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Turn 43: Perfect Future

The Chapter starts with Ryuzu, whose Stride Gate Machine has been activated, his plan is going to come accordingly.

Hiroki, with his deck in hand, is talking to himself saying that he is in the right in here; Enishi (also with his deck in hand) looks at Luna saying that he will make sure that he will make sure that her desire and his will be accomplished.


Shouma is looking at Enishi saying how twisted is Enishi, that in his mind everything needs a sacrifice, n order for the light to come a greater dark has to come and in order to undo such darkness and gets redemption one needs to get further into the darkness. After that Shouma goes to prepare himself.

Meanwhile Ibuki is with Try3, plus Taiyou, Jaime and Kamui; Shion is with Am and he agrees to help her, not because of her, but Luna, who is also a victim in all of this.


Am explain all of how the Stride Gate works, where the Peace Maker works like a battery. And after the gate is open the will of the Universe is brought via Judgment.

Suddenly Chrono gets a phone call…It´s Ryuzu.


Everyone goes where Ryuzu is he has a Smartphone in hand and releases it. While it falls, something takes Chrono´s consciousness. He and Ryuzu are in another plane as spiritual beings now.

Chrono can see his Dad, Rive and Ryuzu talking about the Depend Cards and how they got made, all thanks to Rive´s incredible imagination.


After that one can see that after Rive decided to left Ryuzu´s mad plan Ryuzu decided to progress further with his plan; Wakamizu is surprised at the big power that Kanzaki, the former United Sanctuary Branch Chief, has brought increasing the speed by almost 2 seconds! A lot for this weird power! Still, Ryuzu is not impressed by this.

Ryuzu goes to his weird room and tries to bring a G4 Card with his Depend Card, it seems he is unable, the cards don´t want to come here! The Miracle doesn´t want to appear again!


Suddenly… A Voice is heard…

<<<Is that your wish?>>>


Ryuzu appears in front of ChronoFang Tiger, unable to move and do anything; he has been sealed in there in order to do nothing.

ChronoFang tells him about his pain, the fact that he is the same as Ryuzu, he is someone who wishes for an everlasting peace; but he has been sealed, all of them, the Zodiac Beast can only watch how in Cray all the Units are in an eternal war, they can´t do nothing since their power is too great, one that will never end no matter what!; But now, with Ryuzu´s help and his wish, the dream of both of them can come, an everlasting peace for both worlds! No matter the price that it has to be paid!


Ryuzu accepts and ChronoFang reveals him the secret of the Zodiac Time Beasts and how they can open the Stride Gate!

Ryuzu goes back to this world and he is able to bring his first Zodiac Time Beast and seal it with the Depend Cards. Ryuzu starts laughing until…


He starts spitting blood, that´s the price… In order to attain eternal peace, a price has to be made and that is his own life. Still Ryuzu is decided to make his wish true! To bring a Perfect Future for everyone!


Chrono is back to his body and the cellphone finally falls, Ryuzu opens the Stride Gate! His Perfect Future is coming! A Bright Light makes itself visible for everyone, Chris detects the giant powers that are bringing by such light!

Suddenly everyone falls unconscious…


Chrono wakes up, it´s a little late, still he dressed himself with his School Uniform, His (hot) Aunt, Mikuru, is already preparing to leave and only says hi to him and leaves running, Chrono turns around and his Mom is serving him his breakfast while his Dad is reading the news paper. The three of them have a calm and normal conversation as any family. Rive tells his son about the opportunity he and his friends can have about facing international teams and test his Vangaurd skills with them! Awesome!

Ina ny case, it´s time for Chrono to go to the School, he grabs his things and his deck, he looks at the first card, it´s Chrono Dran, suddenly h starts crying, both his Mom and Dad ask him if it´s something wrong?


…This is not reality…

Chrono wakes up and Shion, Tokoha, Taiyou and Am are awake, Kamui and Jaime are in the ground unable to move, they are still unconscious. Ibuki is nowhere to be seen though.


ChronoFang Tiger reveals his wish that since Cray will always be in an eternal war either between them or against a foreign enemy (Void,Link Joker, Deletors) then it´s the best for Cray to be sacrificed and eliminated so the Units will be in peace at the very least in death.


Our Heroes wonder why everyone is like that and ChronoFang reveals them that everyone is in this state thanks to Ryuzu´s imagination, his vision of the perfect future is this, a perfect peaceful world who is feed by Ryuzu´s own imagination, still the law of the universe has decided that for every decision a Judgement has to come, the imposition of 2 opposing forces where one will come victorious and that is reflecting the will of this Universe or God or Budha or whatever you want!

So thanks to such law… Our Heroes, these 5 youngsters are the Arbiters, the ones whose fate is chained to Ryuzu and Company. 5 matches will come and a winner will be decided; Ryuzu, Shouma,Enishi, Hiroki and Luna are awaiting for Chrono,Shion,Tokoha,Taiyou and Luna.


The Judgment will come now!

End of the chapter.

My Impressions

An Amazing and Incredible Chapter!! I loved everything about this chapter, from how the things developed and the answer to the question on how Ryuzu got that information.


Man ChronoFang Tiger it´s truly an soured idealist so much that his wish for peace on Cray has been twisted to the bring that he believes that a dead Cray is a peaceful one! On similar note he is the same in some way with Ryuzu, who when he eventually dies I guess everyone will die too, in the hypothetical case that the judgment is in his favor.

On the same note, yeah, it seems Wakamizu is out of the equation now! Since Am will fight Luna or something; at the same time Hiroki will fight Taiyou; Tokoha agains Enishi; Shion Vs. Shouma and obviously Chrono Vs. Ryuzu!


Man an epic ending is upon us and there it is the question of what will Ibuki do!

Anyway, my two cents so see ya next time!

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