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Since this is tecnically the first chapter of this series, it is considered a continuation of the 26 chapters of GIRS Crisis. So in order to avoid confussion, It has been decided that this will count as chapter 27 instead of chapter 1.

Also if you want a more in depth explanation of what happened in GIRS Crisis, you can check these Articles.


But to put it short, i will say that Our Heroes after passing some test, finally have found the place where Ryuzu, the enemy, is and they are going to his place in order to destroy him!

Turn 27: Storm Ryuzu´s Lab.


The Chapter starts with Chrono dreaming. On his dream he was a little kid and meet Chrono Dran.

Chrono wakes up and finds that he is in a security car with Shion, Tokoha, Ibuki, Kamui, Kai, Miwa and Naoki. In there there are also lots and lots of guard officers.

They are going to were Ryuzu is…Theya re going to end his Schemes right now!

Meanwhile at the United Sanctuary base. Mamoru feels bad and useless since he believes he should have been in there.


Mamoru remembers a little while ago when Kouji gave them the instructions which is to go to where Ryuzu is, secure the Depend Cards, shut off all of Ryuzu´s operations and apprehend him. Mamoru was reluctant to let his little Sister and her friends to go, but their resolution was strong and he couldn´t do much about it.

Back at the present, Chris tells Mamoru that he has a very clear mission. To estabilize and be the public face of the Association on this new era that it´s coming… He has to make believe to the public that nothing wrong is happening, and to make an order inside the association.


Ren and the other members of AL4 Foo Fighters tells him that his Sister will be okay, since Kai and a professional guard are with them. So they will be fine.

Finally our Heroes have reached the place. The Invasion to Ryuzu´s Lab has begun!

The place looked lonely; but Kamui tells them that it was the same the last time he enter an underground Vanguard´s association facility.


And the robots finally came.

Our Heroes deal with them with easiness and keeps going forward!


Finally they find where the Depend Cards Units are guarded. Ibuki and the others where about to secure them until a child comes in and tells them that they are villains, and that he is the Hero of Justice!

That Kiddo is Hiroki Moriyama, a member of the Company! The secret group lead by Ryuzu and the persons who follow his ideals!

Hiroki electrifies the containers where the Units are and brings a bunch of Robots!


Kai tells to Ibuki and Try3 to go and search for Ryuzu! Kamui tags along by order of Kai and Miwa.

Ibuki, Kamui and Try3 reach to another weird room where another member of The Company was awaiting for them. Sousuke Wakamizu…A dude which it seems he likes to talk in third person.


Sousuke activates a machine and it seems that everyone is in a different place now. On the base they loss the communication and signal of Ibuki and the others.

Kamui is in front of Sousuke and he tells him that this GIRS System has made that the room where he was looks now totally different, like being in the true Planet Cray!


Meanwhile Tokoha it´s on the outskirts of a dark Castle ala Castlevania. In there she meets the other member of the company, the Dark Zone branch Chief. Satoru Enishi! A guy who also is a Chicks Magnet.

He believes on Ryuzu´s ideals and because of that he is helping as a part of The Company.


Meanwhile Shion faces his true Rival. Shinonome Shouma! Shion was about to kick his ass again! But a barrier protects him.

Shouma explains to him that Ryuzu is a pacifist and he doesn´t condone violence, so any kind of action of humans hurting another humans is forbidden. And in order to resolve any dispute is with Vanguard! That is one of Ryuzu´s ideals…Needless to say, Shouma is also a member of Company.


Meanwhile Chrono and Ibuki has been sent to where Ryusu is. He congratulates, specially Ibuki, for coming this far.

Ibuki detects that Ryuzu is basically a corpse now, he doesn´t have much time left. Ryuzu explains that is the price he paid for using the Depend Cards… If it wasn´t for this machines, he would be already dead.

Ryuzu continues and says that he summoned them because he wants to give his respects. GIRS Crisis was an amazing plan after all! Since in one shoot Ibuki avoided the summoning of the 12 Unit and found Ryuzu´s location. Truly masterful.


…But he is also very disappointed.

Ryuzu shows them the images of Kai and the others fighting his Robots…Using violence.

Ryuzu doesn´t like Violence, specially if it used in order to coerce someone´s conviction. He hates that…And because of that he pities them and despises them.


Chrono has enough of his things and yells at him! He tells him that he is using Vanguard´s units for his own ambition and try to steal Cray of its future!

Chrono also yells at him because he is the one who killed his Dad! How can be talking about his hatred to Violence when he is a murderer!?


Ryuzu´s brown lift up…He doesn´t explain and just says:

<<I See.>>

It seems that the story of how Chrono´s Dad was killed is still a mystery.

Ryuzu changes the topic and says that Vanguard is an instrument…One made in order to resolve the disputes in a (Luck &) Logical and fashionable way.


Ryuzu shows them how Kamui, Tokoha and Shion are fighting. And they are having it rough. Those guys are truly strong!

Ryuzu explains his plan…

When he gathers the 12 (Chinese) Zodiac Gear Chronicle creatures. A gate will be opened, the Stride Gate. Ryuzu will use that in order to lead the world to a perfect future, a Utopia… One world where there is no war, no one hates, no one suffers, everyone is happy. A perfect world where the Logic and reasons manifest themselves on the Earth. He will bring Justice!


Meanwhile Tokoha accuses Satoru (and Company) of brain washing Am. She wants that they leave alone Rummy Labyrinth! Satoru asks her if in truth she knows them? IWhat if they are willing to collaborate by their own free will? Satoru continues saying that “Friendship” she has with Am and Luna is nothing but mere transient convenience.

Tokoha is pissed off and attacks him! But Satoru blocks the attack and tells her to let those feelings go, since that puts her In harms way.


Tokoha asks him what his plan with them is?! Satoru says that for every just cause…There it is a price, it´s sad, but is necessary.

Tokoha has enough of him and tells him that he and everyone of Company are Scum! And she will protect both Luna and Am!

Meanwhile Shion is attacking Shouma, but he avoids the attacks! Shion says that there is no way that Shouma in truth believes in Ryuzu´s ideals. So what is his true motive?! Why he took down Kiba? His family´s conglomerate!?


Shouma just says all the things that must be passing on Shion´s mind… All of his feelings, his hatred, his fear…Everything. The path he has constructed for him, Shion is traveling it quite well… He is going to that Paradise of Desperation that he predicted for him back at G Original series.

Back with Ibuki, Chrono and Ryuzu. Ibuki says that all of the things Ryuzu said are utter nonsense! That his men must be securing the units right at this moment!...Which is true because Kai and the others defeated the robots.

Also his plans have failed! Ryuzu will be apprehended now!


Ryuzu is pissed off and tells him to know his Privile—I mean his place!

Suddenly all the units disappear. It seems everything was made in order to make them loose time while they gathered enough Stride Force in order to move the units to another place! Uh-Oh!

And with that every member of the company leaves too.

Suddenly Kamui, Tokoha and Shion are on the same room they were before.

Ryuzu tells to Ibuki and Chrono that he only needs one more Unit…But before that he wants to have a trial, something that shows to the unbelievers how he is in the right and…


…This Happens, his Death is soon to come. Still, even if he can´t see his goal, his ideals will move and continue until they become a reality.

<<For though a Righteous man falls seven times, he rises again>>

With those words (A slightly modified verse from Proverbs 24:16) Ryuzu dies and his body is set aflame. Ibuki and Chrono are witness of that… Way to go Ryuzu, you have traumatized a child!


The Credits roll…But it´s not the end!


Company is in a different location, Sousuke activates a machine… A child is born through unnatural ways. That Kid smiles at them…

End of the Chapter.

My Impressions

A Very strong episode! This series is off to a good start! Man, looking at how Ryuzu died in front of Chrono and Ibuki was something I didn´t see it coming! Specially since this is a kids show and all!


It was also amazingly show the motivations of Ryuzu and the Company… They truly see themselves as the good guys in here! They believe in the world of Peace made by Ryuzu. It truly shows us that one doesn´t need too much exposure in order for the people to see the point of a group. Although I have some doubts ,like Shion, about Shouma´s Intentions. Since he is a sociopath and all.

Judging by the Opening. It looks like Taiyou (Chrono´s Rival in Vanguard G) will be a part of Try3 now. Also it seems that the Veterans will take a somewhat of a background role now, since their part on the story is mostly told already.

Going back to Ryuzu´s motivation, they look like a little like the ones that Lucifer and Olga had in Luck & Logic, I have a feeling that Bushiroad likes those kind of stories now :P


Also I like that the things is sorta effed up with Ryuzu.

Also the opening and Ending where awesome!

Anyway, my two cents. See Ya Next Time!