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Turn 31: Taiyou Vs. Hiroki


The Chapter starts with the beginning of the fight! Both Taiyou and Hiroki are ready to give their all!

Meanwhile Luna was watching the …Line I believe, conversations she had with Tokoha and Kumi, Am enters and Luna tries to apologize saying that it´s just that she misses talking with her other friends besides Am; but her partner wants to tell her something instead.


Back in the fight. Some turns have already passed and the fight is going quite forward, Hiroki says that evil always loose…And Taiyou is the evil one in here, obviously…

Taiyou for his part it´s trying to understand what it´s going on inside Hiroki´s head… Why he thinks like that? Not only on being a Hero; But believing in a one-man team, not trusting or caring for their partners…


Then Hiroki starts saying something about a Divne revelation, that raises an eye brown on Taiyou who ask him what does he mean with that? Hiroki decides not to say it and just says that Ryuzu said that the results of a match is absolute and that is all! Anyway, Hiroki believes that if Ryuzu fulfill his ambition, he will take him to a world of Perfect Justice!

On Taiyou´s mind the memories of the destruction of the United Sanctuary branch makes echoes. He won´t let him do that again!

Taiyou attacks and now they are 2-3 with Taiyou at the advantage!

Hiroki turns starts and he calls his Grade 3 unit in order t bring his G4 one! Cosmic Hero X-Tiger! Basically he gives all the power to X-Tiger until he reaches an absurdly high number! Plus another critical! Hiroki attacks and on his Drive check he gets another Critical! Taiyou receives the attack and now the things are 5-3 with Hiroki at the head!


Taiyou receives a Critical Trigger on his damage check, with the power boost the other units are unable to touch him! Hiroki attacks a rear guard and Taiyou blocks it! Hiroki says that is dumb to protect the rear guards, one has to guard the blockers for the Vangaurd attacks.

A truly difference in the way of thinking from both youngsters. Meanwhile Chrono wonders if Taiyou is trying to understand Hiroki…On why he thinks that way.


Meanwhile Tokoha finds Luna and both of them go to a temple, in there Luna wants to explain the situation to Tokoha, saying that a friend of a friend wants to do something truly scary and her friends is helping him…So… Tokoha quickly knows about whom. Suddenly both girls are interrupted by Am.

Am tells Luna that Tokoha knows everyting about Ryuzu and whats she has been doing all this time…She knows everything with the exception of the Why she is doing it, Am grabs with her string that little knitted glove…

That glove was a memento of her Mother, she knitted it for her; but she never knitted the pair…A Car accident happened that put both her Mom and her Dad in a Coma. Am explains that if Ryuzu fulfill his ambition he will lead her to a perfect future and her parents will awake! All of her sorrow and laments will be canceled.


…For that, Am is doing it! No matter how monstrous are her action, how many people get injured! She will keep going forward!

Tokoha wanted to believe that Am was being forced in some way to Ryuzu in doing something she didn´t wanted! Am says that in truth she have a great fun and pleasure in destroying the life of Shion, destroying someone who already have it all and doesn´t know anything about reality was…Delightful for her. So yes, she is doing it in her own free will and this is her true Persona!


Am reveals that she is the “Peace Maker” the person who has the ability to bring Units to this world… The members of Rummy Labyrinth were chosen from kids who had that potential, so Luna can be one too. Still Am is the only one truly useful, so Luna is unnecessary. Am says her good bye to both girls leaving them speechless and telling them that she doubts she might see them again.

Luna confess to Tokoha that Am once told her that being on the stage and sing was her favorite thing, and that was true, Luna could see it with her eyes how hapy Am was…So even if Am have done horrible things in the past, and very probably will do even more in the future, she wants to save her. Luna wants to be there for her!

Tokoha says that if that´s the resolution Luna has reached then there is nothing that Tokoha could say.


Those feelings of Luna are the only ones who could reach Am, so she must keep going forward, Luna hugs Tokoha and gives her thanks.

Back at the fight. Taiyou bring his G4 Card Incandescent Gold Knight (or something like that) Ebraucus! Taiyou starts filling his field with units and making them go stronger and stronger with an effort team!


Taiyou attacks with one of his rearguards and Hiroki guards it! Taiyou then attack with Ebraucus and with the Drive check he receives another critical! Hiroki can´t guard! The things are now 5-5!

Taiyou attacks one last time with Perimore and Hiroki blocks the attack! Finally Taiyou makes the Unite move, which makes a unit go to the soul and in exchange the user can draw a card, Now Taiyou has 9 cards on his hand! A big number indeed.

Chrono says that Taiyou is using the blessings of the Gold Paladins quite well. Bringing units, gives power between them, no one is more important to the other, the strength and defense is in their numbers!


Taiyou then says that Hiroki is scared…That´s why he clings so much to the “Justice”. Hiroki starts remembering, when he beat up those kids, that time other kids tried to help him and defended him from the teacher saying that it was self-defense… Later, when Hiroki began being the “School Police” he was left alone…

In truth Hiroki is afraid, afraid that if he isn´t strong, if he isn´t in the right… He can´t feel secure. Taiyou knows that because he was the same…


Hiroki has enough of Taiyou´s blabber and is furious now!

Hiroki brings his G4 Card X-Gallop! And do his move empowering him and making him do a 4 card drive check!

Taiyou blocks the attack from X-Gallop! Still on the drives Hiroki brought 2 Critical and give the effects to his rear guards!


Hiroki attacks again two times and those times Taiyou blocks it with the Generation Guard!

No damage for our Gold Paladin user!

Taiyou tells Hiroki that he was the same…He was scared and clung on the strength, it wasn´t until certain someone reached his feelings towards him that he could be saved from that darkness.


Taiyou brings his G4 Card! Sunrise Ray Radiant Sword GurgĂĽit!

Taiyou fills his field and both GurgĂĽit and his rear guards become stronger!

<<<I´m not jealous! ….I’m definitely not Jealous! I am not jealous!>>> Hiroki is thinking that.


Taiyou attacks! And defeats Hiroki!!

Hiroki can´t believe it and is at the edge of a mental breakdown. Taiyou went to him since he wanted him to be his friend or something… Hiroki puts him away and goes out saying that he didn´t loose since he didn´t give his all and stuff! Also he lost the past time so yeah, Basically Hiroki won because reasons!

Wakamizu, another member of Company, goes for him and retrieves it.

Ok…Congratulations Taiyou, you now have a rival.


Wakamizu tells Hiroki that why Wakamizu has to retrieve a loser like him. Hiroki tells him to shut it, Wakamizu gives Hiroki a handkerchief to wipe out his tears…Loser. Wakamizu tells him that since Hiroki lost, it is better that he stays quiet for a while. Hiroki is basically doing a tantrum saying that he is the hero!!

Meanwhile back at the Company headquarters Am encounters Enishi, She is going to do some Unite activates experiment. Luna goes there and Am was being rude; but Luna says that she is going to replace the missing glove… Her feelings are reaching Am, both girls goes to do those experiments together.


The Credits roll but it´s not the end!

Chrono is having dinner with Mikuru, his (hot) Aunt/Adoptive Mother, and Chrono reveals to her that his Father, Rive Shindou, is alive…


Later Chrono is desperate in front of a bridge! Mikuru knew about that all this time and hidden it from him! One of the person to whom he trusted more has hidden secrets from him!! Chrono is desperate!... On the distance…Ryuzu is watching and smiling…

End of the chapter.

My Impressions.

Amazing Chapter! We got more of the psychology of Hiroki and even though he has some similarities with Taiyou, he is still very different to the ex member of Team Demise.


The fight was also awesome! If you ask me!

On the other side we had a little more about what it´s the deal with Am, and her desire to awake her Parents. On the same note now Luna is on Ryuzu´s side And it is some sweet moment indeed! Still…She is gonna get killed! It is my theory and I will follow it until proven otherwise! :P

Finally, Chrono is going more and more to the desperation since Ibuki and Mikuru knew that Rive is alive, making that the world that Chrono believed has begun to shatter piece by piece…And ironically, that is going him go to the side of Ryuzu…Dang that kid is creepy! I believe that for a moment Chrono will get to side to Ryuzu and then he will go back to the good side :P


Anyway, my two cents. See ya next time!