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Turn 34: Chrono´s Memories

The Chapter starts with Chrono saying that he wants a fight with Ryuzu. Chrono has had enough and after seeing what his men did on the Dragon Empire Branch he is convinced that Ryuzu is full of it!

Ryuzu, with a creepy smile, say yes…Let the will of the world decides who is right and who is wrong.


Ryuzu calls an Helicopter.

Shion, who was watching everything from the shadows, Shion decides to enter in action along with his men! (some gang that he won their respect in past chapters it seems); but all of them are already knocked out!


Ryuzu tells Chrono that if he wants to do that he needs to follow him…If Chrono refuses, this will be the last time they see each other.

Chrono steps in. Shiont ries to catch it but he comes too late!


A little bit later. Shion is with Tokoha, he informs her about all the situation, Tokoha, who is still affected for what happened to her Brother and the others, tells Shion that if something where to happen to Chrono, it would destroy her…Basically…Also my Ship sense is tingling.

Ibuki appears, with his broken arm and everything, and says that all of this is his fault…They can scold him and curse him later. First they have to save Chrono!


Shion reveals that in some form he put Chrono one of those searching devices, so he knows where he and Ryuzu are going.


Chrono and Ryuzu are on a destroyed location, the fight will be in there. The fight starts!

A Combat between Gear Chronicle users will start!

Chrono tells Ryuzu that he won´t let him use the Units for those purposes and after he saw how the Dragon Empire Branch ended…He now knows that the Units are nothing but mere tools to him!


Ryuzu says that it´s not like he wanted to oblige them or do any destructive acts; but… It was it needed to be done, there was no other way.

The fight is equal as of right now.

While Chrono was playing his turn and making his moves. A emory came to his mind…


He was a Kid, in front of a large building, Rive Shindou, his Dad, was behind him. Chrono was truly excited asking him if they are going to see the units today?

Chrono snaps out of it. Ryuzu ask him if he has already finished his turn?...Also Ryuzu has a creepy smile.


Ryuzu makes his moves and tells Chrono that he understands why he is angry; but if he where to stop now, what would change?! Nothing… This world would be at the same state as it is right now… So he has to continue.

Ryuzu attacks!

On Chrono´s damage check…Another memory comes.

He see his Dad in a weird laboratory. He is arguing with someone…

<<<The it´s like we´re sacrificing Cray for the sake of our World!>>>

<<<It´s for the sake of a perfect future>>>

Ryuzu ask him what is happening…Judging by his smile he fully knows already.

Chrono says it´s nothing.

Ryuzu attacks and Chrono blocks!

It is Chrono´s turn.

Chrono starts making his moves and another memory comes in.

His Dad is talking with someone… They are saying something about connecting Planet Cray, the world of the Vanguard Units, and the Earth… an historical day.


Chrono brings his G4 card!

Chrono attacks!

Another memory comes in… His Dad is talking to him, he tells him that a new future comes!


Ryuzu doesn´t guard…

More memories comes. The other person tells Rive:

<<<Well Done Rive. Our Peacemaker>>>

The memories are coming like a lion and are too much to bear to Chrono!


Chrono knows this place…


Chrono was still a little child…

He was in front of that building, excited because he will see a Unit today! His Dad, Rive Shindou, was behind him. He tells him that today it will only be a preliminary experiment.


They enter in that old Laborathory.

There was that man…



Ryuzu greets both of them and call Rive the “Peacemaker” …Also Ryuzu gas a Grandpa´s voice :P


Chrono, like any good kid, salutes him with proper respect. Ryuzu salutes him and smiles him, he tells him to watch carefully. Because a new future Is coming today.

Chrono smiles.

Ryuzu explains that today experiment is to make connection between this world and Cray. Ryuzu tells Chrono that his Dad has a strong Imagination…So they will use that in order to transcend time and space.


Yeah… Chrono is not very interested in that… He ask when the Units are going to come? Rive tells him to picture it. To close his eyes and imagine a tunnel, it is long and wide, he can see a while light. Go for it!


Ta-Da! A Unit has come! Chrono smiles after that imagination exercise…Such a good kid.

Now it is time for Rive to do his work. He goes to the machine… The machine starts to be activated.


A big white light comes! Everyone sees it!


They have made contact with Cray! With another dimension!

Both Rive and Ryuzu are watching their accomplishment.

Ryuzu says that now if they can channel all of the Destiny of Cray to the Earth…They can grab a perfect future!


Rive is confused about that…

Chrono who was looking at some cards, hear how his Dad and Ryuzu are arguing with each other.


Rive doesn´t want what Ryuzu is trying to do! He says that doing that would be killing Cray basically!

Ryuzu says that a Sacrifice needs to be made.

Rive says that not at this scale!

While Rive and Ryuzu where arguing with each other…Chrono hears a voice.

A Kid´s voice…

That voice doesn´t know where he is…He feels trapped.

Chrono goes where that voice is… He remembers the method his father showed him…

Chrono close his eyes and picture such tunnel… he can see a Unit!

That unit ask for his name…Chrono presents himself…


The first contact is made… Chrono Dran has been brought.

Suddenly the machine activates and Chrono Dran is brought to this world!

Ryuzu accomplishes Rive for having brought a Unit to this world!


Chrono presents the Unit happily. Rive is amazed.

Ryuzu order the people to prepare the Depend Cards! He wants to tie Chrono Dran and do him experiments.


Ryuzu orders Rive to catch Chrono Dran…

Rive watching all of this, how an innocent would be put like a slave… He couldn´t take this anymore.


Rive goes and over charge the machine making it explode, he runs and grabs both Chrono and Chrono Dran in order to protect them!

In mere seconds all the place is destroyed…

Rive grabs the Depend cards, his Son and Chrono Dran and leaves.

Ryuzu, who got injured on his left eye, ask him why is he doing this?! Why is he betraying him?!


Rive leaves… Chrono says that it is his fault. Rive tells him that it is Ok, that he needs to forget everything. Nothing happened in here, there aren´t any units, nor Vanguard, nor anything.


After that…

It seems that Chrono Dran is talking to Chrono.

He tells him that Rive decided to escape and hide himself with him… That Rive decided to protect him and to sustain him, even if it has shortened his life… And for that he can´t move anymore… Rive wanted to fight alone; but now…


On any case… Chrono has a little more imagination than other people… That´s why he can bring units back and forth.

At the same time, after that day, the Portal and the connection has been opened, Ryuzu has keep it that way with the Stride force he has been gathering since the beginning.


So now thanks to that, Chrono can bring units, and even complete the Depend Cards, since the others are Gray.


Chrono asks about what does Ryuzu meant with the Destiny and perfect future?

Chrono Dran explains, and to put it short, what Ryuzu tries to do is to grabs all good luck from Cray to the Earth in order to bring his “Perfect Future” leaving Cray with only misfortunes and calamities.


Chrono snaps out of it!

He has enough of Ryuzu put the tables and cards away and grabs the little monster!


An electric sound is heard… Ryuzu tazed Chrono, leaving him unconscious… With that creepy smile on his face.


An helicopter comes to grab them…

End of the chapter.

My Impressions.

A Very Good Chapter! It was sad that the fight got cancelled just when the good stuff was coming out; but it is comprehensible since we needed to see what was the deal with Chrono´s past already!


Now man… Ryuzu…You are one truly sick dude…I mean you are trying to kill an entire planet just for your own mad ambitions! Man the way he was talking to Rive telling him all of that with a big smile on his face it can be sickening! Just imagining! Shrugs.

Also Kid Chrono was adorable!

Anyway…Going back to Ryuzu…Kid Ryuzu is also a psychopath…How he tazed Chrono when he confronted him and the way he smiled at him…It truly make me think that he hadn´t any intentions of leave Chrono go…So even if Chrono had won he would have used it anyway!


Finally…This sort off explains all of the original series too. This is because on the original Series, the writers never shy away admitting that there are other card games out there (heck Card Capital 1 had other card games that looked like a little too much like Yu-Gi-Oh! And Magic) so…Why was Vanguard the only Card game that was connected to this world?

This thing with the portal is the thing that explains it everything. Thanks to such portal the destinies and luck of both of them are chained and thanks to that the Psyqualia thing started; Aichi and Ren had the destiny of a Cray Civil War in their hands; Void came to this world, Takuto/Ezel (my favorite character of the card game :P) came also in order to fight him; The Link Joker units (Aliens from the Cray dimension) coming to Earth…In short everything!


It also opens another doubts though…Like what the crap was Ryuzu doing before?! Why he didn´t made any movement when Aichi and the other Psyqualia guys where fighting between them? When Link Joker invaded? Or the Deletors?

The thing is getting interesting!

Anyway my two cents. See ya next time!

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