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Chapter 37: Dog Trainer.


The Chapter starts with the last scene of the past chapter.

Our Heroes have decided to go into the United Sanctuary Branch!. This is because Chrono wants to rescue Taiyou, while Shion wants to know what happened to Yuya, and Tokoha just wants to tag along :P.


Chrono tries to open the door by force and fails miserably. Tokoha wonders why they are all secretive, since the Dragon Empire Branch has it´s doors open to the public. Then Shion detects a strange stand. He put his bracelet in tere and the door opens. He planed to just put that thing on the trash...But it might come in handy.

Inside the facilities they are received by a Gorilla-Like Guard and demand their bracelets, since thats the proud of a United Sanctuary Fighter. Chrono apologizes and the three of them put their bracelets on.


The Gorilla-Like Guard let Chrono Go on his own on a Floor, Tokoha on another one. He was goig to let Shion Go on another floor until he got a message... Someone special wanted to meet Shion.

Chrono watches a lot of fighters playing Vanguards...But none of them looks like is having fun, a child is scorned out and tries, while crying, to retire the bracelet... But something inside him prohibits from it. He got back to that place.


Chrono just wonder what is hapening until Taiyou appears in front of him!

Meanwhile with Tokoha. She is just watching some guys having a training Ala Ivan Draggo on Rocky 4!, she also see how some people are being brainwashed by repeating the phrase “Weakness is a sin!”. She just can´t believe how effed up is everything here! Then she watches her nemesis, Rin Hashima, who is eating a lot of junk food...Like always. She decides to run and catch her!


Now back with Shion, he has entered to a dark room. He sees a GIRS System, the Holographic system, the room iluminates and is greeted by Yuya!, Yuya is Shion´s Rival at fencing and sometime ago he entered in Vanguard to basically just Troll him out.

Shion demands answers for his questions: What is doing Yuya here?!; What is happening on the United Sanctuary Branch?!; and some others. Yuya says that he needs to be patient, or is it because he missed his god ol´ friend?.


Yuya says that they should catch up with each other... While they play Vanguard. Yuya put his deck on the GIRS System and the floor opens, a bucnh of people, all look like bad people BTW, comes in.

The Fight begins!. Yuya now uses the Dark Paladin, he has disposed of the Gold Paladin since they loosed against him.

Meanwhile at the offices of the United Sanctuary Branch. Kouji Ibuki is informed about three intruders. He says that he will handle this matter himself.


Taiyou tells Chrono that this is one of the streghten programs were the fighters fight and they recolect the data which gets analyzed.

Taiyou gets excited that Chrono is now a United Sanctuary Fighter so both of them can become strong together.

Taiyou wants to become strong because he is sick of being a punny boy, a shy boy, a ullied boy, so that´s why he wants strenght!.


Besides that the fighters Grade A get to enjoy a lot of luxury. But if a fighter fails, even if they are from team Demise, they will get punished gravily.

Chrono is just flabergasted.

Meanwhile Shion is having a tough time against Yuya. Because not only Yuya ahs become strongher, but because the bracelet inflict electric shocks to the player who receives damage in the game...And it looks like there are some “Software Errors” that has made that the Shion´s Bracelet gets a strongher shock than usual!


Still Shion is able to hold his ground and do some damage to Yuya!... But Yuya has no eletric Shock...It looks like is some “Software Error”.

Yuya has bringed his G4 Card! He sacrificed one of his rearguard units and gives more power!


Shion is in trouble and is suffering. Dang those “System Errors!”. The second skill activates, which emans that if Efnysien has attacked the oponent´s Vangaurd he will destroy one of the oponents Rearguards! nasty.

Meanwhile Tokoha has finally catched Rin. Tokoha asks her about what is happening on this place?!, the weird excersies ala Ivan Draggo, the weird indoctrinament to the power, and all of that. Rin just says that what does she care if they do that?. Tokoha says that the people in here is crazy since Vanguard is not only about winning or losing, but the fun that the game brings!.


That gave to Rin the memories when she was young and was beaten by Anjou Mamoru. Rin Laughs and sasy that was the exact same thing that Anjou Mamoru said. Tokoha is a litle confused. Rin now looks agresivier and she has recognized Tokoha as her Enemy.

Back with Shion. Yuya says that Shion is always like that: He goes into with a feble sense of Justice...When the truth is that Might makes Right...And the powerful is the one who is on the side of Justice, and Yuya is more powerful than Shion!.


Shion doesn´t listen any of the Yuya´s Nonsense and brings his G4 Card!. Using the habilities of the Royal Paladins, Shion empowers his units and gets full his side of the field!. With Samuel´s hability he makes 1 damage to Yuya!. Still the other attacks get blocked!.

From the audiences there are voices that says that Shion should just take off the Bracelet and surrender. But he will not listen to those voices!.

Yuya is losing his temper a litle. Then Shouma Shinonome of Team Demise appeared, he is looking at the match.


Shouma says that please don´t put him any attention and just keep fighting.

Yuya bring his G4 Card!. He will make the same move as the other time. Yuya decided tor espond on why is he on the United Sanctuary Branch...

Yuya was going to leave Vanguard after losing against Shion the other time...But Shouma found him and bringed him to United Sanctuary. Shouma also give Yuya some power... Power to control and manipulate all other fighter inferior to him. Shouma says that the money of Yuya´s family also comes in handy from time to time. So now Yuya is the Dog Trainer. Someone who will mold anybody inferior to him... Someone who will hurt anybody who loses, disapoints or behaves bad.


Yuya makes his play and ask for Shouma aproval... But his eyes are on other person: Shion, to whom he says that it looks like Shion is having lots of Pain.

Shion asks him if he is the one who bringed Yuya to this place, and if he is the one who teached him all of that nonsense!. Shouma says that the answers are Yes to the first and No to the second. That no one ordered this fight, although he has the power to end it... But he won´t.


Shion Sick of all of United Sanctuary in General and Shouma on particular!. Yuya says that he must pay attention to him.

All of Yuya Attack´s are blocked. Shion just had enough.


Shion bring another G4 Unit!, He uses the Skill of his G4 unit and gives him +15000 power and another critical. With a single attack he defeats Yuya.

Yuya has lost. He tries to put the responsability of his failure to another person. Shouma only snaps his fingers and other guards take him away.


Shion Demands to know what is going to happen to Yuya. Shoum answers saying that the United Sanctuary doesn´t need weaklings like him...And besides he preffer a more noble Animal to tame. Ok... In truth Shouma is freaking me out, he is like a sociopath or something.

Chrono has decided to take Taiyou out of here, he grab his hand and runs away!.

The credits roll but is not the end!.


Taiyou manages to liberate from Chrono, he doesn´t want to go anywhere, and he will get strongher thanks to the Coach Ibuki!.

And then the man Shows...

Ibuki and Chrono are again face to face.


End of the Chapter.

My Impressions.

Oh My God!. This chapter was awesome!, the fight was a litle slow but everything else was truly awesome!. Man Shouma can be truly scary!, i´m eager to know what is goig to happen now!.


Oh and here is the new Ending!. Enjoy!.

Also. It´s good to be back!.

Anyway my two cents. See you next time!.