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Chapter 31: Shouma Shinonome.


The Chapter Starts with the Trinity Dragon Trio and Kumi who are trying to make Chrono helps Tokoha in feeling better (In a not kinky way) for loosing. They ask where is Shion. Tokoha responds that Shion is preparing himself alone for his fight.

Shion is searching on his Tablet info on his Opponent, but his Google search-Fu only finds superficial info. He says that if he had more time he would have found more info on them.


It is announced that the battle will begin on 10 minutes. Shion goes to the stage, he is walking but stumbles upon someone and his juice is spelled on the shirt of that person.

That person is Shouma Shinonome, his opponent.

They go to the bathroom and Shion apologizes and say that he will pay to make it clean. Shouma says that is no Biggie, that its just a cheap Shirt anyway.


After that Shouma basically says the Shion´s Biography: His Hobbies, His cards, etc.

After that they stretch Hands in a Good Sports Manner.

That Shouma looks like a nice guy, huh?. Not like those other Jerks of team Demise. But Shion detected that Shouma knows more about him than Shion about Shouma.


Rin is eating some snacks that i don´t know, she looks bored as always.

Meanwhile with the Team Try3, Tokoha says that Shion must win!. Preferably in a 0-6 Way!.


And the Match is about to begin!. Shouma selects the stage, a part of United Sanctuary for the fight.

And the fight starts!. Shion with his Royal Paladin against Shouma with his Genesis!.


The fight goes smoothly, although some plays made by Shouma goes off the tradition, like putting rearguard units in places not acostumed to (in places were they can´t boost other units).

And now both are two-two.

Shion brings his favorite Card!. Altmile!. But Shouma is Blocking everything!... And Rin keeps eating.


Now is Shouma´s Turn. And he says that it can´t be helped, that Shion just didin´t had time with all of his other things he focus on, he just didn´t had the time to make a proper investigation on his opponents. Shion is surprised that he even knows that! -OMG a Stalker!-. Anyway, Shouma says that Shion would have done the same...If he only had the time.

And Now Shouma brings his G4 Card!. And his strategy is showing up!. He brings card to his soul (The Cards under the Vanguard) , calls other units, later he send card from his Soul to retire and power up his Units even more and does it again, and special call other unit, basically the perfect circle.


Shouma says that maybe a Commoner like him wouldn´t know, but he guesses that this must be hard for Shion, since he is going to be the head of the Kiba Family someday. Man Dat Pasive-Agresive talking!.

He has Shion against the Ropes!. But Shion is not going to let himself loose!. He says that he won´t make excuses, but everyone is busy in their own way.

Shouma responds to him that Shion is humble, and that´s Good, he sincerely respects him. But he founds weird... The ehad of a rich and powerful family, and a Fencer, and add to that a Vangaurd Fighter. Man with just the first two is surely something busy, and add to that Vanguard?!. Those are just too many things to focus. But he is Curious, why he chooses Vanguard?.


Shion don´t say anything but remembers that Vangaurd was the first and only thing he choosed by himself, his first act of free will.

He Bring his G4 Card!. And using the Royal Paladin´s Skills he replenish his side of the field and empowers them!. And that is how you use Royal Paladins!.


Shion Activates his G4 Card Skill!. Which is if his side of the field is full he will make one damage to his opponent!. Now comes the good stuff!. Shion Attacks!.

All of Shion´s Attack are blocked!. Shouma says that he won´t do anything with those half-hearthed attacks.


Tokoha says that Shouma has wasted all of his hand and he doesn´t have much rear guards, so that will affect him in the next turn!. She got a point in there!. Meanwhile Rin is falling asleep, jeez that Woman just doesn´t care about anything, right?.

Shouma says that Shion must have realized already...That he can´t beat Shouma.

Shouma activates his G4 Card again and makes the same moves!. And he replenish his side of the field too!. Shion says to himself that if he only had that information, he woulc have prepared better.


Shion just barely makes it through that turn!.

And Shouma keeps with his Pasive-Agresive talk!. Man that talking is pushing all of Shion´s Buttons!. Evryone is noticing it, that Shion is not acting like always.


And now the ice of the Cake... Shouma brings Chrono to the conversation, saying that Chrono is truly a strong fighter, he beated his teammate easily, Chrono is going to go far on this Game!.

That Awoken some feelings that Shion haven´t felt in the past, those feelings of powerless, that he should have all of those chances and amazing oportunities that Chrono had, fighting Jaime Alcaraz, getting recognition, all of those thing should have been made for him, not for Chrono!. Shouma says that Chrono is destined to that because he puts everything on Vanguard...Not like others (CofShionCof).


Shion says that he won´t make excuses and remembers, that time he met Altmile. And with tthat he will do his everything on this turn and the turns after that!.

Shion Bring his New G4 Card!. And makes some awesome moves by powering his units!. And besides, he knows Shouma´s Card from the Checks!. So Shouma Can´t block them!.


Shion Attacks and makes his Triple Drive, everything depends on that!. If he can get out a Critical Trigger is game over and he won!.

His First Card... Nothing... His Second Card... Nothing . Everything depends on his third card. He Draws and...


No Trigger...All of his other attacks don´t come through. Now is Shouma´s Turn.

Now Shouma´s wins attacking him with Fenrir, his Grade 3 Card. Shouma Wins and says, withouth saying it, that Shion is just a weakling.


Now the Team Try3 is out of the Competition and Team Demises goes to the Best 8 eliminatories. Their dream of going to winning the Regionals, and the the Nationales was ended before it even begin.

Shion Apologizes for his loss, Tokoha says that it´s no Biggie, she losed too, and Chrono says that its anybodys fault. Still Shion feels like Crap, he doesn´t say anything and decides to leave.


Chrono Follows him and he encounters that Guy, Kouji Ibuki. Ibuki tells him that a Fight reveals everything about a person, and the results of that Match, and how both Tokoha and Shiona cted after losing, is how the “Everything” of his team is.

After that he just leaves.

Rin tells to Shouma that what a pity, that his favorite Shirt got ruined by Shion´s Juice. Shouma responds her saying the next: “How do you think one can keep a bird from the heavens in a basket?. You Clip its Wings.” Shouma touches the stain on his Shirt and is looking forward meeting him again.


In Another place, Ibuki is notyfing the head of the United Sanctuary Branch ,Yuichirou Kanzaki, he says that its normal that Team Demise won, but he receives a report about Chrono and Gear Chronicle, about the Units and the fact that he won. That Chrono is the one who will carve the Future and make it´s own legend... And eventually Chrono will face him.

The Credits Roll but is not the End!.


Chrono encounters Kamui, who tells him that he wasn´t in there because he had something to do, but know that they Lose what will—. Chrono interupts him saying that he will not let it end it here, not like this!.

End of the Chapter.

My Impressions.

Excelent Chapter!. Man this is the end of the Tournament Arc, and it ended in a bitter way for our Heroes!. But it´s look like Chrono will have to lift them up this time!. Also the fight was amazing, and truly Shouma bringed out the worst part of Shion, and in a Pasive-Agresive way!.


Man the fight was intense, surely one of the best on the show so far!. The plays were awesome!.

Also Shouma is awesome!. fairly the best character on the Team Demise Team!.

Anyway, my two cents. See ya Next time!.