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Chapter 38: Miracle Card.


The Chapter Starts with Chrono and Ibuki, Chrono asks to Ibuki if he is the one responsible for all of the Messed up things that are happening on United Sanctuary.

Ibuki responds with a simple “If I Am”. Chrono tells him about Taiyou, on how at first he looked Vanguard was fun... But not anymore, not anymore.


Then the secretary tells Ibuki that he got visitors, to whom he says that they can come in. Both Shion, who´s is in pain on his wrist, and Tokoha comes in. Both Tokoha and Chrono are concerned about him and angry on the United Sanctuary Branch. Shion tells them that is not big deal and that he is fine.

Shion then proceeds to question Ibuki about why did him bring them here, and what is happening on the United Sanctuary Branch.


Meanwhile at the Dragon Empire Branch. Anjou Mamoru is saying good bye to some kids from another district who came to play, the kids looks happy. One of the Kids asks him if it´s Ok if they can come back again. Which Ajou basically says yes. The Kids leave Happily after hearing that.

Now on the Branch Chief office. Anjou says that the numbers of the United Sanctuary district that decide to go to Dragon Empire District are increasing...Of course, it´s vacations , but still... The numbers are high and it looks like it will only go higher. Mamoru says that while the people is free to play wherever they want, still...It´s quite curious. The Branch chief says that he doesn´t like the guy who is on charge of United Sanctuary. Mamoru says that he will investigate a litle more on what is happening.


Back in the United Sanctuary Branch. Ibuki tells our Heroes that the only thing happening in there is their fighter Program. A Program were they put the participants to fight and get better on their hanilities, an excersise training in order to overcome all of their obstacles and a Indoctri-I Mean pshichological program in order to have a strong mind.

And the results are grath!. The Unted Sanctuary Fighters are 41% higher than the fighters on another branches, also some of their fighters have a winninr attach rate of 80%, Impressive, huh?. Bt our Heroes are against this, about that mentality that everything is correct of they do it in order to win, Vanguardm everyone is more than that!. Ibuki responds saying that no one is forced to participate on this program, and that all of them are able to leave the program in any moment. That is hard to believe to our Heroes, but Ibuki continues with his explication, he says that thos bracelets, one can put it off if they want, of course that means they are willingly getting out of the program, but hardly anyone do that...Everyone wants to get better, stronger and break their own limits... And that is what push them forward. The United Sanctuary Branch only facilitates an space were they can reach their goals in a most efficient way.

At the same time, when the participants on the Program gets stronger, they get more and more invested in the program, and the fighters, alongside the Branch, go forward hand to hand... And that is the ideal of the Branch Chief, youchiro Kanzaki.


Tokoha then ask him about the Clan Leaders, who are stronger fighters and employees to the Vanguard afiliation, they serve as some form of Managers to the Branch. Ibuki responds him that the United Sanctuary Branch does not have any Clan Leader, all of them were compelled to resign from their jobs since they weren´t keen to the Ideals of the Branch Chief.

Shion says that the United Sancuary Branch is just the fiefdomn of Kanzaki and his underling, Kouji Ibuki.

Chrono have enough of it and challenge Ibuki to a Fight!.


Then a call is made to Ibuki´s Office. It Looks like the Branch Chief Kanzaki wants to test those three invaders. Ibuki tells them that if they want, they can refuse...But the United Sanctaury is not interested in those that run away. The Team Try3 accepts the challenge!.

Chrono says that even if they are Brats...There are things taht even Brats will stand their ground...And Never back down...Hold your ground...Holligans -Err... Sorry i just remembered those British movies :P.

Kanzaki will be fighting the three of them at the same time, that thanks to the magic of the GIRS System.


Our Heroes are ready and Ibuki tells them that the Chat will be open so they can comunicate with each other and with Kanzaki himself.

The Fight starts!.

Kanzaki is fighting like in those movies were a dude can play three different chess matches at the same time!.


Shouma comes to were Rin is, who is eating junk food again, man that chick surely has a fast metabolism! anyway, Shouma tells her that The branch Chief Kanzaki is fighting and he puts the channelw ere is the fight against Shion. He tells her that if she wants he can change the channel to were the Tokoha fight is. Rin just shows some anger and refuses that and says that she is not interested.

Our three Heroes make their moves and says that what is happening in here is not right, nor is Fun, and is not right to exploit weakness and look down on it!.


Kanzaki says that they show: Fury, Faith and Sympathy... Those principles are tiresome to hear time after time. He demands power!. Power to see if they can break their Ideals!

Kanzaki bring his G4 Cards!. He activate the Skill which is that for every rearguard he calls, he can draw one card, so his hand is never deplenished!. And now he attacks!.


<<Are You strong on your own?. What can this paltry amount of strength can teach me?>> He asks Shion.

Tokoha tells him that Vanguard should be fun, but he drives them to a corner! that doesn´t make any sense!. Tokoha brings her G4 Card and make some awesome moves!, basically she replenished her field after attacking. But kanzaki blocks all of her attacks.

Kanzakis ays that he can see Anjou Mamoru on the way how she fights.

<<The Strong know their Own Path!... Someone who can´t she dinfluence of others and is insecure about their own path cannot grasp the future!>>


Shion brings his G4 Card and do some awesome moves! Shion tells him that if you are on the end of your own path, why doesn´t he show others how to choose?! There are alot of paths, but he blocks them to follow only one! Shion attacks and Kanzaki Blocks the attack!

<<That´s Half-Baked. Several Paths? You´re weak because you sput nonsense like that! The Children of my United Sanctuary have no doubts! Anyone who can´t abandon unnecessary feelings and come up with only one answer... Cannot attain true stregth!>>


Chrono is also having a lot of troubles agains Kanzaki!

Meanwhile with the members of Team Demise, Shouma says that as always the Branch chief is not holding back. Rin Keeps eating junk food. Shouma basically says that he is Ok with the policys of this place. Rin Smiles... And eats.

Chrono brings his G4 Card!, fate rider Dragon and uses his skill that return an oponent card to the bottom of the deck, he then brings glimmerbreath dragon and do the same thing! Now Chrono attacks and say that Vanguard is the first thing were he could felt passionate about something and that his world truly changed!, Kanzaki blocks the attack.


<<That´s the Logic of the weak. Meeting People. Bonds. Friendship. Garbage! What meaning is there to this logrolling between losers?! Love is Unnecessary. A Heart makes people weak! So The Hearth is Unnecesary!>>

Kanzaki starts kicking the arse of our Heroes!

<<Weakness is a Sin. before the infinite glory of the victor, the losers existence has no value.>>


Kanzaki starts remembering something that teached him that...

Kanzaki was beaten by some mistery man... He was so shiny, so beautiful, Kanzaki in front of him was Ugly... That mysterious person extend his hand in order to help him raise up. Kanzaki then understood that his life had no meaning, that he was fragile... trivial... Powerless... Kanzaki starts crying. Thats how the motto “Weakness is a Sin” started up.


He says he looked something similar to a miracle... A Miracle Card. He says that Soon he will have it, and he will watch the event... That the children of his Branch will get the Power without hesitation!.

Then Kanzaki bring his G4 Cards and defeats our three Heroes!.

Shoma wonders about that Miracle card...

Kanzaki said that it has been fun, and that he didn´t had to bring his Trump Card. He invited them that if they want he can train them. Since the United Sanctuary Branch Doors are always open.


Chrono is frustrated by hi Loss. Kouji Ibuki was awaiting for him.

The Credits Roll but is not the end!.


Kanzaki is talking to a some sort of cientist. He asks on how it´s going, the cientist says that the Image conversion efficency is 0.2% greater than last time. He Pcked up some reaction from a card, but that´s all. He says that he will make the Miracle appears in front of him!, a divine unit, an inmense power. He will have it in his own hands!

End Of the Chapter.

My Impressions.

A Solid and Good Chapter. The moves were good, although the fight, since there were three at the same time, were sparse. But still, we got some more understanding of the United Sanctuary Branch and Kanzaki motivations on why is he doing what he is doing right now. So Yeah, it was good.


Anyway, my Two Cents. See You next Time!