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Turn 39: Promise

The chapter starts with the last scene from two chapters ago. That Kai has found out were are the units and is in space…

Later Ibuki is with Chris, who tells him about the difficulties regarding this project ; still Chris will give his all in order to find a way to grab the units back since summoning a unit in here it´s possible the “un-summoning” it´s possible too! …Although it can be very difficult.


Needless to say Chris gave a long and confusing explanation that includes Stride force and other things that are needed in order to make it possible :P


Later Ibuki is at that restaurant of whatever that name is for that Japanese food that is like a salty Hot Cake where you put them any ingredients you want :P.

On any case, Ibuki tells to Try3, Jaime and Taiyou about the situation and apologizes with them for this sudden inconvenience. Still Try3 and the others are 100% willing to help him and understands the situation.


Everyone starts make it flip the dish and everyone do it´s excellent…Except for Ibuki who messed it up :P

Later Ibuki is contacted from someone who wants to see him.

AT the same time, Tokoha is visiting Mamoru who tells her that she doesn´t need to come everyday since she has School and all, still his little sis is doing it because Mamoru just push himself too hard! Even the nurse gets angry with him for planning an event with the others at the middle of the night! Mamoru smiles at her and Tokoha blushes for some reason, and tells him that she will be alright since she is surrounded by a lot of strong friends.


We are back with Ibuki and it seems that Chrono was the one who called him in order to test his new Gear Chronicle deck. Ibuki says that there are others who can help him; still Chrono insist since Ibuki is merciless at the moment he fights so he is perfect for this.

Also Chrono says that he has something to tell him; but only if he is the winner!


The Match starts!

The first turns go swiftly and Ibuki in truth it doesn´t give any room to breathe to Chrono! Totally Ruthless aggression!


Chrono brings his new G3 Unit Ku-Baug! Chrono starts making his moves that include the ability of Time leap (ergo in the middle of attack phase substitute a unit that already attacked for other so it gives you an extra attack).

While Chrono moves were good, still it only managed to do little damage since Ibuki protected from most of his attacks…And now it´s Ibuki´s turn and he is going to show him what he wanted, a merciless fight.


Ibuki brings his new G4 Card! Genesis Dragon Flageolet Messiah! Ibuki starts locking units (including his own) in order to give more power, at the same time it undoes the lock on his units with other skills, nullifying the cost of his moves!


Also Ibuki has something he wants to tell him… About Chrono´s Dad, Ibuki attacks and Chrono blocks.

Ibuki recognizes that he has taken his sweet time in telling him; but…

Ibuki attacks with Flageolet and uses his skill, that unlock units and for every unlocked unit he can Omega lock opponents units! That´s nasty!


Ibuki explains that Rive disappeared in order to avoid that Chrono gets in all of this mess. Also that in order to protect Chrono Dran and feed him, who didn´t had any depend card, he is giving him some of his life.


Also that sadly Chrono is a vital piece in all of this, knowing all of that…Ibuki needed to make a decision, since Rive can´t move any longer, he needed Chrono…

Because of that he gave him a deck and instructions to go to a card shop (Card Capital 2), get into Vanguard and when he sees that Chrono has any progress he gave him more cards, also sometimes he even stepped in and helped him in any way he could in order to prevent Chrono to go stray from the path he has already selected for him.


Everything was his plan in order to defeat Ryuzu and he decided to not to give much information to Chrono.

Ibuki attacks again Chrono doesn´t block and now he has 5 damage!

Ibuki contines and even remembers all the past times when he has said “the truth” or that “Chrono must not interfere” or “This is my battle”… Most of those things were lies or half-truths at most; still he is not ashamed of what he did since it was necessary, although he recognizes that he has done bad and apologizes for it.


It´s Chrono´s turn and he says that he already knew that (about the lies and half-truths) also that how many times already Ibuki has said that he has revealed all he knows? A lot of times! SO there is no need to get all apologetic with him anymore!


Chrono brings his new G4 Card! Fiery March Colossus!

Chrono adds that he knows Ibuki right now, that he is manipulating them and using them as pieces on his schemes since day 1! A Self-Cenetred Adult! And that´s why Chrono couldn´t stand him!


Chrono attacks! Ibuki blocks with Generation guard!

Chrono says that if he is sorry he could give him some time to breath; Ibuki responds saying that he wanted him to be merciless, so he is doing that!


Chrono thinks about Ibuki, that even though he is a Scheme person… In truth he is single minded, also he is someone who has taught him a lot in various ways…

Chrono´s turn ends with zero damage for Ibuki!

It´s Ibuki´s turn and brings his Flageolet Messiah!

Chrono keeps thinking and now about how was his life before Vanguard, where he only wanted to get to adulthood quickly, leave his Aunt´s house and live his life without causing many problems…A boring life.


So even if Ibuki was and is using him for his personal agenda… That doesn´t change the meaning of what he has received, the feelings, the friends he has now, everything; his world expanded thanks to this guy… And no matter the reason, he is glad that it happened.

Chrono says thanks to Ibuki who was surprised by that answer.

Ibuki attacks and Chrono doesn´t block! He will receive the attack fully!


Later we get to see that Chrono lost, Ibuki is with him looking at the river. Ibuki has brought something to drink and Chrono can´t take it anymore since he wanted to look cool and tells him something after he won; but whatever!

Chrono has decided that in his own free will he has give permission to Ibuki to use his power or hability for what he is planning in order to stop Ryuzu. Chrono is ready to put his life on the line!


Ibuki reprehends him saying that he shouldn´t say things like “putting his life on the line” since he is still a Kid; still Ibuki gets the sentiment… and is thankful for it. So yeah, he won´t hesitate to use Chrono if he is needed.

After that both of them look at the river again.

The Credits roll but it not the end!


Ibuki is back where Chris is, he apologizes since he hasn´t had any advancements… Ibuki the tells him that he has another plan that he wants to put as the top priority, Chris ask what it is?

End of the chapter.

My Impressions

A very nice chapter! While the fight wasn´t as cool as others previously shown, it had a lot of nice moments.


I liked how Ibuki expressed and how the writers tried to convey what was said before that doesn´t hold up now. So yeah, that is quite good as of right now.

No talking about Chrono and the fact that he is all in with Ibuki… Well that was obvious, still it´s nice to see it in an official way.


Now for some reason I truly liked the part in the restaurant for some reason, especially when Ibuki tried to cook his meal…Also he had bacon :P

Finally, the new ending is like a recap of the previous seasons and this one…It is memorable and somewhat hits my heart since one can see all the way since the G Series started and the long path that this series of Articles has been from the Original G season, the rest I took on GIRS Crisis (although presented in the “X Chapters so far” articles) in order to cover other animes and now that we are in here with this series again…Man time sure does fly!


Anyway, my two cents. See ya next time!

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