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Chapter 48: Conclusion


The Chapter starts with a quick resume of the past chapter.

Now Ibuki is doing his move, which is locking units like a mad man in order to give more power later when he unlocks them!


When he Unlocks some units he also unlock Chrono´s Gear Wolf only to retire him. Ouch!

So Now Excelics Messiah has 26000 Power and Critical +2!! Also his other units have like 20000 Power!

Could Chrono get out of this predicament?!

If he has some Perfect Guard maybe… Ouh. He doesn´t. I think Chrono is as good as dead then.


Still. Chrono smiles and tells Ibuki to Come on! He won´t Guard that attack!

Ibuki attacks and on his Triple Drive he Draws a Heal Trigger and a Critical!? Man… That is harsh.

Chrono recives the attack…

Chrono has…


Survived!? He managed to pull out two Heal triggers! Talking about lucky persons :P

Chrono starts laughing. Since That was a Close call! (I acted the same when in Splatoon the Tay people and me faced some Strong Japanese guys and won!).

Chrono Recognizes Ibuki´s Strengh and says that Ibuki is truly strong. Ibuki is surprised with that.


Ibuki Attacks!

Chrono remembers the first time he fought Ibuki. When Chrono was newbie at this and he was humiliated by him, because Chrono tought he was invincible, when in truth he was just a Kiddo who didn´t knew what he was doing.

Then remembers the Second time he fought him. When Chrono was about to leave Vanguard forever. But Ibuki was in there for him, in order to stop him from leaving this amazing hobby, by remembering him how much fun is this.


Chrono blocks the attack!

Chrono realizes that everytime that he was in trouble. Ibuki came in and helped him…On his own way, but he was always there.

Chrono was able to survive this turn!

It is Chrono´s Turn and he goes to everything or nothing mode! His “Final Turn” Proclamation!


Could Chrono be able to pull three damage to Ibuki?! Chrono draws his card. He smiles and put on the field…! A Grade… 0?! Ok… He goes all or nothing …Yeah.

With only three cards on the Field, Chrono is able to power up ChronoJet Dragon to more than 30000!


Maybe Chrono can´t bring a G4 Card now, but he truly knows how to make up for it!

Chrono feels that Gear Chronicle has always been with him, even when he looses, even when he hesitates…They are always there. And thanks to them, his world changed. He passed to be a lonely guy who most people tough that he was a trouble boy. To come to an understanding with the world and Himself, to have a Hobby and friends! And all of that is thanks to Gear Chronicle.

Ibuki realizes that even if he blocked with everything he has, the attack will come through… But still, Chrono won´t win unless he draws a Double Critical Trigger.


Ibuki decides to no Guard!

Chrono Attacks and his first Trigger is Critical! And the second is… Critical Again!

The Attack of Chrono went through!


Chrono has Won against Ibuki! The Person which the only way he was defeated was in a handicap match against Aichi and Kai from the original series!

Chrono hears a Voice.


The place is different. It is a blank space…A weird unit is in front of him. He looks like a little ChronoJet Dragon.

The Chibi ChronoJet says that he can finally hears Chrono´s Voice. And tells him Welcome back and hold his hand. That they meet again.

Chrono wakes up and search in his pocket. Were the Depend Card should be.


Now there is no White Cardboard…But a new Card. Chrono Dran. A Grade 0 Card.

The Miracle has happened. Ibuki is amazed.

Ibuki starts laughing in a way he never had! Everyone is amazed by that. Kouji Ibuki Formally presents himself to Chrono. Chrono says that he already knew and both of them shake hands.


Meanwhile at Card Capital 2.

Shin is about to tell Mikuru the truth about Ribe Shindou, Her Brother and Chrono´s Dad.


Back with Chrono and the bunch. All of them are looking the new card. Shion asks Chrono when did he get it. Chrono says that it just appeared on his pocket. That it was white just a little while ago.

Ibuki starts saying about The Depend Card… The White Cardboard who transformed into Chrono Dran.

The thing that Kanzaki was searching…

The Depend Card is a Card that act as a intermediary between our World and The Units World, Cray, and can help it to bring new units to our world and even took a physical form in here. That was what Kanzaki wanted…Although maybe he had a different Unit in mind.


What Chrono bringed was a Unit just for him.

Chrono puts the card in the field zone!


Nothing Happens…(Obviously it´s just a Card! :P)

Shion says that maybe it activates when they play. Chrono says that let´s do it.

Ibuki smiles and says that is all they need to know for now about those Things.


Also Ibuki says that there is someone like Kanzaki…Someone even stronger than him…Someone who already have a lot of Depend Cards in order to fulfill his ambitions…Ibuki´s Real enemy!

Ryuzu Myoujin!

Mamoru, who was watching on the Shadows, gets surprised by hear that name!

Shion feels he has heard that name before.

Ibuki says that Ryuzu Myoujin was a central member when the Vanguard Association was formed, the company that took the Cardfight!! Vanguard game when the Tatsunagi Group lefted it, it seems.


Other thing is that Ryuzu was also a friend of Ribe Shindou!

Chrono is surprised about that discovering of his Father!

Ibuki continues saying that both Ryuzu and Ribe brought the Gear Chronicle clan to this world.


But then something happened… And Ribe Shindou…

Meanwhile at Card Capital 2. Shin has told to Mikuru a Similar story that Ibuki told.

Shin also tells her that he learned the truth just a little while ago

Mikuru wants to do something. But Shin tells her that she must be patient for now. That some people are working hard in order to Take down Ryuzu…And Sadly, Mikuru will only interfere with them if she tries to do something.


Shin continues saying that he will not let it end like this, that Ribe Is his friend and he will do everything in order to take down Ryuzu! Shin also tells her that she must believe in them.

Back with our Heroes. Chrono is amazed at that discovery. Chrono doesn´t know what to do with that information.

Ibuki tells him that Chrono Should do nothing…This is Ibuki´s Fight his and his alone, and he doesn´t want to drag anybody to a place were he is.


Ibuki continues saying that he had to keep an eye on Chrono since he obtained Gear Chronicle. But it looks like there is no problem now. That Deck is Chrono´s and Chrono´s Alone.

Ibuki prepares to leave, he will continue fighting alone. Jaime asks him if he goes against Ryuzu. Which Ibuki says yes.

Ibuki also apologizes for all the troubles he make them pass.

Ibuki leaves.


Outside of that place. Mamoru asks Ibuki about what he said. If it was true what he said in there. Mamoru continues saying that Ryuzu is now a Honorary President of the Association and serves as a consultant in some things… Even though he is retired. Ibuki says that he know all of that. Mamoru says that Ibuki maybe enter the Association in order to track Ryuzu.

Ibuki responds sayin that what if he did?

Mamoru says ask if Ibuki is saying that the Association is complicit of Ryuzu´s Abition?


Ibuki responds him saying that if he is curious, he should check it out by himself and leaves…Ibuki says while he is leaving that he can´t ensure Mamoru´s safety if he does that tough.

Mamoru says that he will check those things by himself whenever he has the chance.


Some Days Later.

Some Days later at Card Capital 2. The gang is celebrating with a Good by party since Jaime´s Vacations are over and he has to go back to Europe.

The Trinity Dragon Trio says that the next time he comes they will give him a tour to Sumida!


Shion says that he will root for him on the Vanguard Euro League.

Tokoha tells him to take care.


Jaime goes on his romantic Endeavour and tells her that he will be all sad and lonely knowing that she will not be with him in Europe. Jaime holds Tokoha´s Hand…

But is interrupted by Kumi who says that she can´t let him have Tokoha! Jaime starts laughing. Taiyou starts laughing too!

Meanwhile Shin is hiding behind the counter feeling the terror if Mizaki (The Store Owner/Shin´s Cousin/ Shin´s Adoptive Daughter/ Original Series Veteran/ Super hawt Cool beauty) founds out that they are doing a Party again at the store… And then a phone call comes. Shin is terrified!


The Guys keep having fun…And Shin and Kamui are apologizing to Mizaki.

Chrono sits and look at his Chrono Dran unit. Shiona sks him whats up. Tokoha ask her too. Chrono tells them that he doesn´t know what to do with it.

Tokoha tells him the obvious…Put it in the deck! Also that this is the third unit that it has his name…So it must be fate!


Chrono decided that he will do that.

Meanwhile in another part.


Ribe Shindou is with Chrono Dran, Chrono Dran looks at a Star. Ribe says that it his time to leave. Chrono Dran leaves. And Ribe looks at him.

The Credits Roll. But it´s not the End!


Our Heroes are back at the School, the Summer Vacations are over. The Try3 Team leaves late at the School. They are at the door. When Shion and Tokoha notices something…

Ibuki is putting something at Chrono´s Locker. Ibuki says nothing and leaves.

Chrono screams that it was him all the time!!

The End.

My Impressions.

Good Chapter! With a lot of Answers and it opened us the doors for the New Season! Cardfight!! Vanguard G Girs Crisis!


This will be the last entry for this series in a while. But Don´t be sad! Since I plan to do more articles of Vanguard in the future, when? Who knows! But they will be in there. It has been a fun journey that it begun on January though. And this series has truly been special for me, so Yeah, I am getting a little sentimental.

Anyway, I hope that you have enjoyed this wild ride with me. And I Hope to keep seeing you again. Now with Attack on Titan Junior High!!

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