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Chapter 36: United Sanctuary.


The Chapter starts with our Heroes, the Try3 team, that just arrived to the United Sanctuary Branch!. With a mission: Revenge!.

Everyone is truly exited. The boys want to meet Rin and the Girls Shouma. The tournament will be individual fights and if you lose, you go!. So Hardcore!. Only the first three places are going to get the chance to fight the Team demise. And also can become part of the United Sanctuary.


Rin is annoyed for all the screams of her fan boys, Shouma is Ok.

Shion and Tokoha remembers the defeats they got against them. Chrono, after seeing Ibuki, remember what he said to him on the Regionals.


The Tournament is about to start, but before that some words of the United Sanctuary Brand Chief: Yuichirou Kanzaki.

He basically says that Weakness is a Sin!. And that the Power is Light and United Sanctuary will give you that power!. So aim for that light!.

Also the United Sanctuary fighters (the guys with the bracelet) cheer for him, like if they were in some sort of sect or something. Oh well.


Chrono is a litle creeped out BTW.

The tournament starts and our heroes are kicking some mayor arse!. The fights continue and the losers go.


After a match, that Shion won, Shouma comes to say Hi. Shion says that he has come in order to fight him again. Shouma just says that he Hopes that Shion Climbs to the top.

Tokoha went to where Rin, and her fangirls,a re. She just tells her that she is going to won and fight against her. And this time she is going to win!. Tokoha retires and Rin only says that is annoying.


Chrono just looks at his next oponent , the he sees Taiyou, the kid to whom Chrono teached the basic rules of the game.

Meanwhile with Ibuki and the Team demise. The United Santuary people says that the fighters from their brand are crushing the competition... Witht he exception of these Three people: Chrono, Shion and Tokoha.


Now on the matches, against the fighters of United Sanctuary. Our Heroes are looking some weird things.

The guy who is fighting Chroono looks very nervous; The dude who lose against Shion just started crying for his lose in a completely sick and maddening way; and the chick who lost against Tokoha tried to run with tears on her eyes, she was captured by the guards of the branch and took her away. Ok... Someting creepy is hapening on here.


Ou three heroes noticed it and they feels that something fishy is hapening on here... If you ask me, the United sanctuary branch are the Manson Family of CardGames.

Now is time to the last three fights that will decide the three winners of the tournament!. Chrono says that there is no point on discussing this. They will just win and will get their chance to face Team Demise again and leave.


The Oponent for Chrono is Taiyou. Chrono is happy to see him, but Taiyou is strangely distant... Anyway the fights starts!.

The united Sanctuary people is flabergasted that our heroes made it to the finals.

Taiyou is surely a challenge to Chrono this time!. Taiyou also sounds robotic. He just needs the *Bip* Sounds and there you go, a Robot.


And now Taiyou is basically saying step by step all of the Chrono´s Moves!...And that is no Porblem.

Ok. All of the weird words about strenght and the No problem, and the attitude of Taiyou is surely creeping out Chrono!... And myself.


Basically Taiyou knows more about Gear Chronicle than Chrono himself!.

The United Sanctuary people says that Taiyou made it to an A ranked fighter in a matter of days. All thanks to the Stregthening Program... If you ask me is brainwashing and quitting all the fun of the game.

The dudes who are facing Shion and Tokoha are also acting like crazy mad mens!.

Taiyou keeps saying that there is no problem!. Chrono wants to know what happened to that timid and kind kid!.


Taiyou has bringed his G4 Card!. And make some awesome moves...Because is no problem.

Ok. Chrono is pissed!. He brings his another G4 card and send all of Taiyou´s Units back to the deck!.


Taiyou says... Again... No problem. And bring his another G4 Card!.

With the Skills of his cards Taiyou ended bringing a lot of units and give them more power. So what Chrono did wasn´t succesful.

The United Sanctuary people says that all of the fights that Chrono had on the Regional Tournament became data. So the fighters on United Sanctuary can fight against him on simulated fights and in that way find measures to defeat him!. And in the case of Taiyou, he had thousand of fights against Gear Chronicle...So he is now an Anti-Gear Chronicle specialist.



Ibuki says that he made Taiyou pass all of that since he has a conection with Chrono. Shouma is a litle amuzed by that, but says that is so Ibuki.

Taiyou says that by defating Chrono, he will obtain true strenght.

Taiyou has Chrono against the ropes!. Chrono is pissed off, creeped out and concerned for Taiyou!.


Taiyou says No problem again and make a twisted smile.

Chrono says that Taiyou is truly strong now...But fighting him is not exciting at all. And that Taiyou is mistaken on how he acts!.


Chrono brings his G4 Card!. Taiyou is freaked out since he didn´t know that unit!. Taiyou can´t move and his vision is cloudly!. He just doesn´t know what to do anymore!.

Taiyou is having backflash of his life and saying that he hasn´t changed at all...

Chrono wins!.


Taiyou is acting strange to his loss...Of couser not so crazy like the other people but still. Some guards come from Taiyou and took him away.

Shion notices that the guard who took him away is Yuya, His rival on fencing who enter Vangaurd just to troll him out basically.

Yuya´s eyes looks dead now.

Yuya tooks Taiyou to another part.

The credits roll but is not the end!.


Our heroes has won!. And they receive some of those bracelets and in the future they will notify them when their fight is going to be.

Tokoha feels weird since she doesn´t feel happy, even if they won.

Chrono says that after he has seen he just can´t go home now.

Our Heroes are going to break in!.

End of the Chapter.

My Impressions.

Amazing chapter!. The pacing was good and man. The United Sanctuary branch surely is sick and twisted. They act like the Manson family!. Now a new story arc starts since our Heroes will break in their facilities!. Man the things are going to be intense!.


Anyway my two cents so see you next time!.