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Chapter 42: Shion Vs. Shouma.


The Chapter starts with the last part in which the past chapter ended.

The Announcer is saying good things about Shouma, and that he will surely win!. He says that his opponent is Shion from Try3. The Public is truly vitoring for Shouma and Booing Shion, man that lost on the past fight truly had to hurt! Of course, Kumi and the rest of the gang of Cad Capital 2 counter it with some cheering sounds!


Shion will go first and Shouma will go second, also the battlefield will be chosen by Shion. Shion Choose the same battlefield were he lost again Shouma on the Regionals. He goes for a perfect fight it seems.

The fight starts and goes quite normal for the first turns, Riding, calling and attacking. Shouma says that it looks like the Shion´s Motivations are: The management of the United Sanctuary branch, The Branch Chief and that Taiyou guy. That it looks like the team Try3 is facing this match with a lot of feelings and resolutions. Shouma continues saying that he hopes tha they won´t forget that, but he doesn{t matter any of that.


Shouma says that he likes United Sanctuary. But that is all, he is not in favor nor against the ideology of this branch. Shouma attacks and keeps speaking, saying that he only wants to have fun, so he doesn´t need anything more. That this fight is only about Shion and him.

Now the check is 4-1 in favor to Shouma. Ouch Shion is in trouble! Shion rides Altmile and Shouma knows that, that unit has been on Shion´s deck since forerver. But he will be useless, he had already lost in the past.


Shion attacks and gets a heal trigger so he has one less damage point! Shouma wonders why Shion is so attached to that card, could be that Shion projects himself on that card?. Or maybe he has good memories with it...But either way, What´s the point?

Shion response is that just like Shouma has his way of do things, he has his way too! Shion Attacks!

Shouma says , with a dissapointment face, that Shion hasn´t changed at all. Now Shouma brings his G4 card, Great Agel Doombrace! and starts playing with the Soul, making Soul blast and Soul charge, giving more power to his units!


Shouma keeps speaking saying that Shion is the same one who lost before him on the Regionals. Shouma attacks! Shouma says that Shion still has his hands too full on too much Endeavours: Vanguard, Fencing and attending the matters of his family. That Shion keeps trying to do everything, and he comes half-baked in all of them! Uh-Oh. Shion is on 5 damage!

Man Shouma is cleaning the floor with Shion! The Trinity Dragon Trio tells to Kumi that Shion is in big trouble, since his Triggers either don´t appears when it matter the most, or they get wasted on the damage checks. Kamui comfort her telling her that Shion has been fighting against him a lot, so he is now truly strong!


Shion brings his G4 card! Shion gives more power to his unit, and thanks to the skill of Pir, he gets giving them way more! Shion confess that after he lost against Shouma, he was ready to leave Vanguard. But he realized something. That was a huge mistake!

Shion Attacks! Shouma blocks and no luck with the triggers for Shion! Shion keeps attacking and manages to do one point of damage! Chrono says that there is something that isn´t right with that Shouma Guy... He is still smirking. Like if he knew what it will come.

Even Taiyou realizes it and says, on his robotic/Zombie voice, that Shouma is always calm , never hesitant.


Shouma keeps saying that the problem of Shion is that he always try to do everything, but that is pretty hard. As a fighter, a fencer and with his responsabilities, Shion don´t get the results that he wanted, or is he wrong? Shion don´t respond.

Shouma keeps speaking and says that yeah, Shion can give his all, and he will get some results...But those are a Far Cry from what truly he wanted to obtain. Shion attacks but Shouma blocks! Shouma keeps saying that Shion always get nothing. That is the Paradox were Shion lives.

That is the tragedy were Shion Lives, he aims for the sky...But never left the ground.


The Announcer basically says that Shouma has already won.

And now Shouma bring his new G4 unit! And starts using the Soul again!, he use the Skill of his G4 Unit, Vanargand, and receives a “message from the heavens”


And now Shouma brings a revelation of his, he is a Psyquic and can see people´s future. That power he has since he was a kid. Kanzaki, who is looking the match says that is interesting, and that will explain why Shouma is always so calm. Ibuki, who was with him, receives a Phone call. He just says “Understood” and ends the call. He says to Kanzaki that it was a Call from the associatte Headquarters and he will take it. Ibuki leaves.

Shion don´t believe that thing and says ask if it´s a Bluff or Shouma can see Shion Losing! Shouma says that he can see the future of Shion. And is grim, Shion will never find a definitive resolution, but he keeps in that path feeling somewhat anxious. Shion refuses to change, and in the end Shion will fall...That is a disease that will en with his life! Ouchies! that is harsh!


Shouma keeps telling him that Despair is Shion´s Destiny. That his future is closed down on Darkness. Shouma attacks and Shion blocks!

Shouma makes his Drive Check... He didn´t get any triggers, who do you like thos app- Wha?! He return those cards to the Deck and makes the Drive Check again and receives lot´s of Crittical Triigers?!.


I Concur with you!

Shouma keeps speaking and says that he is the light that will lead Shion to a brighter future. The darkness is taking the stage. That he will become that darkness into light. Ok, Shouma you are a sociopath, obssesed with Shion and you are creeping me out. Shouma attaks and says that until that times comes, Shion must be embraced by the darkness!!

All the stage goes dark... Shion has lost?!


No! Shion Blocked it with a perfect guard!

Yeez Shion, no need to use those words! (AKA those words are a polite way to say “Get Fu$%#/”) Shouma attacks once more but Shion blocks him!


Now is Shion´s Turn. Shion says that their philosophies are different. That Shion wants to share his enjoyment with everyone, that his team mebers, friends, everyone gets to enjoy and have fun playing! That is the origin of his Vanguard! And that it´s his Light, his Joy.

Shion´s Future is not the one predicted by Shouma! but a diferent one!


Shion Brings his G4 Card! Soaring Divine Knight Altmile! The darkness has gone and a warm and gentle light has come!

The scientist are saying that the Stride power are going more than 9000!!

Shion says that when he lost against SHouma, he realized his weakness...But now he transformed it in his streght!


Shion gives more power to his units and is using some amazing combos that gives way more power! Basically abusing of his two Pir and calling units :P

Shion will kick Shouma arse and his superiority Complex! Shion will bring a future that Shouma can´t see!

Shion Attacks! and Wins!

The announcer is speechless! Shouma lost and Shion won!


Shouma is calm and says that it is good that he flies high, because if his wings are going to break...That way will be more fun! And with that he leaves...Jeez, that Shouma is a Sociopath!

Taiyou says that the strenght of Shouma was false, that is why he lost. Now is his turn against Chrono.

The Credits Roll but is not the end!


Ibuki has beaten the crap outta the scientist and is going closer to that card...The Depend Card.

My Impressions.

Good Chapter! The fight was slower, but still was good! Man, that Shouma is a sociopath, and Psyquich! and he leave a weird message to Shion.


Also we will know soon what are the true intentions of Ibuki!

Anyway, my two cents. So See You Next time!