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Turn 36: Triangle of Divas

The chapter starts with the Trinity Dragon Trio. They are seeing the destroyed building of the Dragon Empire Branch. They wonder if Mamoru and the branch chief are okay.

Suddenly someone appears in a Jet Pack…

The Pop Idol Saya!!

And she is not alone! She has brought 2 cuties with her! Lisa Ferris the American Pop Idol and Remy Altena, the Belgium Pop Idol!


Our Girls here are watching the destroyed building …Still they have a plan-myu!!

And their plan it is to make an event to cheer people up!


Then the question is asked? Why are they here? Since at the very least Saya-myu… was busy in Singapore on her world tour… She responds saying that she will come when needed. Lisa adds that the Dragon Empire Branch management asked them to come…And those 3 heard the call!

Continuin with that. Saya starts remembering about the last time she was here.


How the event was really fun and one can felt the passion and happiness of everyone… Also yeah… That was the Fan service chapter of the G Season. So she wants to help with everything she can in order to raise the Dragon Empire Branch once again! Lisa and Remy will help too.

Meanwhile at Card Capital 2. Some kids are talking about the Dragon Empire Branch incident, it seems the official version says that it was a Gas explosion, another kiddo comes in and says that some people sought an unit trashing the place… Bullship! Basically the other kids said.


Suddenly on the television, and other devices an announcement has been made. The Happy Vanguard Festival! An event with Vanguard, fun and everything on the outskirts of the Dragon Empire Branch!

Chrono manages to see that announcement…But he isn´t the focus of this chapter :P


The day finally comes and the first event is to be… Bitchslapped by the Idols?...Some people have weird tastes, oh well it´s with the cards…Still, it is weird.


After some other random activities, everyone seems to be having fun. Now it´s the time of the main event!

On the outskirts of the place, Team Try3 is watching… But this chapter isn´t about them! :P


The Event is about to start…


Until Black-Vangarou has appeared! He wants to destroy Vanguard´s fun!! And other random stuff…

Luckily our Heroines have come to save the day!

Saya, Lisa and Remy has come to save the day!



Lovely Triangle will fight Black-Vangarou! The enemy brought his forces…The bee soldiers of the last time, their leader was the evil mistress Tokoha before… Anyway Lovely Triangle shows their secret weapon!

A flower which is the crystallization of all the hopes and dreams of the fighters! If it blooms Black-Vangarou will remember that Vanguard is fun and will vanish!!


And how they will do that?!

Playing Vangaurd in front of everyone!!

…Ok… I will say it, I know that it suppose to be awesome; but if I was there I would say it is somewhat dull… No matter how cute/hot are the girls, watching them only play it is somewhat boring…Oh well, there are as many tastes as colors they say!


Our Girls are doing some good moves with their cards!


Suddenly Black-Vangarou starts laughing and says that the Flower only has opened a little bit, they can´t do much! Har,har,har!!

Then Black-Vangarou gives some truth bombs about Remy…What she loves more, Vanguard or Waffles??!! A Hard question indeed.


When the moral is down, Saya brings them up by remembering them why are they here?! To Protect Vanguard!!

So everyone cheers and the flower starts opening!

Suddenly the rain starts falling.


That´s right Saya!!

The people are all fired up!

Try3 is watching…Although this isn´t about them…

Lisa and Remy team does some amazing moves! Still Saya manages to pull it through!


Black-Vangarou is watching how fun it is…No; he must not change to the good side!

The rain stops.

Their feelings have reached the sky surely! And surely thos feelings will bloom the Happy Flower!



…Nothing is happening…

Saya receives a message that the rain messed up the electric wires…

What our lovely heroes will do now?!

Saya decides not to give up! Not now!



Improvisation time!!

Saya wonders what they can do now? Everyone is so fired up, so it would be truly sad to end the thing now…


Suddenly someone tells her to keep going!

3 mysterious people have appeared!


The Vanguard Protectors! The Card Warriors, Vangua Men!!

Definitively not Chrono, Shion and Tokoha!

Black-Vangarou calls his forces to attack the Vangua Men!! The forces (all confused) surround these mysterious heroes ; but they use the power of their cards and defeat them with easiness!!


All of that gives Saya more decision to keep going!


She has brought her G4 Card!

Saya does some good moves and fills her field!

Still the flower doesn´t bloom.

Not- Tokoha then says that everyone must raise their favorite card!


Everyone does it at high as they can!

The lights shine everyone! They doesn´t need a flower, their imagination is enough to defeat the evil that is Black-Vangarou!!


Saya attacks! And she wins!

Black-Vangarou has remembered! The fun, the future! Everything!


Vangarou has returned to normal! The mysterious Vangua Men disappears

The event is a full success!

End of the chapter

My Impressions

A Very enjoyable chapter! It wasn´t as good as the past ones, still it was relaxing and nice to see it since it can remind us to th goofy side of Vanguard.


Also Lisa <3

Err… On Any case, not much happening on this chapter that was truly too memorable more than it was truly enjoyable and nice. And that is all nice and good!


So yeah, next chapter is Bikini…I mean beach chapter! So yay!...Making it the “Fan Service Chapter” of the season, being the public baths the past one (where you sought lots of naked dudes) and the one before that was one with pie…On young girls :P

Anyway my two cents. See ya next time!

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