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Turn 32: Collapse of the Dragon Empire Branch

The Chapter starts with a Child Chrono, he is in a destroyed place, he sees Chrono Dran and tries tor each him until Rive, Chrono´s Dad, grabs both of them. A young Ryuzu (not o young as Child Ryuzu; but not as old as the Ryuzu we sought before he died) yells at Rive asking him why is he betraying him?!

Rive tells to Chrono to forget everything about this…The Units, Vangaurd, Everything.


Chrono wakes up he is surrounded by other kids, including Ryuzu, who was asleep. Chrono remembers the last chapter scene…


It seems that after that Ryuzu and Chrono (who didn´t wanted to go home) went to a Children take care center, which was made by the Association, it is a place where either homeless kids or children that doesn´t want to go home or are having difficulty family situations, can go and be safe, have some food and sleep there.

Ryuzu explains to Chrono (both are on the subway) that one of his jobs is to protect the Children happiness…And he is sad because he failed Chrono in that regard since he let that people like Ibuki Kouji grab him and use him as a tool, a mere weapon for their own purposes.


Later Chrono tells Ryuzu that he knows a lot of stuff, huh? Ryuzu responds saying that he wants to Chrono to know everything he knows…Since he is the Son of the only friend he has ever had.

He wants to grasp that perfect future with hi.

Meanwhile Mamoru and the other Branch Chiefs are having an emergency reunion on the Dragon Empire facilities, since they already know what was Ryuzu´s doing and intention, to use the Association in order to grasp his own goals and even destroying the Association own buildings. Ren isn´t there but he sent Tetsu on his behalf since he is outside of the Country investigating God knows what. At the same time, Enishi, Dark Irregular´s Branch Chief, isn´t there either, he has disappeared some time ago.


Meanwhile The Trinity Dragon guys and Tokoha are playing in there, although Tokoha´s mind is in another place right now.

Suddenly the Branch Managers gets notified that Enishi has come to the lobby. In a matter of seconds almost every one of the civil and workers are expelled from the building…With the exception of Tokoha and the Trinity Dragon guys who it seems sneak around.


Meanwhile Ryuzu and Chrono are at an Aquarium…Seeing Jellyfish or something… Chrono asks what he means with “True Future”? Ryuzu basically says that there are endless possibilities to the world, so what he wants is to see them all and grasp the one who is best for the world.


Back at the Dragon Empire Branch, Enishi hasn´t come alone since both Am/Ace and Luna are in there too.

Ace says that the judgment has come to every Branch Chief except Enishi from having betrayed the Association´s Ideals.


Mamoru is pissed off, Ibuki basically tells him to calm down; but his words goes to deaf ears and he propose himself to be the one who will fight on this sort of “God´s Trial”. Enishi will be his opponent.


The Fight is going to start!

Some turns later. Mamoru brings his G4 Card Mustafa! And makes some great moves! Mamoru attacks! Enoshi doesn´t block and on the Drive checks Mamoru receives a Critical Trigger!


Mamoru questions Enishi on why is he on the side of Ryuzu?! Their job is to protect the smiles of everyone through Vanguard!

It is Enishis´s turn and he brings his G4 Card! Mask of Demon Frenzy, Ericrius! Enishi starts Soul Charging like Crazy! Enishi responds saying that Ryuzu´s idelas hasn´t changed since he formed the Association.


Enishi adds saying that they are here in order to put a righteous light on this mury world!

Enishi attacks!

Luna is very quiet…

Back with Chrono and Ryuzu. Ryuzu tries to convince Chrono by telling him his ideology. Telling him that this world isn´t perfect, it is filled with war, pain, suffering…Everyone, Chrono, his friends, and even Ryuzu, have suffered from it, have experimented pain… He wants to rectify that…He wants everyone to smile.


Back at the fight. Enishi says that when the Stride Gate opens, a perfect Future will come and everyone will forget about war, all the hatred will be dissolved and every conflict that might come will be solved by reasons and gentle dialog.

Enishi makes some moves that makes his Ericrius having +15000 power! What?! Still Mamoru blocks with a perfect Guard!


On the triggers Enishi gets a Critical and gives it to another unit whose effects says that if Enishi has 15 or more cards on the soul then it can´t be blocked by grade 0 basically!

Both Enishi and Ryuzu says that they want a future where everyone can smile.

Mamoru blocks with a Generation guard (who avoid such effect).

Mamoru Survives!


Meanwhile Chrono asks that if Ryuzu has such ideals then… Why did he destroyed Shions family? Why he messed up Rumy Labyrinth? Why does his father disappeared and because of that his Aunt has been suffering a lot? Without counting Chrono himself!? Why is he trying to make people happy by making them suffer? It is just Crazy talk what Ryuzu is saying!

Ryuzu responds saying that even today he doesn´t know why Rive betrayed him…But he knows that he has made people suffer…Specially Chrono, and for that he would apologize any number of times… Still, he regrets nothing… Since sacrifices are necessary…Including himself who had to die.


Back at the fight Mamoru brings his G4 Card Taiten! Mamoru uses the habilities to remove enemy units!


Mamoru responds to Enishi telling him that if what he is saying was truth and he believed that Enishi is in the right, then he would do it openly! Not behind the shadows! What yuzu and Company did was using the fighters and the association itself for their own goals! Ryuzu has tarnished his own ideals!

Mamoru attacks!

Mamoru also adds that If Vanguard is just and fine then any actions that happens behind the scenes must not be allowed!


Enishi Blocks the attack! Enishi responds saying basically that any number of Sacrifices are necessary in order to reach that perfect Future.

Mamoru has got enough!


Meanwhile Ryuzu says that Chrono is not like his Father. Since Ryuzu always though that Rive had some special power… But he was wrong…Since Ryuzu started watching Chrono on Season 1, he knew that Chrono was a singularity…Someone who can open a path between the Units on Cray and the Humans on Earth

Back at the fight Mamoru attacks! And says that those are just excuses! Adults must protect the children smiles! Not use them! So now he know that everything that Enishi says are just white noise not worth listening to!


Mamoru continues and tells him that Enishi must be foolish if he believes that the people will be happy or proud if such “Perfect Future” are grabbed with Dirty hands!

Mamoru Attacks and Enishi can´t guard!...A memory comes to Enishi, he was in a hospital bed, looking at come cards. A girl voice is heard and says his name with a smile.


Enishi has lost.

Meanwhile Chrono is having a mental breakdown and starts remembering about what happened at the beginning of the episode. His head starts hurting a lot. Ryuzu offers him the possibility to a perfect future to everyone he loves.


Back at the fight. Enishi has lost. He starts remembering some words that Shouma said… That regardless of the result of the fight. Rumy Labyrinth will give it´s Judgment.

Enishi wonders if the truth that governs the world isn´t with him?

Ace comes in and says thankyou to Enishi. She is going to fight Ibuki.

The match starts and…


Luna´s face is creeping me out with those dead eyes on her!

Luna steps in, grabs a Depend Card and brings like it´s nothing the Zodiac Time Beast Chronobeat Buffalo.


Judgment has come…


Chronobeat Buffalo appears in front of everyone and gives a Falcon Punch to Ibuki! The whole place starts to be destroyed!


Chronobeat Buffalo appears behind Tokoha with cruel intentions. Mamoru runs top speed in order to save his Sister!


Mamoru is gravely injured…If not dead.

Enishi puts Luna unconscious. Making it also that the Unit disappears. Am/Ace is terrified with what just happened…Still the three members of Company leaves. Letting the place to be tear down…


Shouma looks at the distance and recites Nietzche (the monster quote)… Sounds fair a crazy philosopher for a crazy person.

The Peacemaker has appeared… Ibuki is injured and all the other Branch managers are injured if not dead…


The credits roll but it´s not the end!


Chrono is with a cold can of Soda in order to help him with his head pain. Ryuzu tells him that he knows that Chrono needs some time to think the things…So he will wait for his answer tomorrow at this hour on this place…Chrono ask him why is he so certain that he will show up?

Ryuzu leaves.

End of the chapter.

My Impressions.

An Amazing chapter! Lots of discussion about two conflicting points of view!

Man Luna with that face creeped the ship out of me!

Ryuzu looks like a cool dude; but he certainly is twisted…Although not as much as Shouma!


Talking about Shouma… He is twisted and evil, and when he cited Nietzche it seems he refereed to Luna, who tried to help Am and now she is…Well… That.

Now…This time I also would like to use this space about other things right now. I try to put apart both my personal life and my internet one as most as I can; but when one thing happens while I am doing other things…Something will mix.


I am babbling too much is because while I was watching the chapter (as I said it was amazing) I receive the news that my Grandpa has died. He had already a terminal cancer; still I had hopes that he would long a little more time so I could go to see him one last time (I and my siblings payed him a visit everytime we went to our Home town though), and it saddens me even more that I might won´t make it to his funeral. Since this week I have lots of work in my job, Master course and well… doing articles and news for you guy (I love doing it; but damn).

I know he wasn´t the best Grandpa or father for that matter since my Dad and his Siblings had a somewhat conflicting relationship with him (especially regarding my also deceased Grandma, God Bless her Soul), still my Father took care of him during more than 10 years.


At the very least my Dad and my aunts who where visiting him said that he didn´t suffer, he just fell asleep and that was it. I pray for his soul to get rest.

I remember that one time he played Yu-Gi-Oh! Together…He didn´t catches the rules, and since he didn´t knew English it was even worse…Still, the game catched his attention and well…It was cool. I also remember when he sought Rurouni Kenshin since he grabbed my VHS where ire corded the whole series and he liked it! He even talked to me about the series and all.


As I said my Grandpa wasn´t the best and he had some dark side within him…But for me, he wasn´t bad, and did nothing against me, so well… You know.

The Next Week there will be a more normal “My Impressions” part! Promise!

Anyway, My two cents. See ya Next Time!

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