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Turn 30: Reunion with Kanzaki


The chapter starts with Chrono and Taiyou in a Train, both of them are going to where Kanzaki (the former United Sanctuary Branch chief) is in order to know about th Depend Cards; both of them chat a little about what happened in the United Sanctuary branch; but nothing too substantial. Other than the fact that the Depend Cards have the hability to do something on this world; but Chrono doesn´t know how to use them though.

Finally both Chrono and Taiyou reaches the destination. Both fighters are on a very distant Mountain. Taiyou says that in the United Sanctuary Branch there are people who idealize Kanzaki and they have some rumours about his location, and based on that info, he must be in there.

Both fighters keep searching in the Mountains passing through various things and wondering what kind of Training is Kanzaki doing in here? I mean it can´t be Vanguard! Since, you know, Vanguard requires 2 people in order to train and get better!


On any case, Chrono starts remembering about what happened after the incident in the United Sanctuary Branch. After Ibuki send his troops in order to search and rescue, Ibuki then tells Chrono that his Dad disappeared in order to not to get his family involved…Such sentiment was no lie.

Back on the present. Well, Chrono says that it is funny that his Dad wanted that since he is up to the neck on this stuff!


Taiyou then tells Chrono about a weird figure…It looks like a knight on a horse, but Taiyou says that it sort off looks like Aurageyser Dragon, Kanzaki´s unit.

While they keep advancing they keep seeing those figures, every time more and more detailed.

Finally they hear a sound…Like something hitting the stone. Taiyou then looks a gigantic Aurageyser dragon figure! And someone is in there!


Chrono says that it´s Kanzaki!. Suddenly both of them falls.

Down there they find Kanzaki´s horses…Who it looks like the like Chrono´s hair and wants to eat it!


Kanzaki goes and finds them, telling them to begone…Until he recognize both of them, Taiyou from Demise team, and Chrono Shindou, the one who defeated him.

Chrono goes to the point and says that he want to know about the Depend Cards, Kanzaki says that those are the cards that Ibuki stole from him…And that if Chrono has managed to bring a card then, there is nothing he can teach him about the Depend Cards.

Chrono then decides to say that Ryuzu has brought several different Depend Cards Units. Kanzaki was not amuzed until he heard the words…


“He is Dead”

That impressed Kanzaki who didn´t know about it, since he doesn´t have Tv or Internet or anything up here anyway…And now Chrono does his troll move.


“…But he is still alive”.

Obviously Kanzaki wants to know more about that! Chrono makes the deal that if Kanzaki wants to know everything, then he has to tell them everything!

Kanzaki then decides to keep with his training, he is very busy now (I guess that his training is in order to be the strongest sculpture there was!) Chrono is disappointed; but Taiyou tells him that they must wait until he is done, since Kanzaki didn´t told them to go home, so he is sure that Kanzaki will listen to them!


A little while later, one of Kanzaki´s horses comes and brings a bag with some chisels and it looks like they have to do something too! At first they where reluctant but a little more bitting in Chrono´s hair will do the thing! :P

Chrono was complaining about this and saying that this doesn´t have anything to do with Vanguard!...But Taiyou wasn´t listening to him, Chrono believed it was because Taiyou is obedient….but in truth in Taiyou´s mind he is repeating about the things that happened in the United Sanctuary, about why he couldn´t protect it, about why the reasoning of Hiroki is wrong…Doubts regrets all of those things that where on his mind are coming while he is working…

Chrono for his part, he started remembering Ryuzu´s words (no, not the proverbs…This time :P) …About his father, Rive Shindou, being alive…


Chrono says that it doesn´t feel like his father is alive though, since he was a child he has been an orphan, so the idea of his father being dead was all the thing he needed to know. Now if his Father wanted him to have the Depend Cards? Why he didn´t told him? Face to face?

Finally…Ibuki, why he keep having secrets with him? Why Ibuki keeps having Chrono dancing on the palm of his hand? Does he don´t trust him or what?! What´s going on anymore?!


The sunset came and the work of our young artists are…Less that stellar. Some hair bitting later. Kanzaki tells them that they still have doubts…Also that they must prepare the evening meal.

While they walk to Kanzaki´s home, Chrono tells both Taiyou and Kanzaki about Ryuzu and the fact that even if he is dead… He transmitted his mind and everything to a new body. Kanzaki says that if someone is able to bend the rules of the world to his will it is Ryuzu.

Kanzaki starts telling his story. That 7 years ago. When the Vanguard association was experimenting with the GIRS Prototype, he was part of the research group, and one day, when he fought Ryuzu…


…A Miracle happened. An unit came to this world in reality! Not in holographic or a bunch of 1 and 0´s in a computer! No! the actual real being alive! So Kanzaki started improving himself, since from his point of view, that Miracle it is the peak for every fighter out there.

Eventually, when Kanzaki was assigned as Branch Chied for the United Sanctuary. One day the Depend Cards were sent to him… And that´s where his alignment of “Weakness is a Sin” started…


Kanzaki tells both youngsters that a Depend Cards are a testament of a contract between the Unit and the Fighter who uses it. The fighter who has them can use those units to his will; but in order to summon them and bend reality, an enormous amount of Stride Force is needed, and even more if the Fighter is not worthy (or transcendental) the unit will disappear before it can be controlled. In the end Kanzaki couldn´t do neither of the two.

… Kanzaki adds that a Fighter needs the Imagination and the will to put his life on the line in order to bring a Unit in here. So if Ryuzu has brought various units then… That was the consequence, his death.

Kanzaki ask if Chrono hasn´t felt it? Since he did it one time…


That time when he fought against Kanzaki, he brought a unit…How one can forget about that punch in the face!

Chrono is shocked about that revelation.

In another part, Ibuki is doing his things in order to defeat Company… Until Shouma appears, he has brought a gift for him, some rice candies… they are very famous; but Ibuki knows that already since he lives around here, no?


Ibuki responds saying that Company has to have too much time on his hands if they are investigating him. Shouma adds that his Judgment will come soon, not today; but soon. Ibuki shows his deck as if it was a gun or something and says that he is prepared…

Shion then appears and interferes saying that he wants to fight Shouma. Shouma laughs and says that this is awesome! He finally knows how a lady feels when she has many suitors! Shion doesn´t put too much attention to Shouma´s gibber jabber and says he has too many questions to do to him.


Shouma says that yes, the money of Kiba´s company are going to help the Stride Gate.

Shouma also is happy to look at those defying eyes of Shion.


Shouma adds that being part of Company it is truly comfortable, since as long as one has his ideals on the same page as Ryuzu, one is free to do what they please… So in truth they aren´t Ryuzu´s subordinates or vassals…They are more as Comrades who share the same goal. And for Shouma that means that he can move to wherever he pleases and looks what he wants to see more closely.

Shouma then delivers the message that it was entrust to him… A message to Ibuki. That his punishment is being prepared, one that would make him drown in agony and regret… So please look forward to it.

Both Ibuki and Shion have enough of him and attack him! But Shouma now is ready and avoids both attacks and leaves quickly with his bike!...Man everyone wants to hit Shouma…Even I do!


Back with Chrono. Chrono can´t make the Depends cards to work so he doubts if he has such ability. Taiyou meanwhile is reforming his deck, choosing his cards. He wants to beat Hiroki!...No, rather, he wants to beat his past self, the one who yearn for power and believed that power makes right.

Suddenly Kanzaki comes and gives him some tips…More on the philosophical side…Like Vanguard´s version of the “Hearth of the cards”. Anyway, Kanzaki stops and says that he shouldn´t have said that since he swore to hold it until the doubts inside Taiyou where erased! Still Taiyou is happy and continues making his deck.


Kanzaki then adds that Company must be preparing his Punishment or Judgement… And that it is most likely that they would start with the branch, base of operations and the leaders of such plan. And after that for the people who are investigating them…

At the next morning both Taiyou and Chrono leaves with Kanzaki´s horses, Chrono gives his thanks…Still Kanzaki just says that they are interfering with his training, so don´t come back!

Both Chrono and Taiyou leaves. Kanzaki smiles.

The Credits roll but it´s not the end!


In another part, Hiroki is looking at Mamoru and others who are investigating Company…Those evildoers! According to him. So Justice will be brought!...But first it´s time to call that Ace person…

Suddenly Chrono and Taiyou reched that place, it looks like Kanzaki´s guess was right.

Taiyou recognizes Chrono and calls him Ibuki´s Underling! Which angers Chrono…Still both will fight and if Chrono wins Hiroki will speak all he knows about Company!... Chrono was getting ready until Taiyou stops him…He wants to fight against Hiroki. Hiroki is alright with that…


Both fighters will fight again!

End of the Chapter.

My Impressions.

A good chapter all around! There was no slow moment or anything like that. The moment with Chrono´s Hair and Kanzaki´s horses was truly funny! So everything was well paced with all in all. Talking about Kanzaki, we got to see some loose ends about his story that weren´t revealed on the Original G Season, so it is good that we get some closure regarding this fact. Following to the next important thing it is that Ryuzu is being very active at defeating whatever thing that might comes from Ibuki, including Ibuki himself, since he is giving punishments to those who oppose him. On the same note, it is also curious to see that Company aren´t a truly unified group, and more of a bunch of people that shares a certain goal; but nothing more… BTW I found funny that now basically everyone wants to punch Shouma in the face!


Finally… Next chapter will be the rematch of Taiyou Vs. Hiroki! I truly though that it would be latter, you know, with more character development and all. Still. I am looking forward for that fight.

Anyway, my two cents. See ya next time!