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Turn 37: The Trio, Once more


The chapter starts with Chrono, Tokoha, Shion and Taiyou. All of them are talking about what will be their next move. Suddenly a car comes in; our Heroes get ready to attack any intruder!

The door opens…

Jaime has arrived?!

Before they knew, they were in a plain going to a beach!

Beach episode! Yay!


Jaime explains them that this private island/resort is rented by Shoryu Leon, and he uses it for important /VIP people. So our Heroes can train without interruption…

Still, Tokoha asks why do they have to wear Swimsuits?!

Jaime says that it is part of the dress code on this place… :P

Also, I will say it. Mizaki looks scrumptious in that bikini <3 … Tokoha looks cute though, although she needs some years in the oven in order to be hawt :P


…Anyway, leaving the creepiness aside. Let us continue!

Besides Try3 and Taiyou, there are Jaime, Mizaki and Kamui BTW.

The Training starts and Chrono is modifying his deck since the “Chrono Dragon” (ChronoJet, Chrono Dragon Nextage and Chrono Dran) Units are all white and unable to use. That might be because Ryuzu has them now. So Chrono is putting other cards to substitute them. He has some problems with what Grade 3 card uses, and Jaime decides to troll him a little by pointing a Unit who is female… Now to picture him riding it (understands that as you will) Chrono gets flustered and Jaime laughs!


Meanwhile Shion is fighting Mizaki, who is using the Shinonome Shouma deck. Which is a good choice because Mizaki besides being an Oracle Tink Tank master, she is a Genesis one too! Mizaki is doing some awesome moves and explaining to Shion what is the Genesis specialty, which is about the Soul Blast and the moment you do it.

On any case, Shion is training in order to defeat Shouma. His big enemy! Shion also is amazed how Mizaki has mastered Shouma´s deck so quickly.


Meanwhile Tokoha is fighting Kamui, Kamui is strong and that´s what Tokoha wanted in order to get better and defeat Company. Since she has an objective on her mind: To save Luna and Am! Also she wonders what Enishi mean that day? That he is going to “Protect Luna”? He is just using her!

On any case, Tokoha does some awesome moves with her G4 Ahsha units and some “Not-Ahsha” ones.

In another part, Jaime is relaxing while watching how everyone is doing their best, he says that´s okay…But relaxing is important too! Then he sees a Helicopter and an Idea has come to his mind…


Later Our Heroes are taking a break. Shion says that after lunch they must continue again! Suddenly Jaime steps in and tells them about an unfortunate event! All his delicious yummy-yummy food has flew from the wind and has ended in the top of the mountain that the Island has! So he needs the help of Try3 to bring it!...Ok…

So Try3 will have to go to the top of the Mountain and get it…What a pain…

Meanwhile Taiyou goes close to Jaime and says that maybe he should go too and help them. Jaime says that no, that they in truth need that time alone for them in order to talk…With no outsiders present.


At the same time, Kamui is looking at the sea, remembering when he and Ibuki went to save Chrono, he is very infuriated because he couldn´t do anything to help him! Tokoha steps in and talks to him, she says that he is still the same as ever, just more taller, since he still thinks and acts as a Brat, that even when they were in Q4 with Kai and Aichi he was the most impulsive and the one who was more concerned for his friends, even above of his own safety…So Still even if he is a brat, he was and still is the most mature of all.

…So why is he still on the fence? Those kids (Try3) are still trying to keep going forward, one can see it by fighting them.

Kamui agrees with that. Then they speak about how this “Training Camp” has brought them memories from when they were younger and were part of Q4… They did the same basically :P


Meanwhile Try3 keeps searching. Suddenly they see that Tokoha is injured, so they rest for a bit and attend her feet. After that, the trio starts talking, telling about what they feel and messing with each other, joking around, laughing, like three good friends do.

Between the talking Chrono confess saying that even for a moment he was seriously thinking with aligning with Ryuzu, since he wants a world without war and with everyone´s smiles…But after seeing how he tries to grab it, by sacrificing Units, worlds, humans… That´s not something which Chrono likes it very much. And for that he is opposing him now!


Other talk was that both Tokoha and Shion where truly worried when Chrono was a Hobo. So they condemn him to never, Ever do it again, because then they will give him a lesson!

Other talk is how Shion tackled his family problem as his own, by dealing with delinquents and everything… So he knows that both Chrono and Tokoha where truly worried about him, so he apologizes for that and won´t be so reckless again… Especially because he has 2 nagging friends with him.

Also he gives his thanks to them because for them he didn´t fall to desperation and lost sight of his objective. Shion also adds that when he has settled his things with the Company…Ace/Am is going down too, he knows that both girls are puppets of company and he feel sorry for them, still she will pay for her crimes since he is not in any capability to save Rummy labyrinth.


Tokoha interferes and says that he must not worry about that because…She will save them both Luna and Am. Tokoha says that even though she had the opportunity in her hands to save them, to stop such tragedies, she didn´t do nothing, she believed in their feelings and hers… So now, she feels is her duty to save them and make things right. Save them, scold them for what they did, apologize to them because she couldn´t stop them when she could and became friends again!

After that our Heroes find the food and brought them back. Now it´s time to some delicious sea food!!


After lunch our Heroes restart the training! Everyone fight and check their strategies!

In the night. Try 3 and Taiyou are resting at the beach and looking at the night sky. Tokoha and Shion remembers that day when Chrono planned a fun day with games, a star rain and everything for them when they were down after being defeated at the Regionals. Chrono admits that was in truth a total fiasco and a bad day for them. Still it is a good memory and a day where they bonded more as friends.


So now they are seeing the night sky… a sight they couldn´t see that time.

Tokoha starts talking about her plan of going abroad after graduating from middle school. Both Shion and Chrono are happy for her and wish her good luck; Shion says that after he takes back the Kiba Empire, he might do some philanthropy, a charity or something… He doesn´t have a clear idea and plan, still that what he wants to do… Still that sounds good; Taiyou asks what is Chrono´s plan…He says that he would like to have lots and awesome exciting fights. Tokoha and Shion adds that he should be sponsoring a tournament, he can even ask to Card Capital 2 to do it! After that they mess a little with Chrono about the name of such tournament.

Jaime, Mizaki and Kamui watches at such scene with a smile…

The Credits roll but it´s not the end!


Ibuki is walking and he receives a call. Kai is in France (and about to have lunch) he has some information for Ibuki… A big quantity of Stride Force has been detected, so they can get them, destroy them and avoid the awakening of the 12 zodiac beast! The problem is one…

…That thing is in the space…

En of the chapter.

My Impressions

A very nice chapter! I mean, past one was a bit of a letdown; but this week´s chapter was truly enjoyable and I loved every minute of it! We got a nice mix of funny and character development parts!


I liked how we got to see how Chrono is fixing his deck since he can´t use the “Chrono Dragon” units now. Also I liked how everyone trained.

Talking about how the character development went it was truly nice because our Heroes were able to talk and see how they care for each other, and how even if they aim for different goals, as friends they are for each other.

On the same note it is also notable how all of them showed their desires for the future and how they strength between them. At the same time, they don´t have a clear vision on how reach that goal, still they have their sight on that goal and will make everything in order to reach it.


Finally I liked how we got to see a little throwback for the original series and how Q4 did such things in order to “train” and make bonds between them!

Also… Misaki with a Swim suit <3

Anyway my two cents. See ya next time!