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Chapter 35: Shin Nitta

The Chapter starts at Card Capital 2. Shion says the word “Revenge!” and shows to both Chrono and Tokoha a paper about a tournament that the United Sanctuary Branch will Host.

Chrono and Tokoha are at first reluctant but then Shion tells them that the Team Demise, with the exception of the nobody that Chrono beat on the tournament, will be in there.


Also that the winner will get invited to be the third member of team Demise!. Since that npbpdy that lost against Chrono is injured and can´t be a part of the Team Now.

The leader of Trinity Dragon fantasizes a litle about that.

Then Shion says that if one of them gets invited it will be another Vengeance!. Since they will let them down their proposal!. So all of them are pretty exited!. Chrono is a litle serious.


Shin notes the weird mood of Chrono


Chrono gets back home and his Aunt/ Adoptive Mother is on a business trip and won´t come back until tomorrow. He remembers what she said to him the other day. That his father disapeared 10 years ago because of Vanguard. His Father, Rive, went to a Vanguard event or something among those lines and then he suffer a sort of accident and since then he is either death or disapeared. And she don{t want that fate for Chrono.

Chrono was thinking about that when suddenly someon knocks at the door. It´s a guy with food, Soba to be exact. It has bringed the food order for Chrono and a weird package. Chrono didn´t ordered anything but he accepts anyway (Kids...Don´t do that!).


Now he is eating Free Soba and he got new cards!. Awesome!.


The Next day. It was a hot Summer day. And Chrono is walking on those hot Streets in order to reach to Card Capital 2.

When he reached there. A sign says that it is closed. Chrono can´t believe it!. But the door opens.


He enters, the place is empty, the lights are off and it´s hot in there!. The Air conditioner is off. He found something in there.


Shin has passed out in the floor.

An open windows and some water later. Shin explains to him that he was doing inventory and then he decided to clean the Air conditioner, that´s why it´s off. Shin gives thanks to Chrono. Shin asks Chrono if something is wrong since he looks concerned. Chrono starts talking but decides to say nothing and is preparing to leave.


Then Shin Says that since he is here, Why not they have a fight?. And besides fights are like mirrors, And Shin is sure that when Chrono fought he will get an answer for his troubles (...).


Chrono asks if Shin was a fighter and he says that yes. Although it has been some time since he fought someone that it´s not part of his family. Chrono was about to start but Shin stops him. He changed his Glasses. He looks diferent now.

He is not Shin Anymore. He is Shinemon Nitta!.

And the fight is about to begin!.


Shin Uses Murakumo!. The “Ninja” Units!.

Some turns later, the fight has been a litle slow since both of them haven´t done too much damage to each other.


The sunny sky suddenly gets cloudy. Chrono bring his G4 Card and uses his technique of making the Rearguard units of his oponent goes to the Bottom of the deck!.

It starts Raining.

Shin says that the Gear Chronicle clan has an interesting hability but...

Those things won´t work on Murakumo units.


Shin Brings his G4 Card and activates it´s Skill!. He van bring two cards from his Deck to the Field!. Now he gives them more power!. And now here it comes the best part:

The units from the back row can attack!.

5 attacks in a row!. Man that is harsh!.

Shin destroys all of Chrono´s Rearguards and do some more damage to Chrono!. At the end of his turn the units he bringed from the deck got back to it.


Chrono can´t believe what his eyes have seen!. He is all hyped of this fight!.

Chrono uses the same technique he did before and return a lot of rearguard units to the deck and do some good attacks against Shin!.


But is an old trick. Chrono says that SHin now has only Grade 0´s and stuff.

Shin says that Oh so he is in trouble...He wishes to say those things to Chrono but...


Shin has brought his other G4 Card!. Homura Raider!. He activates it´s skill and bring two Units from his deck!. He bring more units and activates the Skill of Homura!.


Shin Attacks Chrono Units and gets the field empty!. Next his Vanguard attacks and in normal situation he would do a Triple-Drive, but for his effect he will only take 2 cards.

Uh oh...a Critical Trigger... Chrono is against the Ropes. And the Skill activates!. By returning 3 cards with the same name.


Homura Raider can attack once more!. Uh-Oh!. There was no triggers this time and Chrono managed to defend himself... Just barely. Man that was intense!.


Now It´s Chrono´s turn and he brings his New G4 Unit!. And activates it´s Skill!.

All of the opponents Reargaurds go back to the deck!. In exchange the oponent will draw the same amount of cards and those will take the place on the field of the other Cards!.


Shin says that while that can destroy an strategy, but also it could bring something worse.

Shin bringed two Grade 0 who are heal trigger. f Chrono haven´t made that taht could ahve gotten ugly!.


Now Chrono Attacks!. Shin guard with three units!. Unless Chrono takes out two Triggers he won´t Win!.

Chrono does his Triple Drive.

The first one... Nothing.

The second one... A Critical Trigger.

The Third One...


A Critical Trigger!!.

So Chrono won just by the Hairs!.


Shin asks why he give the effect to his G4 unit instead of giving them to other unit?.

Chrono responded that he wanted to bet on himself and charge with everything and then somebody will respond to that.


Shin then shows him that on his hand he had some units to guard if Chrono would have put the effects on another card.

Shin (Now with his normal glasses) asks Chrono if he has a resolution now about the tings that is worrysome to him.


Chrono is surprised. Shin continues and says that it looks like that Chrono was too absorbed on the fight and he forgot everything. Chrono truly loves Vangaurd and he couldn´t quit. Even if somebody close to him doesn´t want to. Chrono asks how does SHin Knows?. Shin responds him that he had a hunch since those things sometimes happens. He has been in charge of Card stores for quite sometime and has seen a lot of things.

Shin ended saying that if Chrono is direct to the other person and express his feelings. Then the Door tot he future may open.


Chrono runs to his house, The rain stoped.


Later that Night. Shin is in a tower and Mikuru, Chrono´s [Hawt] Aunt comes in. It looks like both of them are acquaintaces for quite some time.

Shin says if she is going to look over Chrono from now.

Mikuru responds him that since she adopted Chrono as her Son, Chrono truly never asked her for anything and always was distant...Like if he didn´t wanted to be a burden or anything. He never gave any slefish problems, nor he telled her if he had some problems or anything. He acted like if she were an Stranger person to him... But today something changed.


That Evening Chrono said to her that he is still shaken up by the fact that his father was a Vanguard fighter and that he died because of it but...His world has gotten bigger!. He has been able to know lot´s of people and now he is able to trust on his own posibilities!. And that´s why he wants to continue playing Vanguard!. He even said Please!. He asked her for her permission.


Mikuru was speechless to that selfish request of that boy who never asked for anything before.


Mikuru said that she wanted to allowed him to keep doing it but still. Shin asks if Mikuru is afraid that Chrono could happen the same fate as Rive, the name of Chrono´s Dad. Shins ays that he fought Chrono today. Mikuru is impressed. Shins ays that he is confident that Chrono will overcome any obstacle that may comes to him. Also Chrono is not alone, he has a lot of allies that support him.

Mikuru says that Chrono, her Brother and Shin are all the same. They always talked about Vanguard. She remembers the Team that Rive made. They were close, like a single unit. She felt somewhat envious.


The Next Day Chrono was trying to leave his house in silence. Mikuru stops him asking him why he didn´t say “Good Bye”. Chronor esponds that he tough she still might be sleep so he didn´t wanted to wake her up.


Mikuru says that from now on she wants to be troubled by him. She wants to know what is up, if he is worried about something, if he wants anything or if he is going somewhere... You know. Being a Son and she being a Mom. Because if Chrono don´t do that she might not leting him play Vanguard anymore.

Then that means that Chrono has her permission to keep playing!. Chrono makes a big smile and leaves. He goes to his friends Shion and Tokoha.


End of the chapter.

My Impressions.

An Amazing episode!. The pacing was good!. The fight was awesome!. Man that SHin is a beast at Vanguard!. Chrono only won by mere chance!.


Also we get to know a litle more about Chrono´s Dad and his relationship with Shin and the Junior High Aichi´s History teacher.

Other thing is that i like how they get more deep on the background of some character who didin´t have much spotlight on the original series. I mean we knew that Shin is the uncle of Mizaki and his Adoptive father when her parents died on a car accident, and he loves her as her own daughter (So much that the tournament on the last chapter almost had the name of “Mizaki´s Memorial”). On the Teacher´s side we only knew that he is American and was an english teacher but since he is such a Japanese History nerd he ended up giving History classes. But now we know that both of them alongside Rive made a team!.


Also it was sweet the resolution of Mikuru concerning the way both She and Chrono managed themselves. Since Chrono even stated that the moment he has the age he will leave that house and go live alone. I think that Mikuru truly cares and loves Chrono but she never expressed or showed much interest in him. But now that might change.

Anyway, my two cents. See ya next time!

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