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Chapter 39: Solar Eclipse.


The Chapter starts with Jaime Alcaraz, who has come to Japan once again. He is flirtin with every girl he encounters, either old or youg. It doesn´matter to him!

Anyway, he found someone with... Long Hair.


Meanwhile at the Dragon Empire Branch, The Chief has reunited with the Clan Leaders (One is a cute chick with a dinosaur hat). They have discovered everything about what is happening on the United Sanctuary Branchs. (Oh also there is 2 Kai Clones in there :P).

The Chief says that while they can´t do much since the Branchs have certain autonomy from one to another. He has called to an assembly of the branch chiefs at the HQ.


Meanwhile Tokoha and Chrono are contemplating about all of what happened to them on the United Sanctuary Branch. Like the fact that Chrono had fighted Kouji Ibuki in the past, or that Yuya is in there and on general, all the mess that is the United Sanctuary Branch. All of them want to help somehow, but they don´t know how to.

Until Jaime comes in and greets them!


Jaime tells them that he is now on vacations, and he has bringed gifts!... Ugly Gifts but gifts nonetheless!. But he has a gift for his Amigo, Chrono Shindou, and is a new Card! someone on the airport stoped him and give it to him. An who was that person?!




He Forgot it :P

Well the card is none other than...


ChronoDragon Nextage... The Evolution of CrhonoJet Dragon!

And with that Chrono ask something to his friends!.


The next Day Taiyou is going to the United Sanctuary Branch. But Chrono stops him and tells him to acompaning him. Taiyou is reluctant at first but Chrono convinces him saying that he would fight him if he goes with him. So he goes :P.

They ended up meeting with all of the friends of Chrono: Shion, Tokoha, Kumi and the trinity Dragon Trio. It looks like the plan is to have a day full of fun with Taiyou!. Taiyou is again reluctant and looks through Chrono´s deception, but decides to stay since Jaime came in too!...And Jaime is a celebrity on Vanguard So...


At first it looks like Taiyou is reluctant to have fun and enjoy the moment... But while the day is going he starts having fun!

Chrono remembers that what he wants to do is to show Taiyou to have fun again, to smile again, so he though that maybe if Taiyou made some friends besides him, he will be like he was before going to United Sanctuary and will stop going to that place.


Also Tokoha is a sharpsooter she has a sniper view, man that girl surely has a lot of talents: Baseball player, Boyscout, Sniper view and a stew Nazi :P...Oh and Taiyou got a litle red when he got some closeness to Tokoha.

Anyway continuing. Taiyou is finally having fun with everyone!...Jaime is enjoying but he feels that maybe it´s not the right direction for Taiyou´s Problem...Still he hopes that Chrono´s feelings go through Taiyou´s Hearth... That sounded weird. Oh Well.

Everyone were wonderign to were to go...Until Someone appeared.

A No-Name Dog Trainer! and a Bulky one. He has come for Taiyou AKA A-044


Yeah... I thought that too.

Anyway, Tokoha will explain later to the trinity dragon team and Kumi... Now Chrono will fight against that Dog Trainer in order to let Taiyou go!

Taiyou wants to go in order to become strongher. But Chrono doesn´t want to let his friend go!


And The Fight Starts!

The Dog Trainer is using Mega Colony, who has a nasty hability called “Paralyzis” Which is an hability that makes that the oponent´s cards can´t stand again (Stand= Untap).


Also Chrono´s Opponent is a Dog Trainer, so he is quite strong. Taiyou also adds that he is A Rank, so that Dog Trainer is on top of the top.

It looks like Chrono is winning the battle, but that Dog Trainer looks confident. So now he brings his G4 Card! And starts doing that nasty Paralyzis thing!


He is doing some combo with paralyzing and drawing cards!

Chrono is able to hold his ground! although he can´t stand the units that got paralyzed.

Still Chrono hasn´t given up and he has his ways. He Brings his G4 Card and start doing some combos interchangin his units with others whoa ren´t under that condition!


Chrono gots the odds even! although Jaime is not so sure.

The Dog Trainer bring his other G4 Card and paralyzes basically everything! including Chrono´s Vanguard! Chrono can´t do nothing against that move! so in chrono´s next turn the only thing he can do is draw a card and end since he can technically stride and bring his G4 Card, but if it´s like that it will enter in that way.


The Dog Trainer says that Chrono should enter on the Program of the United Sanctaury Branch. That they become the weak in someone strong makes them Shine and... Weakness is a Sin and all that :P

Oh and he said something taht resonated with Taiyou: The Weak can´t do anything...The Weak can´t change anything.

The Dog Trainer tries to attack but Chrono block all of the attacks!

Chrono si ready to make a comeback and prove his point!


Here comes the New Chrono G4 Unit and the evolution of ChronoJet Dragon!

So Be Ready to watch in all of his Glory ChronoDragon Nextage!


Chrono activates it´s Skill! one rear-guard unit goes to the bottom of the deck And now with his units Chrono wins!

The Dog Trainer looks Crushed...And Sad...And miserable, oh man now i feel bad for him! It Looks like that Dog Trainer was someone with low self esteem and now that he was trong, he wanted that Taiyou were strong and stoped being a weakling who can´t do anything.


Chrono tries to say the good news to Taiyou but He doens´t look it that way. He says that he used to hate himself so much because his own weaknesses, he couldn´t make friends, being honest with his fathers or anything. He Couldn´t do anything...Nor he couldn´t change anything... But Now that he has found a way to overcome his weakneses, a Path to going forward a new posibility to a new future!...Now a Guy (Chrono) wants to left all of that!

Because someone who was strong from the begining Can´t understand that...The Feelings of the weaklings...The Losers. The one who is Wrong is Chrono! Taiyou tells him that Taiyou grabs the Dog Trainer and both of them leave.

A Sweet day with a sour twilight that day was... Now Taiyou is farther than ever from Chrono.


Chrono feels like crap and say that he is indeed wrong. Both Shion and Tokoha tries to cheer him up and say that they can make Taiyou smile again...Now With Vanguard!

The Credits Roll But is not the end!


Taiyou has reached a Winning rate of 98% on the United Sanctaury Branch! Kouji Ibuki goes to him and offered him an special training, the same one the Team Demise members took. Taiyou Agrees to that.

End of the Chapter.

My Impressions.

Amazing Chapter!. Well first thing first. Sorry for the unexpected delay. I had something to do this morning. But next week surely will be on it´s time :P.


Now with the chapter. It was good! we understand now Taiyou´s Feelings and why he wants to become strong, in some form he remembers me to Aichi, the main character of the original series, of course Aichi became strong on a diferent way (Losing a lot and trusting his friends) but still, both of them are quite similar.

Also it looks like the Dragon Empire Branch wants to do something about what is happening on the United Sanctuary branch! The things look interesting.

Anyway my Two cents so See ya next Time!