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Turn 38: Rive and Ryuzu


The Chapter starts with Kid Ryuzu, he has different clothes as he usually wear, he is seeing his Mom and Dad arguing in a heated discussion; then he sees a Tv and all the news where about war, violence, suffering.

Suddenly Ryuzu wakes up. It was all a dream.

Later Chrono is at Card Capital 2 talking with Shin, Chrono says that Shin also knew that his dad is alive, Shin apologizes for not telling him, Chrono says that it´s Ok still he wants to know a little more about his Dad, since he doesn´t remember anything about him besides that day…


Shin decides to tell him the history, of Rive, Mark, Himself and Ryuzu…

Team Nippon, a team made by Rive, Shin and Mark (a Gaijin and a Japanese history Otaku) theya re aiming for the nationals right now! Shin is training with Rive. Rive manages to defeat his “student” and after that decides to go to the “Exchange Club” a place where a certain dude called Ryuzu is, Shin makes a brief explanation about what is that place that tries to help the people with Vanguard and exchange cultures through it.


Finally the day came and they won the Nationals, Team Nippon was the National Champion.

With that a new path opened for team Nippon, they were invited to a World Championship! A Tournament where they can reveal that they are the best of the best! Everyone is very excited for it, especially Shin who is hot blooded and is annoyed that Rive id dividing his time between The Exchange Club and the extensive training of Team Nippon.


For that Shin asked Rive to stop going to the Vanguard Exchange club, in order to become the number 1 in the whole world. Rive basically tells him No, since he likes Ryuzu and he is a nice person who only wants the best for the world and it’s troubled by all the suffering this has.

Shin is very angry at that since this Tournament, the world championship, is his last time before he retires from this and starts focusing in raising his adoptive Daughter Mizaki; Mark also will retire since he is going to focus on finishing college in order to become a teacher, so this will be the final time that Team Nippon is together so… yeah. Mark cuts the drama and says that Shin is feeling lonely because Rive prefers to be with Ryuzu instead of him, which commentary annoys Shin, Rive laughs.

After that Rive´s training become more and more passionate, still he kept going to the Exchange Club.


Certain day, Shin and Mark were training at the usual spot (a garage) and then Certain someone appeared…Ryuzu, he was asking for Rive, which Mark said that he hasn´t come today. After that Ryuzu decides to leave and wish them good luck on the Tournament, that he will cheer for them. Shin stops him and says that he wants to challenge him to a fight! If Shin wins, Ryuzu will leave Rive alone until the tournament is over! Ryuzu accepts.


The match starts!

Fastforward some turns later. The match is in equal terms it seems. Ryuzu says that he really likes Vanguard since it is a good pretext in order to interact with people you just had just met and it can help someone to make friends quickly. So the Exchange Club objective is to spread Vanguard in order for everyone to be friends with each other, that wouldn´t be wonderful?

Shin gives a none answer and make his moves! And manages to put 5 cards in Ryuzu´s damage zone!


Now it´s Ryuzu´s turn and he starts talking about his ideal, that this world is filled with hatred and strife…But if everything resolved with Logic like with Vanguard then… Everything will be much better; a new era would be born for this world!

Ryuzu start making his moves, some very good ones! BTW he isn´t using Gear chronicle but one of Gran Nature (I forget the Clan´s name :P)

Shin is having a hard time against Ryuzu movements, also he is being freaked out by what he is saying.


Shin manages to survive!...although barely

Now it´s Shin´s turn! He brings his G4 card and starts the ability Shadowstitch! Which makes him able to substitute an unit for one of the same name on the deck if the attack gets blocked! Thanks to that hability Shin is able to defeat Ryuzu!


After that Ryuzu agrees to not interfere with the Team´s training and with Rive until the Tournament is over and leaves saying that he enjoyed a lot the fight.

Later Shin is talking with Rive and telling him about the situation, that while he won´t get in Ryuzu´s way, as of right now they are nothing than a waste of time. Rive responds saying that he might be right, still Ryuzu has an idea of changing this world with Vanguard.

Back in the future, Ryuzu is watching his old deck and starts remembering when he was a kid… A real kid, not like he is right now.


He remembers the first time he gets in contact with this TCG. A Middle school kid approached him and offered to play with him, since Ryuzu always went to the park; but didn´t played, just read books and while that´s okay…Sometimes interacting with others can be fun and good too!

So Ryuzu started playing Vanguard and having a good time with this stranger. A little later, while both of them were drinking sodas, both were seeing two kids fighting and a girl crying. The kid says that he, like Ryuzu, is having a rough time right now…That there are a lot of problems; but if everybody used something like Vanguard, where instead of fighting and hurting they could share their feelings and come to an agreement via card plays then…Who knows, everything will be better.


At the next day, Ryuzu is looking at the news and they inform that a Middle school kid died the same one who was so nice with him, that idealist. He was trying to stop a fight that went a little too far and as a result his life was shut down.

<<<Why?...>>> Ryuzu laments <<<Why?!... Why do people fight?!>>>

Back at the present, Ryuzu put his old deck back where he had it and grabs the Gear Chronicle one. He looks at his laboratory and says that soon the future he has realized will become a reality.


Back at Card Capital 2 Shin continues his history… That at that time he didn´t understood a single word Ryuzu said since his head only though on the World championship.

Shin explains that Rive stopped going to the Exchange Club and started going to Ryuzu´s laboratories.


Shin can´t understand anything of that, why Rive ha so much faith in someone like Ryuzu?! Why he believes a nut job idealist like him?! Until Mark says that maybe this has something to do with Tokimi…Rive´s Wife.

Tokimi, who sadly died soon after Chrono has been born, since that time Rive became a Single dad and also had to take care of his little Sister Mikuru, who is in High School and also is taking care of Chrono while Rive is working. The whole world and much hopes of Rive must been shattered after Tokimi passed away.


So now this world and the people living in it are subject to such possibilities, that everything you have made until that moment can be destroyed in any given second for any given reason… So now that his wife is no longer with us, maybe Rive wants to protect the future of the 2 persons he loves the most: His son Chrono and his Sister Mikuru.

So maybe…”Change the future with Vanguard” is what has given Rive some hope in order to secure a happy life for both of them, even if it´s a pipe dream. In a way, one could say that Rive is still mourning the loss of his wife. Like how Shin mourned the death of his Brother and Sister in law some years ago and how he became Mizaki´s adoptive father. Shin understands Rive now.

That night Shin starts training with Rive…It seems that both of them are ready!


After that Both Shin and Rive are talking. Rive can´t believe that a Hot Blooded like Shin wants to re-open the Card store of his Brother, Card Capital, and also take full responsibility in raising Mizaki! Shin says that he is a mature man too! Rive says that the future is filled with possibilities.

Also Rive says that the laboratory has found a new Clan still not revealed! Gear Chronicle! The Key to secure a happy future to everyone!

That was the last time he sought Rive. He disappeared and only Chrono remained… Shin explains that he didn´t told him about his father because Ibuki, who sought Rive, told him to not to tell him anything since that was a request that came directly from Rive.


Chrono understands and says that since Chrono was the one who brought Chrono Dran, then he has to defeat Ryuzu! Maybe he doesn´t have the Depend Cards or the Chrono Units; but still he has Shion, Tokoha and all the others who wants to help him! Shin wonders where Rive might be…

Meanwhile Rive is waiting, near a fire. He says the word <<Chrono>>>

End of the chapter.

My Impressions

A Good chapter all around, It was nice to see Shin when he was young; still I will say the big elephant in the room… It is supposed that G4 Cards didn´t existed back then! They supposedly started appearing after the Neon Messiah Movie!! There are some theories that try to conciliate this plot hole with the movie and vanguard classic series, still it´s weak sauce!...On the other hand Vanguard likes to mess with people minds and memories…So it can be plausible in a way :P


Other thing is that they forgot also that Golden Paladin didn´t existed until the second season due to the sudden disappearance of both Royal and Dark Paladins thanks to Void. Still this doesn´t contradict about what Rive said when they discovered Gear Chronicle…although I believe it is to notice that.

Now on the timeline if someone might be confused. Shin is already adult and graduated from high School and now is the adoptive father of Mizaki for quite some time now, I am saying this because when the G Season started Our Heroes where on grade 2 of Middle School so summing that with the 3rd grade and High School are 4 years plus the 3 years gap between the end of the classic series and G Season, makes for at the very least 7 years difference between Chrono and Mizaki, so yeah it doesn´t mix up that Shin already graduated from High School, is taking care of the shop of his deceased Brother and Wife and is taking care of Mizaki as his tutor.

Now putting all of that on the side, It is interesting to see why Ryuzu grew to be like he is, and how similar it looked his history with Aichi, Ibuki and him, since it was always an outside and nice person who got them into Vanguard as an escape valve from their problems in the world and also how different where their conclusions, being Ryuzu´s tale the saddest of all.


Finally the fight was Ok, it was mostly normal and without much emotion, with the exception of the finishing moves of Shin!

Anyway my two cents. See ya next time!