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Chapter 40: Nextage.


The Chapter Starts with our Heroes remembering the events of the past chapter and they don´t know what to do since they want to show Taiyou that Vanguard is not only something to become strong...But is fun too!

Shion wasleaving and said goodbye to both Chrono and Tokoha, which by the way the three of them call them by their names now. Anyway, Shion´s butler tells him that he got a letter.


Shion runs to get both Tokoha and Chrono. The letter were the invitation to the special match against Team Demise on the United Sanctuary Branch. It´s Payback time!

The Next Day. The Team Try3 are on Card Capital 2. They are excited that they will face team demise, but Kamui says one litle problem: The thing is that the Dragon Empire branch has called for a Branch Chief assembly, the topic will be how United Sanctuary is doing things. Also if United Sanctiary is found guilty then the Branch will be suspended...So maybe the fight will never come.

So there is only one thing to do. Go and talk with the Dragon Empire Branch!


Now on the Dragon Empire Branch. Jaime is kinda bored, it looks like he was goig to do some tourim with Mamoru, but he has entered to a meeting with the Branch Chief and the Clan Leaders.

They are talking about what might come on the meeting. One of the Clan Leaders, which i will refer to as “Kai Clone 1”, said that Ibuki was dispatched there by the HQ o it´s truly weird what is happening.

Then Suddenly our Heroes arive!

The Team Try3 has come and they want to expose their things that they muts powpone the meeting until the special match , which is in the weekend so they can show to Taiyou and the others of the United Sanctuary Branch that Vanguard is fun!... The Clan leaders are reluctant to help them, since while they understand their feelings... What if they don´t come across? and besides the best way of action is by the meeting. They want to help the users of United Sanctuary Branch.


Chrono wanted to fight...But the clan leaders are mature people...who dress funny... so they said that a fight in a Card Game won´t serve on anything and won´t prove anyone´s point.

But the Branch Chief interfere...He wants to fight Chrono, and see how he truly feels, how strong is his decision.


The Fight is hard for Crono, since the Branch Chied is truly strong! He is playing with all he has and says to Chrono that he must show him his feelings on this fight!

Also he says that True Strenght is for the sake of the weak! clearly diferent thinking from the United Sanctuary Branch Chief.

But Chrono will not give up and will bring his G4 Card!


ChronoDragon Nextage! Chrono attacks but the Branch chief blocks him with a perfect guard! but The Branch chief feels he has seen enough, basically because he noted that Chrono smiled...Which means he is having fun. He stops the match and says that he feels the intentions of Chrono and his friends and he has some news.

That even on the Vanguard organization there are burocracy and times, so the meeting will be at the earliest on Monday...So in any means they will have their fight!

BTW the branch chief is cale Ryotaru Oyama...I always forget the name :P


The Trinit Dragon Trio is eating Okonomiyaki and talking about the events...Specially taht thinking of “Weakness is a Sin”.

Anyway they eat :P.


Now back at Card Capital 2 Shion is training with Kamui, He has given to Kamui a Shadow Paladin Deck which is similar tot he one used by the United Sanctaury Branch Chief. Kamui asked him why, if he is going to fight Shouma. Shion responded saying that he will face Shouma, and after he defeats him, he will face again the branch chief! Kamui supports him, also Shion will make a database with how the Team Demise memebers play, and how the Try 3 members play in order to see strenghts and weakpoins, he will give tat database to his friends later.

Shion´s Butler see how much has grown up Shion and is proud of him...Also he states that Shion truly doesn´t need him anymore.


Now With Tokoha, she is training with Mamoru, Mamoru tells her taht he fought against Rin in the past, and that maybe that fight hurted her. They also remember how She choose her clan, Neo-Nectar, it was basically because when Mamoru introduct her to Vangaurd he wanted her to use Narukami, but she was more interested in flowers and cute things, so she choose the Neo- Nectar because of that.

Also Tokoha lost a lot of times against Mamoru.

Tokoha also remembers her conection with Ahsha, and how that card has been with her since the begining, even when the other cards come in and out, Ahsha is still there.


Now With Chrono. He has bringed Jaime to his house, and the first thing he did was hitting on Chrono´s (Hawt) Aunt! She kickly brush him off in a corteous manner. Chrono says basically to knock it off...But Jaime plays and says that Chrono should start calling him “Unca” (Uncle).

Anyway, after the dinner, Chrono asks Jaime to who gave him that card, ChronoDragon Nextage, and Jaime says thats.... A Secret! and that besides it would be more fun to discovering it alone!...Weak sauce i say.


Anyway, they start playing since Chrono will train with him.

After some matches, Jaime asks him what it means to have fun? since he says that Taiyou should have fun with Vangaurd. Because maybe... Taiyou havs fun when he wins? Chrono responds that yeah, winning is fun, but he wants to show him other thing...Chrono states that when he fought Taiyou, he truly have fun, and not because he won, but because he gets to know Taiyou, how he felt, that fight with him felt like a conversation, and understanding...Both of them truly understated each other...That true fun.

Also it looks like both Chrono and Jaime played until they fell sleep. Chrono´s Aunt says that this is the first time Chrono brings someone to the house... So maybe that´s thanks to Vanguard.


Now back with Shion, he has already ended his Fencing lesson and he says to his Butler that after this he will go to his room and keep analyzing decks, so please he would bring his breakfast there. The Butler says that is Ok...But he wanted to give something to him...Almire Nextage... A Grade 4 card. He says to Shion that he has grow up and now is stronger ,that he wanted to give this to him, since he truly doesn´t need him anymore. Shion says thanks.


Now with Tokoha, it looks like the Anjou Siblings didn´t sleep at all... But Finally Tokoha has bested her Brother! she has won! Tokoha is truly happy and says that he wasn´t holding back, now he has a gift for her...Ahsha Nextage A Grade 4 card! She thanks him, although Mamoru says that she winned it with her own strengt. And now Tokoha finally fell asleep.

Meanwhile Taiyou is at the United Sanctuary Branch and he is going to get the training that the Team demise faced...He wants to ebcome stronger, so he can beact Chrono!

Kouji Ibuki is looking, at the same time Kamui wonders what Ibuki is trying to do... And if he truly can trust him.


Also Mamoru has been calling to Ibuki´s Cellphone to no avail... He wonders why someone like Ibuki would be with someone like Kanzaki.

At the same time, Ibuki is talking with Kanzaki, the United Sanctuary Branch Chief, and is telling him that most likely the Monday will be the day for the assembly of Branch Chiefs. Kanzaki deleagtes Ibuki as the one who should go. Ibuki says Ok and is preparing to leave.


Kanzaki stops him and tells him that he knows what is he planning. The fact that Ibuki is still here is because he is strong. Ibuki responds him that he too has found some value on Kanzaki´s existence and thats why he is still here.

And The day for the Match has come! It looks like every member of the United Sanctuary branch has come to see this. Also some special guest from card capital 2 has come.


So the match it´s going to begin!

The Credits Roll but is not the end!


Taiyou has come out fromt hat weird place, he looks tired. He is about to fall but Jouji Grabs him.

End of the Chapter.

My Impressions

Excelent chapter!. I know i say this a lot, but int ruth this was such a good chapter, we got some fight and a lot of nice development from the characters, also it looks like Ibuki is using Kanzaki, but at the same time Kanzaki is using him too. Also i will say the obvious. Taiyou is going to be the third member of Team Demise! But yeah, the chapter was excellent on my opinion.


Anyway my Two cents. So See you next time!