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Turn 29: Hiroki Moriyama


The Chapter starts with Taiyou cleaning something…He remembers that time with Chrono, when he lost against Ryuzu and how Taiyou was so speechless that he couldn´t said anything.

In another part, Chrono has found Ibuki and he wants to know if it´s true that his Dad is alive.

Chrono explains to him about what happened on the past chapter, that a little kid who claimedbeing Ryuzo told him that his Father, Rive Shindou, it is still alive… Also he kicked his ass.


On Chrono´s mind there is no doubt that the Kid was Ryuzo, he even cited the proverbs!

Chrono insist to know if his Dad is still alive and remembers that on the last chapter of GIRS Crisis he saw something…His Dad with Chrono Dran.

Ibuki reveals the truth and says that he knows that his Father is alive, that he meet him 2 years ago, when Ibuki was traveling. From there he knew about Ryuzu and his plans. Also Rive give him the Depend Cards.


Chrono ask him why he didn´t told him anything?! Why keep it a secret?!

Ibuki responds saying that wanted to focus on defeating Ryuzu, so any detail that was not related with that objective he labeled it as unnecessary. Obviously Chrono is mad about that!

Ibuki decides to not to say anything more.


Meanwhile at United Sanctuary Branch . Taiyou is playing with a bunch of other kids, until the lights goes out and Hiroki Moriyama, “The Hero of Justice” appears and has decided that the United Sanctuary is a Din…I mean Den.

On any case, Hiroki has come with Ace/Am and it is saying that he is part of Company, and Company is justice! So since United Sanctuary Branch management are against Company, they are the enemies and he has come to face them and destroy the place!

Meanwhile Ibuki has received a phone call and he recives the message that some Kid who calls himself as part of the Company has arrived to Untied Sanctuary. So both Chrono and Ibuki will go there… Specially because Ren and the rest of AL4 are out doing other things.


At the same time, Hiroki knows of this, and he says that Ren and the others must have run, so he will claim winner by default and will just destroy the place.

Luckily by the United Sanctuary branch, Taiyou is there and he will oppose Hiroki! Hiroki first tells to Taiyou to get lost; but Taiyou responds saying that both of them must be of the same age!

Hiroki then decides to name Taiyou as theUnited Sanctuary representative, and challenges him to a fight! The Winner will be the one who is right, ergo, the Justice!


The Fight starts. Taiyou uses his classic Gold Paladin, while Hiroki uses the Dimension Police units! The fight starts normal, both fighters are upgrading their Vanguard and making damage.

Hiroki says that since he is Justice, the evildoers must do what the ones on the right side of history tells them to do!


Taiyou starts remembering how was the United Sanctuary Branch back with Kanzaki (Vanguards G first enemy)where the motto was that Weakness was a Sin, and because of that the weak must follow what the strong says until it stops being weak.

The fight continues and Taiyou brings his G4 Card! But Hiroki is a hard bone to chew and can´t make much damage! Hiroki also doesn´t lament the loss of teammates, and just discards them.


Then Hiroki decides to explain why he is in the right side of history, why he is Justice!

Hiroki was bullied. Heavily. Everyone messed with him and everyone laughed at him. No mercy for him, the evildoers never have.


Until one moment…

Hiroki raised his hands and punch back!

Before he knew…


They were at his mercy, he was right…He was the Justice!

Now on the present, Hiroki brings his G4 Card. Hiroki keeps explaining that after that, he become the “symbol of Justice” in the School, he used his force to make sure that the school laws where followed. He pushed the ones that ran on the school hallways; confiscated cellphones; pushed and was rude to the ones who go near to the flower beds. For the eyes of everybody… He was now a Bully, even Hiroki didn´t know that.

After Hiroki explained him, Taiyou couldn´t help himself but to see how he was back then… When he was hungry for more power and embraced Kanzakis ideals by hearth. Taiyou has to show him that the Strong it´s not always in the right, and can´t be a bully to others!


Hiroki continue with his turn and Taiyou blocks most of the attacks!

Now it´s Taiyou´s turn and he bring his G4 Card!


Taiyou makes some good moves, but Hiroki manages to block all of his attacks! The most Hiroki talks the more remembers him on how was he in the past!

Hiroki laughs at Taiyou and says that Justice will always prevail!... And when Company wins, Ryuzu will bring the Ultimate Justice!


Now Hiroki brings his G4 Card! Using different Skills he gives power up to his units! And his G4 Card is able to do a quadruple check! That´s too much!

The attack is so powerful that Taiyou can´t defend himself and looses.

Hiroki has won and decides to do what he has come to do… Destroy United Sanctuary Branch. Ace gets close and put a card on the table, she recites a chant and…


An Unit has appeared and it starts destroying the place!...In a matter of seconds the United Sanctuary Branch is no more.

When Ibuki and Chrono came in it was already too late. Taiyou is regretful that he couldn´t protect the United Sanctuary… Ibuki says that Ryuzu has started using units.


Chronor eceives a message that tells him that the first judgement has come, but there is no need to grieve, because paradise is coming…

That message was from Ryuzu.


Later Hiroki and Ace are going their way, Ace falls, she s weak. Hiroki mocks her and says that she is Half-Baked. On Ace/Am´s mind the words said by Enishi. That if she works good, Luna won´t have to do anything…It all depends on her own efforts.

Ace gets up and keeps walking.

End of the chapter.

My Impressions.

Since the beginning of Stride Gate, it was obvious that they were giving the message that this Arc will be very different from all the previous ones, it will be a more mature Arc…And with this chapter it is clear that they were serious in that!


I mean Hiroki in truth showed us a lot of deep, and in a very little time the show truly showed us in an amazing way, how twisted he is! And props to that since at the beginning of the chapter he was just annoying! Now he is a kiddo who is as twisted as Shouma!

…But unlike Shouma, Hiroki´s story was truly showed us in a sublime way that Nor past Vanguard season, or any Anime as of late has showed us. How the animation changed, how the direction went, the art style, the fact that there was little to no dialogue… In two mere minutes they showed us a lot of deep that one couldn´t expect in a Kids Show that promotes a Card Game like Vanguard… That was truly amazing and well done. The bullying and how can affect a person, even making them becoming bullies themselves or having a some sort of mental breakdown…

Show, don´t tell…Thatw as what this chapter gave us…And it was truly amazing. Now I am eager to know what will happen in the future!


On other things, I truly like how Am is developing in her arc, since she is not so antagonist now…Also it seems she gets very tired/damaged when she summons a zodiac unit.

Anyway, my two cents. See ya next time!