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Chapter 47: Chrono Vs. Ibuki.

The Chapter starts with some dudes talking about what happened the other day. The united Sanctuary branch is now a ghost town since not only Kanzaki and Team demise left, but also the enormous majority of the people who went there, both staff and players. And the rest of the staff that did stay are like headless chicken who doesn´t know what to do.

Taiyu is playing against the CPU when he see how some people gather. Ibuki has come back.


Meanwhile on Card Capital 2, Kumi has just defeated Chrono in an amazing way! Chrono wants another match, but Kumi is wondering if he is worthy of her time, joking of course.


Tokoha also announces that Kumi has an important message to give, and is that she has become a grade 2 fighter now!

Suddenly Taiyou steps in. Taiyou starts saying that he is grateful with them, and that he is sorry for what he did when Kanzaki was in charge of United Sanctuary. Our Heroes, Kumi and the trinity Dragon trio says that it´s no biggie. Even Taiyou get al blushed when Kumi grabs his shoulder.


Shion asks about what happened to United Sanctuary.


Taiyou start telling them. That Ibuki has come back like two weeks ago.

The people complained on why is he here, since he is the one who ignited all of what happened to the United Sanctuary Branch. Ibuki only responds saying that the Central headquarters sending him there in order to restore the order to the place, and when that is done, he will leave to the HQ again.


After that Ibuki just quietly started doing his work, he managed that all of the scientific, dangerous, and questionable equipment that it was from the Kanzaki era were disappeared and guarded in a container.

After that Ibuki eliminated the ranking system and the Dog Trainer program.

Slowly but surely the people started supporting him and helping him in the restoration of United Sanctuary . Taiyou is helping too, since he likes United Sanctuary and all.


Meanwhile at the Dragon Empire Branch. The branch chief is talking with Anjou Mamoru about the restoration of the United Sanctuary Branch. Also that since Kanzaki resigned before the meeting, they didn´t even bother on doing the meeting at the end. And since the HQ selected Ibuki on order to “Clean the House” then… The Branch chief is somewhat frustrated about that. Mamoru tells him that he understand his feeling. But is for the best.


Then someone comes in.


Hashima Rin has appeared! She just came and say that she doesn´t care if Mamoru one time beat her, it wasn´t anything that become her world or anything you baka!

Mamoru is confused.

Hashima continues saying if that Litle Sister of him talked about her, right?

Mamoru thinks for a second and then remembers that yeah she did.

Hashima Blushes and says that he must not make the wrong idea, that is not like she thought a lot about him, or that she likes him or anything, you baka!! >:(


That what he told her some time ago just entered one ear end left in the other. It didn´t stay.

The Branch Chief says that the one who says more that it doesn´t matter is because it did matter.


Hashima quickly as a lighting steps his foot!

Hashima leaves and say that give this message to Tokoha: “I´m Gonna win Next Time!”. And leaves.


Mamoru and the branch chief are blaffergasted.

Meanwhile at Card Capital 2. Tokoha suddenly got a Chill. Anyway. Tokoha is happy that United Sanctuary is going back to normal.


Kamui steps in and say that it all might be on Ibuki´s Plan.

Taiyou defends Ibuki saying that even if he created the strengthen program, the program what it does it is that makes him fight the CPU and that they got exercise…That by all means are not bad things, what it make it a bad thing were the thought of “Weakness is a Sin”, that make that the people were so afraid of losing That it all depend on the people who uses it.


Meanwhile Ibuki is passing by with his secretary, she says that most fighters have come back to United Sanctuary. And she asks him if he could stay with them as their Director, that´s what the fighters and the Staff wants.


Ibuki says that he was responsible for what happened on United Sanctuary on first place. And that´s why HQ sent him here, in order to make things right. And when that happens, he has to return there.

The Secretary continues saying that they truly need him in order to keep moving forward!


Ibuki says that it´s not a problem since the new Director has been already chosen.

Who Could it be…?


Him?! Ren Suzugamori?! Original Series first (And best) Villain?! Someone who passed from a nice guy to a total jerk to a lovable jerk?! Well… Things are going to get entertaining.

Anyway. Meanwhile at Card Capital 2. The trinity Dragon trio wants to fight against Taiyou, and he says that yeah. But before that he gives to Chrono a letter, it comes from Ibuki. It contains a map with a direction. Ibuki wants Chrono there.


Chrono remembers that when Kamui gave him the Depend Card, It also came with a message, that when everything has passed, he will give to Chrono an explanation for everything. It looks like the time is now.


Ibuki is on his office, which is quite empty. He is thinking about the Depend Card, and even with the Uproar from Kanzaki, He didn´t showed up. Ibuki is looking for “He”, so now he needs a bigger plan, a bigger plan to lured him there. He types on his Lap top “Plan-G”.


The Next Morning Chrono, Shion, Tokoha, Kamui and Jaime went to the selectioned place. Chrono wonders why all of them are there. Shion and Tokoha because they are his friend, Kamui because he is acquaintance with Ibuki, and Jaime because… Yeah he just wanted to.

Chrono asks to Kamui how he meet Ibuki.

Kamui tells him that he knew him from three years ago (Da Neon Messiah Movie!) that in that Ibuki Wanted to do some problems with Vanguard, and they were enemies, but in that time, he was also a victim of what happened. And in short, a lot of things happened with Ibuki and Kamui and his friends.


Ibuki finally comes to the place and he is ready to say all the truth to Chrono.

Chrono shows him the Depend Card, Ibuki is somewhat impressed and says that he is going to explain the truth about that card, and about everything.


Chrono interrupts him and says that he has enough of how Ibuki does this, and first he wants to kick his ass!

That he can´t move past him until the things with him are settled! So he wants to fight with him!


Ibuki Say Ok!


The Match starts!

The fight starts aggressively for both of them, since they are attacking with everything they got!


Chrono brings his G4 Card! Interdimentional Dragon! Chrono says that he is not the same guy he was back then, and that he will not loose against him again!

Chrono Attacks!

Anjou Mamoru has reached the place and decides to look on the shadows.


Meanwhile at Card Capital 2. Chrono´s (Hawt) Aunt, Mikuru, has come, this is the first time she comes here. She greets Shin and asks him if Chrono comes regularly here, Shin responds her that yes, he does, he is one of the strongest regulars in here. And that he always has fun with his friends.

Rinko starts saying that a little while ago, Chrono bring a friend to his house… She was happy for him because he never did that in the past. That even then she hates Vanguard, she is happy that thanks to that game, he is able to have friends…So yeah, maybe she has some mixed feelings.


Mikuru keeps saying that Chrono´s Mom died when he was still a baby and his father, Mikuru´s brother, just disappeared thanks to that game.


Also that it didn´t matter how much she wanted that Chrono stay with her, she was still a high School Student, too young and without a Job in order to raise a little Kid. So that´s why the State took him to an orphanatory were he only get separated from the world, looking at how the other kids were getting adopted, while he was left behind.

Chrono truly endured some hard times.

Shin recomforts her saying that even with that She worked really hard in order to get a sustainable job so she could adopt him. So yeah she must not feel sad. Mikuru appreciates that.


Meanwhile Chrono keeps fighting against Ibuki!

Ibuki brings his G4 Card! Genesis Dragon, Amnesty Messiah!

Ibuki starts locking Chrono Units! So they can´t attack nor defend nor retire!

Ibuki continues locking a unit of his in order to give more power!

Ibuki Attacks, but Chrono is able to defend himself! Still Ibuki didn´t unlock one of Chrono´s Rearguard, so Chrono can´t intercept with that unit!


Ibuki has Chrono under the ropes!

Still Chrono won´t give up!


Fan-Service time ladies! Chrono is naked (with perfect censorship) on his mind and he is thinking how sudden was his encounter with Gear Chronicle. And how his future has changed since that day, how he stands here is a thing he could have never imagined it.

Now Chrono has bring his G4 Card! ChronoDragon Nextage!

Chrono starts using the same move he did with Kanzaki! He starts returning units to the deck and then attacks! Ibuki Blocks but Chrono bring ChronoJet Dragon, Ibuki blocks again!


Chrono is not able to do a damage to Ibuki!

Chrono attacks one last time and makes a damage to Ibuki!

Ibuki bring his G4 Card! Genesis Dragon, Excelis Messiah!

The Things heat up… But is the end of the chapter.

The credits Roll but is not the end!


Back at card capital 2 Shin says that he has something to tell her, about Ribe, Mikuru´s Brother.

End of the Chapter.

My Impressions.

Amazing Chapter! The fight is somewhat slow, but is good to see what will happen on the future, we are reaching the conclusion, also Ren Suzugamori will be a Director?! Ok… It is weird, but Ok.


The Next Chapter is the last one of the Season!

Anyway, my two cents. So See you next time!

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