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Turn 35: Awakening the Depend Card

The chapter starts with a quick recap of the events of the past chapter.

Chrono awakens in a mysterious place. Ryuzu is reading near a window…Besides the bed, there it is 2 tables with the cards… The match will continue.


Meanwhile Wakamizu is with Shouma; Wakamizu wonders why Ryuzu is so hung up with Chrono…Also he is serving his morning Coffee black and with lots and lots of sugar… Way to got to ruin a good coffee!...Ahem… Anyway. Wakamizu says that while Chrono has the ability to awaken the depend cards, he is not of much use since they already have their Peacemaker. Shouma says it´s sentimental.


On any case, the Company is reuniting… Enishi comes in and Wakamizu asks where is Hiroki? Which Enishi says that he hasn´t answered so they will do the things without him for the time being.

Back at the fight. Chrono ends his turn and Ryuzu starts doing some amazing moves of his own. He brings his G4 card and manages to power up his units. Chrono tells him that how can he steal Cray of it´s future?!


Ryuzu just says that he wants to grasp the true future that the Earth deserves.

Ryuzu attacks! And all of his Drives in the drive check are beneficial!!

Chrono doesn´t blocks the attack.

Chrono yells at Ryuzu again saying that what he is doing is sick! Stealing the future?! Making us the only happy ones?! He would never sign to this!


Ryuzu responds saying that he never asked for his permission!...Dad! :P

(Get it? Because he is a kid and… Nah, you get it!)

Ryuzu attacks again and Chrono blocks!

Ryuzu attacks again and says that he just wants a future where no one cries, no one suffers! Vanguard is the answer to that!


Chrono responds saying Balderdash!...Which a google search later now I know it means nonsense…One learns a new thing everyday, huh?

Anyway. Chrono blocks the attack! The fight is intense! While they are fighting, Chrono has the good luck charm on his pocket… he did not know that such charm has a localization device…


Meanwhile Shion, Tokoha, Kamuia and Ibuki are going to such location thanks to the GPS… Kamui says that this location belongs to a company called “Antares” and Shion responds saying that such company has ties with the Vanguard Association, which Ibuki concludes that Ryuzu must use it in order to manage his fortune.


On any case, they have Company! … Ok that was a lame joke…

On any case, Company starts damaging the car and doing a lot of tactics in order to stop them from advancing and they manage to do it.


Company is looking for a fight it seems. Suddenly Shion´s gang, Bloody Angel, has come to help our Heroes! Deus Ex Magnifica!!

Kamui and Ibuki borrow a Bike and the GPS finder and keeps advancing.

Tokoha manages to take the key of Company´s car! And ask them about what they try to do with Chrono and why they forced Luna to do such a monstrous thing!?


Enishi responds her saying that Luna has become the true Peacemaker and lost her sense of self, Am is keeping as a spare…But not worry! He promises to Tokoha that he will protect Luna! (…)

On any case Wakamizu takes they keys back and keeps chasing Ibuki and Kamui.

Shion´s Gang will brought Shion and Tokoha back to the city.


Back at the fight. Chrono has brought his G4 Card! ChronoDragon Nextage! Chrono keeps saying that Ryuzu´s plan is sickening!

Ryuzu ask him to picture it, to remember all the times he suffered, or his friends. Chrono remembers when he was at the orphanage, seeing how all the other kids were taken and he was left alone…


Ryuzu promises to bring them back their happiness! Even if Vanguards future is dry, all of that will no matter anymore!

Chrono attacks and Ryuzu blocks!

Chrono attacks with his G4 card and Ibuki doesn´t block! On his Drives he gets a Critical trigger! Now he activates the other ability of ChronoDragon Nextage which is to bring back ChronoJet Dragon as the vanguard and attack again!


Ryuzu says that he is sure that the intention of Vanguard to exist in this world is for that! So the humans can grasp a better future!

Chrono basically says that´s nonsense! He can´t decide why Vanguard exist! He will never let him affect Vanguard! This card game has brought him to a new world! To get friends, to know people, to get better on his family relationships… Everything! He is who he is now thanks to Vanguard!


In a moment. Ryuzu could see Rive in Chrono…

Chrono attacks and Ryuzu blocks!

Chrono attacks again and is blocked again!

Now it´s Ryuzu´s turn.


Ryuzu brings his G4 card!


<<<Why Can´t you understand?>>>

<<<I just wanted… to make you people happy>>>

Ryuzu is saying those words while covering his face.

Chrono responds saying that he never asked for this!


Ryuzu responds saying that he didn´t asked for his opinion!

Ryuzu is crying…He is near to an emotional breakdown. Anger, sadness, regrets, sorrows, loneliness,disappointment…It seems that every emotion is coming out for him!


Ryuzu makes some amazing moves that empty Chrono´s field!

<<<I believed in you. Why?>>>

<<<Why did you betray me?!>>>

<<<Even though we could do it together! Even though Vanguard can save the world!>>>



Ryuzu is not fighting with Chrono anymore…But with his Father, Rive Shindou.

Ryuzu attacks and Chrono blocks!

On the Drives Ryuzu gets a Critical trigger. He gives the effects to ChronoFang Tiger!


Ryuzu says that he will keep going in order to save this world! Even though it is at the cost of his own life, even if he is left all alone!

Ryuzu attacks and Chrono can´t block! If CHrono doesn´t get a Heal trigger he will lose!


The first card…No heal trigger… The second one is…


A weird glow it´s coming from Ryuzu… His Stride force has brought a unit!

ChronoFang Tiger will punch (and probably kills) Chrono!!


<<<Goodbye Rive´s Son>>>

ChronoFang is going to attack Chrono!

Chrono starts remembering what Chrono Dran told him…That if he ever needs help, Chrono Dran and his friends will come to help him.


Meanwhile Ibuki and Kamui has reached the place. They can see the glow from one of the rooms.

Kamui si ready for action, although Ibuki´s arm really hurts, he isn´t able to do much right now.


Chrono has brought some Depend Cards himself! They aren´t sealed anymore!

Chrono is awakening Depend Cards like a Madman! Including Chrono Dran!

An epic fight starts between ChronoFang Tiger and the other Depend Cards! Kamui and Ibuki reaches the room and Kamui opens the door, he can´t believe what he is seeing!


The place gets destroyed! Kamui and Ibuki tries to go back in there and save Chrono!

The fight keeps going. Ryuzu is hurt and throws his depend Cards. Chrono goes, grabs them and awakes them!


Chrono Dran tells him to not to do it; but it´s too late!


Chrono has done what Ryuzu wanted all along…To awake the Depend Cards in a full state… So Chrono pulled a Link from Ocarina of Time, huh?

The Depend Cards that Chrono had are trapped and transported to another place, now Ryuzu and the Company have what they wanted…


Chrono falls unconscious for the shock.

Meanwhile Company…Specially Wakamizu, are celebrating for the perfect capture of the other Depend Cards Units.


Ryuzu grabs the cards and leaves in a helicopter, he tells to an unconscious Chrono that he can face him…But in the end, when the Judgment comes, he will realize that he is in the wrong…

The helicopter´s wind flips the first card on Chrono´s deck… It was a Heal Trigger.


The Credits roll; but it´s not the end!


Chrono is dreaming, he can see the Gear Chronicle Zodiac Units… Chrono tries to speak with him and Chrono Dran tries to do the same; but they can´t touch or hear the other… Still. Chrono can see someone in there also… Luna.


Chrono awakens, Mikuru is very happy with tears on her eyes. Shion, Tokoha, Shin, Ibuki and Kamui are also in there. Chrono ask where is Ryuzu and the Depend Cards. Ibuki says that when they reached him, he was the only thing in there…Ryuzu and the depend cards where gone.

Chrono apologizes and says that it´s his fault.

Still Tokoha and Shion touches his hand and tells him that is not important. They are just happy that he is Ok and in his Home. No more “Chrono the Hobo”


Chrono also tells them about what he saw… He is sure that Luna can be saved!

Our Heroes won´t let it end like this!

End of the chapter.

My Impressions.

Amazing chapter!! It was perfect in every sense of the word! The fight was awesome, the dialogues where awesome, the action was awesome! The progress in the story was awesome! Everything was awesome! Such a good chapter!!


Ahem… Now that I calmed a bit. I truly liked everything about this chapter in particular, I liked a lot of the moves both Chrono and Ryuzu did.

Talking about Ryuzu, I like how we got to see another part of him…The one who felt betrayed, hurt by those he loves and cares, he truly feels lonely in truth… Still I believe he is crazy bonkers about his ideals and how disturbed is he that he even tried to punch/kill Chrono by bringing his unit.


Now talking about Ibuki… I would dare to say that he has death flags all over him now; but this is a Kids show (an amazing one) so I won´t believe that will happen.

Also… Kawamizu truly likes his coffee with lots and lots of sugar, huh? I don´t have anything against sweet coffee; but enough is enough :P


Finally this is the end of the “Chrono the Hobo” Mini-Arc and well it ended with a win for the baddies…So now that they have the upper hand, it is moment for the good guys to return some punches back!

Anyway my two cents. See ya next time!

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