In The Latest Chapter Of... Cardfight!! Vanguard G (Recap)

Oh Um... This is akward... There is no new Chapter this week since it´s a recap chapter that only show the events so far...

So I think we should all just go Home and wait ´till next week, right?


Well you are damn right Chrono!. Let´s do something!. I Don´t know what but lets do it!.

You are damn right!...Wait, was that sarcasm?. Oh i can´t read the feelings of the interwebs anymore. BTW why there are so many pictures that aren´t from Vanguard anyway?!. This is supposed to be Serious!!.


Oh ok... That is a scary look...

Well... Withouth further Ado then... Let us beggin... I Think.

Cardfight!! Vanguard A [Not So True] Recap!.

Cardfight Vanguard is a Card Game Anime and something something... I Don´t know i thought this would be easier...A Better lets see some nice moments on both the original and G :P


Isn´t tthat a cute sweet moment. How both persons know each other and how one becomes a jerk and the other a stalker or something like that :P.

One of the most epic fights and with the , on my opinion, most well dveloped villain fo the entire show!. Ren Suzugamori!. Also Aichi rejects become a 100% Jerk like Ren Is!.

Oh The end of that glorious fight!. When Aichi shows to Ren that he is not a White and 100% Good Paladin like Blaster Blade, nor he is a 100% Evil one like Blaster Dark. He is a person with both good and bad Things, with different emotions and diferent motivations...He has come to accepts himself form what he is. Also Ren comes from the fact that he is starting to remember when Vanguard wasn´t only the thing he does in order to bully everyone.

I DOn´t know. I just founded it funny :P

Spoiler: She is not actually the stalked one.

Evil Aichi is Evil!...Well not so much, but he was the villain in a season. Also Kourin X Aichi was a SHip that started as a trainwreck and was cringeworthy, but they actually made it good!. They showed taht both of them do love each other, even if there is no kisses, and will do anything for each other... Sadly their relationship had to fail since both of them being together will mean that at the very least one of them would suffer :(

Ah... Yeah. Lobsters do sure pinch. Also Emi is a home wrecking :P

And we can´t forgget the amazin animation of the Movie!. Also Suiko is Hawt.

And here it´s an AMV made by Asuto KunG. Just to see more awesomeness of the Movie.

Oh and Vanguard G You Ask?

Well i sort of did on the first entrance. Here. You can read it.


Oh Come on!. Don´t be like that!.

Well that´s all... Sorry for your time wasted on...Whatever this thing Was.

Next week there it will be a truly entrance with the Chapter 39!!.

So See Ya Next Time!

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