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Turn 33: An Ill Tempered Visitor


The chapter starts with Chrono waking up… In a Park, it seems he hasn´t go home and now is living as a homeless…

He checks his phone and has lots of missing calls, mails, etc. On his mind the words made by Ryuzu sounds high.

…Give to his beloved ones a true future…

…A future where everyone smiles…

Meanwhile Tokoha is guarding Mamoru…who is at the hospital and it seems he has it worst compared to the other Branch Chiefs.


Meanwhile at the dragon Empire Branch. The place is surrounded by the police and is inaccessible. Kamui and the Trnity dragona re watching. They tell Kamui about what happened and Kamui responds saying that at the very least he is glad that the three of them aren´t injured…

Back at the Hospital The branch chiefs (except Mamoru) are in the same room. Ibuki has broken his arm BTW. They see what the news paper says about the incident…That everything was “An Accident”.


Mamoru wakes up and both Tokoha and his Mom greet him. Mamoru asks if Tokoha is Ok, and his little sister says that yes she is Ok, thanks to him…

Meanwhile at the Company, Luna is resting in a some form of lab or something… Am and Enishi are watching her. Enishi explains to Am that it looks like there was an abnormality before Luna made an Experiment.


Enishi starts remembering…

Before one can bring a Unit, they need to give Stride Force…Which is a very painful and tiring act. Luna, after watching Am, she went to make such experiment and do the same thing that Am is suffering to… Although something was different with Luna.

Everything started normal…The Stride Force energy was being sucked and, just as with Am, the pain was so much that she started screaming…


When the experiment finalized…Something was different with Luna… She has been affected mentally…

Her mind is not right now, empty, without soul, she is nothing more than a tool whose only purpose is to bring the Units to this world and deliver Judgment…She is now the true Peacemaker.

Am starts remembering how her Parents are on a vegetative state…Now Luna is in a similar situation. Am decides to leave for a moment.


She starts crying and begging for forgivness…

Back with Chrono …He is wondering if he should follow Ryuzu now…Grasp a future where everyone can smile.


Meanwhile Tokoha feels really bad about what happened in the Dragon Empire Branch, she wonders how everything went to this sad point. Mamoru speaks to her and she snaps out of her thinking.

Ibuki enters to make a visit and speak with Mamoru.

Tokoha decides to leave.

Mamoru says that now it seems they are cornered, since Company has the upper hand now.


While Tokoha was walking another person appears…

Hashima Rin. A former member of Team Demise and Tokoha´s Rival on the “G” Season. She is surprised to see Tokoha and decides to act tough and cool…Although Tokoha doesn´t even detect her presence.


That pisses her off and decides to follow her.

Meanwhile Mamoru asks how it´s Ibuki´s Injury. Which Ibuki says that Mamoru is in worst condition than him…So…Yeah.

Ibuki confess to Mamoru that he has regrets now… That everything is his fault… He was too careless, he underestimated them and didn´t anticipated their attacks.


Mamoru tells him to stop and says that he also feels bad…After his powerful speech…In the end he couldn´t protect anyone and people got injured too.

Back with Tokoha.

She is outside to Hospital and blames herself since she didn´t do anything to stop Am and Luna when she had the chance… And even more now Luna didn´t look like herself now…She even gave her confidence to follow her hearth!


Rin steps in front of her and says that ignoring her is disrespectful…Maybe Tokoha is cocky now?

Tokoha ignores her…


Hashima Rin…She mad! She is Real Mad! Rin challenges Tokoha to a fight!... With cards…Obviously.

Meanwhile Chrono decides to make a visit to Shion. Shion tells him that everyone is very worried about him, he hasn´t come to School his Aunt is like crazy searching for him…Anyway, everyone is worried sick for him!

Shion stops midway and sees Chrono´s Concerned look, he decides to welcome him in his house.


Back at the fight with Tokoha and Rin. The fight has already some turns in and everyone has it´s Grade 3 cards already on the field.

Rin is attacking and she can detect that Tokoha´s hearth and attention is not in the fight.

By looking how Tokoha is fighting Rin detects that she is depressed…It is time for some tough love for her future Sister-in-law...I mean her Rival!


Hashima starts saying what she has heard…That the Dragon Empire Branch got destroyed, and that Anjou Mamoru is hurt…Maybe it´s it Tokoha´s fault? Tokoha´s eyes confess that it maybe real all of that bluff.

Tokoha confess and says that she is right…

Uh-Oh… Rin´s speciality…Passive aggressive bullying starts.

It is Rin´s turn and she attacks and use the specialty of Angel Feather! Using the damage zone as another hand!


Hashima asks what in truth happened on the Dragon Empire Branch? Maybe she is guilty of what happened? Tokoha´s eyes wide open!

Rin Attacks and Tokoha´s guard!

Rin gets a Heal trigger!

Tokoha´s mind is reflecting that maybe it is her fault…She didn´t do anything to stop Rumy Labyrinth when she had the chance…And even worse, she feels compassion to Am and her reasons to do what she is doing…


Tokoha starts crying…

Rin is pissed off! And demands To see the Tokoha that defeated her some time ago!


Meanwhile Ibuki is on the roof. Watching… Kamui appears and gives him some food that helps the bones? Kamui says that Ibuki needs to get better so they can come back to fight again!

Ibuki is all depressed since he couldn´t do anything and he feels he doesn´t deserve another chance.

Kamui is pissed off and kicks Ibuki on the back! Kamui yells at him and says that he is our leader! It is sickening to watch him all pathetic!


Ibuki doesn´t responds…Kamui leaves…

Back at the fight. Tokoha brings her G4 card and is fighting all depressed. Hashima Rin is pissed off with that!

Tokoha attacks and Rin blocks with a Generation Guard!

Rin shows the good things that the Angel Feather clan has!

Tokoha receives on her drive check 2 critical triggers and gisve her to her second Ahsha. Tokoha attacks!


Rin is pissed off because Tokoha is only looking at her cards! She doesn´t want a fight with someone who avoids reality!

Now it´s Hashima Rin´s turn and she brings her G4 Card! Gavrail! She starts doing some amazing moves!


Rin keeps doing her awesome moves and it is truly pissed off since she doesn´t want that attitude in someone who beat her!

Rin Attacks and wins against Tokoha!


After the fight Tokoha finally see the world surrounding her…Rin says that she won´t count this fight… and decides to leave…

Tokoha stops her and ask her…What was she doing at the hospital?


Rin shows her Tsundere side…and says it doesn´t matter all red…We all know she was looking out for her man <3.

After that Tokoha pays a visit to the other Branch chiefs…All of them are in good mood and with the disposition to keep fighting and working!

Meanwhile Rin is looking at Mamoru…When he wakes up Rin wasn´t there anymore; but a bag of candies are on his side.


Meanwhile Chrono and Shion are looking at the destroyed Dragon Empire Branch…Chrono gets to know that Company and Rummy Labyrinth where ones who did it. Shion tells him that this was the “Punishment” they received and Mamoru, Ibuki and the other Branch Chiefs are injured.

Chrono is pissed off!

Meanwhile Enishi is looking at Luna… Enishi starts remembering something…Something that happened a lot of years before these events.


When Enishi was just a kid he meet someone…Someone on a Hospital who was about to die. That person, a Girl, wonders how many tomorrows she has left?...And if there will ever be a Happy future for them?

Child Enishi tells her that it will be! He will protect her! The girl smiles…

Back at the present. Enishi says that he won´t fail her…Not again! … Also it seems he is saying that Luna is that girl of his past…Which it doesn´t make sense so I will say it is figurative.


Later Ryuzu is waiting for Chrono…Chrono reaches the place and Ryuzu ask him what is his resolution?

Chrono shows him his deck…He will fight him!

End of the chapter.

My Impressions.

A very Good Chapter! I felt what Rin felt…I mean the fight wasn´t truly hot right now…Although that was because of Tokoha´s.


Talking about Rin. It was good to see her again, although she didn´t shined as much as I would have wanted, since I would have liked to see more of her personality. Still, she is a Tsundere and a maiden in love for Mamoru <3

A the same time we are seeing that Ibuki is suffering emotionally now, since in the past he was basically an unbreakable wall, I believe that either he will get better or he is going to go to a dark path…A very dark one.

Another point I would like to make is that Am now is suffering since another person dear to her is suffering…Now on a mental state…Since, Luna is basically a pot.


On that same note, I am curious to know what is the deal with Enishi´s past. Specially regarding that Luna is “That Girl” I mean…This is not Saint Seiya so we don´t have funny math regarding the age of the characters!...In short…The plot thickens…

Finally. I hope that Chrono leaves that confusion of his on the next chapter since it is tiresome looking him like that!

Anyway. My two cents See ya next time!