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Chapter 19: The Power of a Bond! X Tiger.


In the Future... The World has become advanced in technology...But that technology comes with a price. ¡The Attack of Giant Monsters!.

And Who can defend Us?!.


The Earth Defence Organization Caesar!. Made by the veteran characthers of the original series: Kenji, Yuri and... Yuri´s Brother (forgot his name :P).

And they destroy the monster in a flashy way with the help of their mechs (who are of the Clan Dimensional Police). But there is one thing.


They destroyed the city.

Yuri Scold her Brother for acting so recklessly, luckily Kenji calm them down. And the Team go to his Base!...But one shadow is lurking in the shadows of the devastated place...

Now back tor eality...I mean to card Capital 2.


Kamui presents this DVD to both Chrono and Tokoha and say <<<Shut Up and watch it >>>.

So yeah...That was a Movie and it looks like that our friends of the Caesars Team became Movie Stars or something.

Tokoha explains him that The Team Caesar were a powerhouse in Vanguard Back in the day and even won the Nationals (until they were defeated two consecutives times By the AL4 Foo Fighters). The members are.


The pretty Girl is Yuri.

The Dude on black hair is her Brother Gai (thank you for saying his name!)

An the leader and a Roman Story Fanatic: Kenji, who even has won the title of "The Emperor".


But ¿Why do they made the movie?. Well, it looks like that while the three are in College in Singapur (Looks Like Yuri and Gai followed Kenji footsteps) they made this work of art to promote Vanguard.

And The store has a lot of those movies!.


So its Movie time people!.

Back to our Epic story. Our heroes are Relaxing in the Headquarters.


And Yuri is looking good!.

Anyway lets continue...

The Alarm starts!. An emergency has appeared!. They don´t know the details but it looks like that the monster they fought a short while ago ahs revived! (Thats a lot of details if you ask me).


Gai then Runs to the action when the responsible thing is to make a battle plan.

So Gai go to the destroyed place.


And he is stopped by his team mates. Yuri wanted to Scold him again...But the radar is showing some signals...

The Team divides and search for the enemy.

Gai takes out his vinoculars and.


Voyeurism?!...Right Now?!. I´m not saying no!, B-But she is your Sis Rob...

Oh... You divised the Monster...Ok... Forget what i said earlier...Please.

And Gai Attacks!. But he is reckless and could hurt her sister. Kenji comes in to stop Gai.


Gai says that Zeal, the Monster name, is near to Shadow , Yuris Mech, leg.

Yuri revises and she doesn´t found anything. Gai defend his ground and says that he watched it!.

While the two were arguing a Mini Zeal entered in Yuri´s Mech.

Yuri and Gai keep arguing, Kenji tries , and fails, to stop them... And is when the mini Zeal comes in action.


And Shadow attacks the Gai´s Tank!.

Yup that annoying bug is starting to do his business!.

Gai keeps arguing and Kenji tries to stop them but someone launched them Missiles!.


Our valiant team is being attacked!.


Zeal has attacked again!. And has upgraded his Grade too!.

And to make the things worse he has reached a new grade!.


How Our heroes will get away from this one!?.

The enemy is too strong for them individually!. So they combine their Megazor...I mean Mechs!.


Great Daikaisaer appears and he is awesome!!!.

The fight is in more even grounds!. Gai wants to use the super Beam but Yuri stops them because that beam could destroy the whole city!.

The discussions inside the group continues and is not doing them any favors!.

Then the beam comes out and harm a litle part of Zael and the beam is so powerful that goes to the space and!...


Yup... Boom.

Zael took the chance and Escapes!.

Kenji now Scold them both. He says that he know that combined the three of them can defeat any enemy, but with their actions and constant arguing They won´t win.


Gai then just he gets off of his Mech and leave.

Kenji also tolds Yuri that she should coll down a litle.


Meanwhile Chrono is suuper duper excited to know what will happen next!.

But is Bath time...And one person has to be clean!.


Back to our epic story!. Kenji is watching the Robots at the Headquarters. Kenji talks to a Random Engineer about what happened before and he says that he knows that anyone from them would shoot a comrade. And the Kenji sees something!.

Meanwhile Yuri is definitely not cooling off! Kenji suddenly enters the room and told her that he knows the reason of the strange attack of Shadow before.


And it was the Mini Zeal!. The proof, the acid mark that it left. He did it in order to provoke a fight so the Team Caesar would destroy between them!.

And Gai was saying the truth, he indeed sought Zeal!. And wasn´t doing any weird thing!.


Yuri now feels bad for doing and saying what she did.

But there is no time to think about it!. The Headquarters has activated the alarm!. A Grade 3 Monster has been divised!.

So Kenji and Yuri goes to action!.


Meanwhile Gai is eating at some place.

While Kenji and Yuri are having a rough time against Zeal!.

So Gai decides to leave the Place. I woder where he will go...

It looks like our heroes are done for!.


But Gai suddenly steps in and help his team mates!.

Both Yuri and Gai apologize to each other. Now that the things are settled betwen them. Is fusion time!.


And Great Daikaiser is preparing his super powerful attack!.

Zael goes to the stratosphere and Daikaiser follows him!.


But now there are two of them.

No... As a matter of fact they are surround them by them!!.There are million of them!.

So now Our Heroes has to destroy them!.


The enemy is strong, but the bonds between the Caesar Team will triumph!.

They use their beam but the enemy use the Quintet Wall (in the cards is an hability to draw 5 cards and it convines the defensive ower of said 5 cards).

The enemy attacks them. ¡¿How our heroes will survive?!.

But the Team doesn´t give up. And that will of conviction awoke...Something?. I don´t know a Space voice or something.


No, moreso is X-Tiger!. A legendary robot that appears in the Earth Darkest Hour!.

So they make a Stride Generation!.


And X-Tiger appears!. And with the God Cannon they destroy the enemy!.

And so the Earth was saved.

Now back at Card Capital 2.


Tokoha is returning the Movie. It was a... Corny, yeah that´s a good word.

But Chrono liked it!


So its a win...

And then suddenly...


The Real thing appears!. They are visiting their homes for some days so they decided to see their old buddies. Chrono tolds them how cool all of they are!.

And as any fan...


He is creeping them out... Also that Gai in truth isn´t some hot bloded guy, but a quite shy guy.

End of the Chapter.

My Impressions.

I have only on phrase. It was so bad it was good!. I mean the thing was Corny as heck but for some reason i couldn´t stop smiling!. The story, the characters, everything have vibes of a Saturday Morning Cartoon!.


Anyway, my Two cents.

So see you next time!