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The Chapter starts with the last scene of the past chapter. Were Kanzaki bringed his trump card.

The Announcer says that everyone who face the Aurageyser Doomed will know only terror and despair.


The audience is supporting Kanzaki, since he has won every time he uses that card. Taiyou keeps with his internal struggle.

Kanzaki tells to Chrono that it is inevitable for someone wtrong to crush the weakling…So Pathethic …And unsightly.

Kanzaki activates the skill of claret sword dragon which makes him call the black winged swordbreaker, which is which is Grade 1, which activates the skill of Brown Knight Grosne ,which gives him +3000 power; Kanzaki then calls another grosne. Now he uses the hability or Aurageyser Doomed Skill, in which he will sacrifice three rearguard units and he will draw 2 cards from his deck, and for any grade 1 or lower he obtains he can retires one rear guard of the enemy…But what is the possibility for that to happen, right?


Oh… He did draw 2 grades 1 or lower.

Two rear guard units of Chrono are retired!

Kanzaki continues with his move and the other effect is that he gets an extra critical. Say wha?!!


Now Kanzaki calls three grade one or less units and they give a total of +9000 to both Grosne units!

Kanzaki has made that Chrono didn´t had any rearguard unit, his vanguard is truly powerful and has extra critical, and his rearguards are truly strong, and will get stronger when they boost!

The things look grim for Chrono!!

Kanzaki attacks!


Chrono used a Perfect Guard and bloqued the attack of Aurageyser Doomed!! Still Chrono isn´t out of the loop, since the triple drive is coming and Kanzaki still has two units to attack.

Chrono says that he is truly having fun on this fight, that Vanguard must be this way!

Taiyou is amazed how Chrono can smile on such a dire situation.

Kanzaki does his triple drive and gets 1 heal trigger and 2 critical trigger. So he has 4 damage now and his units will do more damage now!


Kanzaki attacks and Chrono is able to block both attacks! The audience is truly wondering whoa re these Try3 guys!

Taiyou´s heart is aching…Is either he is having a heart attack or is getting bigger or what?!

Tha Audience is truly immersed in. They can´t put their eyes out of the awesome fights they had! That must be why Ibuki wanted them to look at!


Now is Chrono´s Turn and he says that yeah, he might be weaker than Kanzaki …But even then, he won´t allow to give up!

After hearing that. Taiyou started running.

He has realized that yeh, he hated being alone, and he was terrified of the mere tought of losing. So he just was trying to avoid looking at his weak self…Using a mask, instead to make the true him come out and became strong…The way Taiyou was doing things, wasn´t a way to make him strong, but to avoid reality. Now he understands that! Being Strong is not being invincible, but keeping going ahead with both your heart and your mind, even on the face of doom! (Being wise is to know what you can change and what you can´t )


Taiyou has reached the place were the fight is getting and is supporting Chrono and has throw his bracelet! Other people is now supporting Chrono! , man whatever who loose, the people will riot for sure. They truly are passionate.

Kanzaki says Nonsense and Chrono ask him if he doesn´t feel anything? Even though this is much fun, even though everyone is fired up. Kanzaki responds that anything of that has any value. Theya re worthless.


Chrono says that they do have value and they worth. That the hearth makes people strong.

Chrono brings his G4 Card ChronoDragon Nextage! He activates it´s skill and gets Grosne to the bottom of the deck! Now his Gear Wolf unit gets +3000 power when another unit is returned to the deck! He moves him to the front row and attack the other grosne! Now Kanzaki can´t intercept!


Chrono attacks Kanzaki´s Vanguard! Kanzaki blocks with a perfect guard!

Kanzaki adds that the weakling can´t change the future but Chrono is two steps ahead of him, since he knew he will block that attack!

From Chrono´s triple drive he gets a draw trigger which let him draw a card and a unit gets more power up, he gives the power up to the backrow rearguard unit Steam Sacara,Gigi.


Kamui now understands Chrono´s Plan, he didn´t boost ChronoDragon Nextage because he knew that Kanzaki will block. But now it is the time to make some true damage!

Usin the another skill of ChronoDragon Nextage he brings ChronoJet Dragon! He boost with Gigi and Chrono attacks!

Also if Chrono fails to defeat Kanzaki this turn, He will lose, so this is truly his last attack.


The people has went nuts! I Tell you they will riot!

Kanzaki says that the hearth makes people weak, that they are only wasting their time and breath.

Chrono uses the skill of Chronojet and kanzaki can´t block with any Grade 1 units! Kanzaki bloscks with a Grade 0!


Everything will depend on the triggers that Chrono might or not might draw!

The first One…No trigger.

The Second one is a Critical Trigger! The attack comes through!

Chrono has made the miracle!


The Stride force was so powerful, the imagination of everyone is so big that ChronoJet Dragon has surpassed the reality itself! The lights went out and some thing has broken. ChronoJet Dragon punch´s Kanzaki on the face sending him to some nearby water pool!

ChronoJet Dragon erases…Since the miracles are rare and only stay a short little time.

Kanzaki sees that the same thing happened that other time… The transcendence of a miracle.


Now Kanzaki understands something…What was missing for him.

The lights come back…Kanzaki has 6 damage and is on the water…The announcer can´t believe it.

Chrono Won!

Tokoha and Shion congratulates him Taiyou is truly happy for Chrono.

Kanzaki Chuckles He put off his bracelets and say that he will resign from his position as United Sanctuary Branch Chief.


Everyone is impressed for that. What will be of United Sanctuary Branch?!

The People starts throwing his bracelets in confusion!


Outside. Kanzaki has gone with his super ultra magic anti gravitational Horse! (How does he do that?!)

Kanzaki is thinking that maybe he wasn´t worthy of the miracle. Then there is only one thing to do Improve itself! And with that he will make the miracle! (Guy…Don´t you see that you are sit on a Miracle itself?! That frigging Horse is defying Gravity!)


Meanwhile Chrono and his friends are outside of the United Sanctuary Branch. Kumi wonders what will happen to this place, Tokoha tells her that surely her Brother and the association will control the situation soon.

Jaime says that the fight that Chrono had make the hearths of all of the people tremble. Kamui wonders of that is what Ibuki wanted? Maybe because he wanted that everyone on United Sanctuary get their eyes litted again?

Taiyou comes and Chrono gets close to him, he thanks Taiyou since cheering for him it is what truly puts everything in motion. And he gived him courage.


Taiyou asks if he can fight against Chrono one more time?

Chrono says that forget it!...Because he wants to fight with him more than one time!

Now Chrono has bring back his buddy, Taiyou. Everyone goes and celebrates with him…Specially Jaime who threw himself to the back of all of them and all of them fell to the ground.


The Credits Roll but it´s not the end!

Ibuki goes to Card Capital 2 and is greeted by Shin. Ibuki says that he has a message from Rive Shindou…Shin´s Team member and friend and…Chrono´s Dad.


End of the Chapter.

My Impressions.

Excellent Chapter!! Those two turns of the fight were intense! Man Chrono had it rough but he managed to get through it! Also Taiyou was developed in a good and successful way! Now we are to merely two chapters to the big season finale! And then we will be going to GIRS Crisis!


Anyway, my two cents. So See ya next time!