everything went according to Keikaku*


Now in other aspects in general, we are at the last chapters of this season, or at the very least I believe so :P and man everything goes for an epic conclusion now that the Company can bring the last Zodiac Time Beast!

So yeah, in short this chapter was good al around!

Anyway, my two cents. See ya next time!

*TL Note: Keikaku means plan

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