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Chapter 44: Chrono Vs. Taiyou.


The Chapter starts with Chrono in the Bathroom, he is remembering the word that Kanzaki said the past Chapter, about the Miracle and the Depend Card.

Chrono is al fire up and he swears that he will make Kanzaki pay!

Then the sound of the Flush from the Toilet is heard...Jaime was doing his business in there.


Jaime comes out and says that Chrono is truly Stiff without double meaning), he wash his hands and the pull Chrono´s Cheecks, like the grandmas do with her grandsons.

Chrono tells him to stop it. Jaime jokes saying that he washed his hands, so it´s clean. Then Jaime remembers him, why is he here...And that he has to have fun.


The Fight is about to start and the announcer makes the introduction for Taiyou, on how he gets from the low ranks to the high levels and such. Taiyou is received with a high ovation, his “friends” say that he must win and give back the united Sanctuary Pride.

And when the announcer says Chrono from Team Try3, the public starts booing him... Stay classy United Sanctuary.

Chrono is ushed by both Shion and Tokoha , Chrono looks back and see that both of them are cheering for him.


Both Chrono and Taiyou are already on their respective place. The United Sanctuary bunch is truly desperate for a win.

And the fight starts!

The match starts and the turns goes quite normal, attacking and riding.

Chrono syas that this looks like the match they have some time ago. Taiyou is confident that he will win.


Chrono brings his G4 Card! Epoch Maker! and starts doing his combo of returning units to the Deck! Still only one attack comes through!

Now Taiyou bring his G4 Card! Cambell! Taiyou starts attacking and calling units using the skills of his cards! He has called units that absically are powerful sword and an amazing shield!


Taiyou says that he has passed countless hours fightning Gear chronicles units, all in order to defeat Chrono! He continues saying that when he wins he will show that United Sanctuary is right, and that when he was a loser, he was alone , but being strong gave him a lot of things! He even have friends now!

“Is it Fun?” Chrono Asks. Taiyou respond saying that what does he mean with “Fun”? Taiyou also said that it doesn´t matter what does he have, he will win.

Chrono brings his other G4 Card! Upheaval Pegasus!

He activate sthe skill and wipe out the rear guards of Taiyou! And then the same quantity are bringed from the top of the deck!


Taiyou brings his another G4 Card! Spearcross Dragon! He activates the skill and brings card that have on it´s effect the words “Generation Call” , then he activates the skill of another unit were he comes back to the deck and bring another card and then gives boost to other units, and he does that 2 times! His deck is basically Anti Chrono.

Taiyou attacks but Chrono blocks! Now Chrono is in a predicament. He can block, and survive, but doing that he wold be left with no cards on his hands, and then How he will attack now?


Then Both Tokoha and Shion yells at him and remembers him why is he there. The bunch of the Card Capital 2 also cheer for him!

Taiyou attacks but Chrono blocks it with all his hand and with cards on the field!

Now they are 5-5. The moment of truth has come!


Taiyou calculates and says that still he has the upper hand, he then sees Chrono´s Eyes and gets impressed. Chrono smiles at him and tells him that he has become much, much stronger than before.

taiyoi responds that he has been training in order to defeat him, but Chrono won´t understand that, since he has been strong from the begining.

Chrono responds that yeah, The wins make him happy, and yeah, losing can be frustrating, but...That´s not all there it is in the world, and Vanguard, he has meets countless of people, he has had fights, problems, but right now, they are together and Vanguard has brought them together. Laughing, making memories, sharing problems, that is what makes Vanguard Fun, not winning/Losing.


Now Chrono brings his G4 Card! Chrono Dragon Nextage!

Meanwhile the scientist are telling Kanzaki that the system has been rebooted and there has been some weird phenomenoms since the fight between Chrono and Taiyou started.


Chrono starts using skills that return to the deck and attacking with his units!

Chrono tells him that the first time he fought with him, he truly had a good time, and asks Taiyou. Why does he started playing Vanguard? Just because he wanted to be strong? There is Karate and other hobbies for that! So in truth he was playing Vanguard beca-

Taiyou can´t respond and demand to Chrono to shut it by yelling no!

Taiyou says to himself that he needs to calm down...Taiyou is breaking.

Kanzaki comes in to see the match, Chrono attacks! that attack brings memories to Kanzaki...That the person who made the miracle that last time also used a Gear Chronicle deck.


Taiyou Blocks, but Chrono gets a trigger and give all of the effect to another card. Taiyou is feeling a lot of pression!

The second skill of Chrono dragon Nextage is activated and Chronojet Dragon comes back as a Vanguard!

Taiyou is in a midle of an emotional breackdown, he doesn´t want to lose, he doesn´t want to go back to being weak! After all...


...Weakness is a Sin...

That´s not true! replies Chrono Weakness is no Sin, and Lossin isn´t the end. Taiyou can fight, and keep fighting and choose a new future for himself!


Chronojet Dragon attacks! Chrono wins!

The public has gone silent...The announcer barely can say that Chrono Shindou won.

Now the public Can´t believe it! The Announcer say that Team Demise has been utterly and completely destroyed! what does this mean for United Sanctuary?!


Tokoha is happy that Chrono Won, but Shion wonders about Taiyou.

Taiyou is on the floor he can´t believe it he turns back to see his “friends” everyone has left him behind.


Taiyou starts crying. Chrono goes to where he is and comes closer Chrono smiles at him. But he gets interrupted.

Kanzaki is talking to him! He demand a fight with him!

Chrono says that bring it on! he saved him the trouble to go and search for him!

Taiyou tells him what is he trying to do? There is no way he can defeat the Branch Chief Kanzaki!


Chrono asks to Taiyou to watch the fight.

The final Fight is about to Begin!

The Credits Roll But... Huh?! It is the End? That´s Weird...Oh Well.

My Impressions.

Good Chapter! The fight was slower than the ones that Shion and Tokoha had, but still good. Still there is some things with Taiyou, that i hope gets worked on the fight that comes!


Now in the next chapter , unless there is some secret and sudden enemy awaiting, We will see the last fight! The Final Boss!, The United Sanctuary Branch Chief Kanzaki!

Anyway, my two cents, So See you Next Time!